Game of Thrones Analysis: Dany Becomes a Psychotic Tyrant

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A lot of people are pissed about what happened in Game of Thrones. I personally think it was poetically beautifully, but I doubt the creators and writers even realize the depth of their own storytelling, much less most of the fans. I am going to analyze the story from the anarchist perspetive. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Game of Thrones is ultimately about Lord Acton's quote: absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is about the vile nature of government, and how the political elite come to power by competing with each other and playing sadistic games. Hence the name "Game of Thrones."

Even if some politicians rise by starting out as saviors of mankind or protectors of culture, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Donald Trump respectively, they end up turning into bloodthirsty tyrants.

In Game of Thrones, the most beloved sovereign, Daenerys Targaryen, comes to power over the course of the show. She gains ample respect and prestige not only by being the literal mother of dragons, but also by posturing as a liberator of slaves and "breaker of chains."

However, the show leaves obvious hints throughout that she is a psychotic, emotionally-driven, and power hungry despot. She only refrains from murdering her enemies on a couple of occasions at the behest of her advisory staff, namely Jorah, Missandei, and Tyrion. However, the latter two die at the end of the series, and Tyrion eventually becomes disgraced as a qualified adviser.

Consequently, near the end of the show and the height of her power, Daenerys rides into the capital city on her dragon, raining hellfire from above and killing her political enemies, but also murdering thousands of innocent people in the process (collateral damage is what they call this in real life).

Bear in mind, Dany is a fictional character that not only other characters in the show fall in love with, but millions of fans also come to adore. In this sense, characters and fans lose touch with reality and become emotionally attached to her. They disregard any warning signs she is psychotic, and thus they become infatuated with her and her ideals. In real life, some fans even named their children Dany or tattooed Mother of Dragons onto their bodies.

At the end of the day, she is just a politician who used pro-freedom rhetoric to gain influence and power. Then once she obtained that power, she become the very thing she swore to destroy: a monster and tyrant.

This is a textbook biopic of a politician or monarch. The way it was portrayed in GoT was absolutely brilliant. It's so amazing in fact that thousands of fans are complaining that the groundwork was not laid for Dany to become a psychotic murderer. They are in denial, pissed off, and unnerved.

I call bullshit. The story provided many clues and tidbits that foreshadowed Dany's transformation into the "mad queen," including the fact that her lineage is populated by psychotic, murderous predecessors. Her own father was called "the mad king" for a reason.

From a realistic and psychological perspective, the outcome in Game of Thrones necessitated itself. It's a truism that politicians grow in power only to become villains. After all, once a person gets a single taste of power, hurting others becomes a joyful pastime for them. It becomes a game that satisfies their hunger for death, and GoT depicted this story arc with such smoothness that most viewers were blind to it and left writhing on their couches.

It's my hope that more analysts bring the truth of Game of Thrones to everyone, so that people will come to understand that politicians never become saviors. As a result of power, they all become monsters. That's the eternal truth the show so eloquently shared with the world, but the truth is so blatantly obvious that most people missed it, even the writers.

The moral of the story: don't root for politicians. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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She was quite brutal with her enemies before crossing over into Westeros. She was also not very troubled with her brother’s head being melted off. People somehow think “those” people deserved it but not “these” people.

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