Strange Interchange With A Badge-toting Home Invader

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Guy from permission-slip gang claims monopoly on building safety inspection.  

Scene:  A builder is admiring the house he just finished.  He’s having a blissful moment, smiling at the innovative accomplishment.  His moment is disturbed by a vehicle recklessly tearing through his yard and parking.  A sheisty-looking guy with a badge gets out and approaches the builder.       

Builder (perturbed):  You just tore up my grass!

Sheisty Guy:  I’m not here for the grass.  I’m a building inspector.  (flashes badge)
Builder (folds arms, mildly amused):  Ah, you’re with the mafia with fancy titles.    

Sheisty Guy:  We got word that this house was built without a permit.    
Builder:  When you say permit, you mean a permission-slip extortion racket?

Sheisty Guy:  The law is the law.
Builder:  Interesting words from someone who is obviously ignorant of Natural Law.    

Sheisty Guy:  Mind if I go ahead and have a look at the place?
Builder:  No, you cannot invade my property any further.  Please leave.    

Sheisty Guy:  I have the right to be here.  Don’t make me get the police involved.

Builder:  First of all, nobody has the right to enter another person’s property without permission.  Just as I don’t have the right to go into your house without your voluntary permission, you also don’t have the right to be here without mine.  Also, when you say police, do you mean extortion-funded rights-violators with guns, uniforms, and badges?

Sheisty Guy:  You know what I mean.
Builder:  Yep, I know what you mean, but you obviously don’t know the true meaning of the words you speak.    

Sheisty Guy (eyes narrowing at house):  I can see from here that your power connections aren’t up to code.    

Builder:  I have off-grid power production, that I designed, built, and tested myself, integrated into the house.  Anyway, what you call “code” is actually a narrow idea of what someone dreamed up as the only way to do things.    

Sheisty Guy:  I don’t make the law, I just enforce it.    

Builder:  For once, you uttered something that is at least near the truth.  Humans don’t make the Law.  Not you, not me, or anybody else.  The only legitimate laws are inherent in the universe and it’s up to us to know them and live in accordance with them.  What you’re “enforcing” is just some opinion posing as law.  You’re also using coercion techniques to “enforce” these opinions, and coercion is a violation of Natural Law, so you’re actually breaking the Law.    

Sheisty Guy:  You’ve got some pretty strong opinions, but it doesn’t change what I’ve got to do.  Besides, if you build something not up to code, then it won’t be safe.  Safety is vitally important.   

Builder:  Natural Law is not my opinion, nor anybody else’s.  It can be proven to exist scientifically via cause and effect.  As far as safety goes, I can also assure you that nobody has more interest in keeping my dwelling safe than I do, and I have built triple-redundant safety systems throughout my creation.  I might add that your argument regarding safety is a fallacious one called “Appeal to Emotion”.  People wanting safe, well-built products, does not justify having an extortion-funded, violence-based, monopoly on safety inspection.  It’s also laughable that a violence-based gang called “government” keeps anyone safe.  Did you know that people calling themselves “government” were collectively the leading cause of unnatural death in the 20th century?   

Sheisty Guy:  You’re making that up.    
Builder:  Go look it up online.  It’s called “democide”.    

Sheisty Guy:  Look, I’m not here to hurt you.  I’m just here to inspect your house and make sure you have the proper permits.

Builder:  You’re missing the point.  By requiring anyone to get a “permit” means two things.  Number one, the person getting the “permit” is losing their time and fruit of their labor in order to “buy the permit”.  Secondly, if I need to ask someone for permission to do something, then I am not free.  This means that I would be a slave to that person or group that gives permits because I cannot act on my own free will.  This is slavery.  What you’re doing sounds innocent, but it is actually achieving a very dark purpose.    

Sheisty Guy:  Ok, you leave me no choice.  I’ll have to get the cops involved.    

Builder:  There is always a choice.  You can choose to walk away and never come back.  You can choose to find an occupation that doesn’t involve wrongdoings.    

Sheisty Guy:  Well, we’ll see how it goes when I show up with the cops.    

Builder:  Just bear in mind that I have the right to self-defense.    

Sheisty Guy:  Is that a threat?

Builder:  No, it’s not a threat.  It’s the truth.    

Thanks for your time and attention!

Just say "NO" to slavery!

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The first thing when I saw the image gave me a lot of laughter, then when I read, I changed my perspective haha
Greetings my good friend, I hope you are very well, how your 6 week holiday has gone by so fast. Or you are still in your holidays days I am not sure of the times. That update of HF20 left me out for a week without being able to publish well, I think I have not recovered yet.

Y como siempre las pandillas haciendo de las suyas,.


Hey man! Good to hear from ya. Yes, I have about one more month in which my time to create is much less than normal. I should be back to "normal" in November.

I hope you and your family are doing well! Cheers

What a beautiful, peaceful world it would be if everyone knew and lived according to Natural Law.:( Will be sharing on Facebook, just to plant seeds... Keep up the great work!

This is fucking awesome, Take note people!!

I would resteem this with pure pleasure and a grin, but I am a bit late there!


Thanks for the positive feedback! Cheers