How The Croatian Government Works With Telecommunication Companies To Rip off Its Citizens

in anarchy •  2 months ago

They are the real criminals

To the open minded and critical thinkers this will not come as a surprise but, there are still many that can't see past the iron curtain and realise that their governments are doing nothing for them. Other than eslaving them (mentally and physically) and slowly but surely eroding their "wealth" day by day, paycheck to paycheck. Today, I'll share with you one such example that happened to me which has reminded me of the life draining octopus that our governments worldwide truly are. Their only purpose is to limit your possibilities in life, steal a portion of your every transaction through theft (taxation), and drown you in debt. It's about time people start waking up to the facts, all of which certainly don't go in favour to the twisted image our governments try to build for themselves. Portraing themselves as heros and as like they care for the people. All while in fact, the only thing that they are truly doing is solving the problems that they have created in the first place.

They create problems like wars, diseases and poverty, so that they can jump in and solve the made up problems. Just so that they can be portraied as the good guys. Our loving, and caring governments. Awwww, that warms my heart. Yeah, right....

I hope none of you are buying into that kind of information, and that you will always dissregard it for what it truly is; a PR stunt used to increase the governments reputation with the people.

This, not only frustrates me (because we need a maojority to change something and the majority is asleep, careless) but it also enrages me to the point where I feel like my head is going to explode. So, instead of disintegrating to pieces from the rage, I'm sharing this story, in hopes of waking a coupe of you up so that maybe, you will do the same for the next few people, they will do it for a couple more, and so on...

Consequently, we will start an avalanche of truth that will hopefully, when the snowball get's big enough, turn into rebellion against the control system. If we successfully get rid of it, we will have peace and prosperity unlike you have ever witnessed before. Something like the immense positivity of the hippie movement, but on steroids.

The Snatch & Grab

In Croatia, a country of 4 million people, we have two national TV programs that are pushed onto us in a way that you can't bypass it if you own a TV. It's basically manditory, by law, to pay a monthly fee for the national TV programs. If you don't own a TV though, which I highly advocate everyone to do (throw that shit out of the window, it's just a propaganda tool) then you have nothing to worry about. You will preserve your brain cells and won't have to pay the nasty government any fees. These masonic, propaganda machines (HR1 and HR2, HR=HRvatska=Croatia) that are corrupting the minds of our nation are not only mind control tools, used to shape public opinion on any given event, but they are also tools of creating incredible wealth for its owners.


Every single Croatian that owns a TV is extorted by its own government for 12€/mo. Why? Because they have HR1 and HR2, the national TV programs everyone get's by default. Then why don't you just say no, I don't want those channels, or to pay a monthly fee? Oh, I wish it was that easy buddy. You can't. There is no way to cancel the forced subscription to the national TV programs. No matter what you do, how hard you try, you will always have the two national programs and have to pay the monthly fee. Even though you might never watch them, or you know that you will never watch them, or you might want to save some money by not having to pay for them. They can't be removed and the "subscription" can't be cancelled. It's manditory!

Now let's figure out how much money they are stealing

By using a conservative estimate, I would dare to say that at least 60% of all Croatians own a TV. Let's throw that into the calculator to see how much the Masonic Media Mogul, Croatian Department is raking in every month.

(4 125 700 * 0.6) * 12€ = 29 705 404€ EVERY FUCKING MONTH!

All Croatian citizens that own a TV are together paying at least 29 million euro per month for the government enforced brainwashing. That's 346 million euros a year! In a country where the minimum wage is around 400€, this branch of the Masonic Lodge is raking in 28 million € a month from literally ripping people off for a service that most of them don't even want. Earning much more than the majority of legit companies in Croatia, this tentacle of the propaganda machine is leeching on the paychecks of hard working Croatians. And we can't do much about it!

Now, when we crunched out the numbers, let's talk about the governments, possibly illegal way of obtaining the information of people who own tell-lie-visions in Croatia

When moving into an appartment with my gf, we needed a good internet connection, and because the landlords didn't have a contract with a telecommunication company (even though they had a tv which went through an "illegal" satelite antena) we had to make one ourselves. We decided to go with as they offered the best connection download and upload wise, which I needed for live streaming.

First, you take the bait

When we signed the contract with, they offered to give us 40 FREE TV programs which we foolishly accepted. Because why not take something for free? Even though we wouldn't use it much, if any, it would be nice to have the abillity to watch a movie or two, every now and then. Right? Wrong! It turned out to be the worst thing we could have done, as it has opened the gateway to extortion.

Then they hook you in

What happened after a month or two was a huge surprise to me as it was so unexpected. One day, someone rang the bell. I opened the door thinking it was the maintnence guy (who was supposed to come but didnt, Croatia....) only to be faced with the Obnoxious Bill Collector. Beforehand, I had no idea of the 12€ monthly fees and how you can be extorted by your own government to pay for something you don't want. At first, the guy came at me very strong. Saying something about how he could file a indictment now, because we didn't report that we have a TV and we haven't payed the monthly fee. Needless to say, I was completely shocked. I had no idea what to say, or how to react, but the guy was cool about it and said that he will do no such thing, and that we only need to pay from that month on. WoW! How great....

When he left, what bothered me the most about the whole situation was not the fact that I'll be extorted for 12€/mo but the fact that I couldn't figure out how the fuck did they know to come to us, where we live, that we have a TV, and exactly for how long we were supposed to be paying the fee for. Soon after, Tessa and I figured out that it was the telecommunication company (the one that sneakily offered us the FREE tv programs along with our paid internet connection) that blowed the wistle on us, and gave, or sold our information (possibly illegaly) to the government, which later on, came to extort us. There was no other way that they could have known that, unless the telecommunication company gave them the specific information of when we first signed the deal with them, when they installed the connection and started providing us the service, all along with our personal information of course.

I'm unsure about if the practice of the telecommunication company giving out our information to the government is illegal or not, but in my book, it's highly illegal. Moreover, we shouldn't have to pay for a service we don't even want. They should at least give us a choice to say: "Screw you, I don't want your propaganda tools, which the national programs are and I won't pay a single cent for it". But no, there is no such choice in such a controlled and corrupted country.

Presumably, there is not much choice other than to lay low, abide the laws, pay up and keep quiet. That is about to change my friends! In the next couple of years, in the full swing of the Technology Era and the sea of information, ignorence is a choice which many will not continue endulging in as they will be forced to wake up and see the world for what it is for the first time in their life.

But why are you complaining about it? It's only 12€/mo

If you are seriously asking this question right now, then I kindly recommend you to apply for to a mental institution, because you are missing some valuable links in your reasoning. The problem is not in the amount of money they want to extort from us, but in the way they are doing it, and in the scale of which it is at currently. They expect us to pay for our brainwashing, and if I do not want to be brainwashed, or to be made view their propaganda messages, I'm forced to do it anyway, because in end, I'll be extorted no matter what I do. If I don't pay the bills for long enough they will use another tentacle of their life sucking octopus (the banks) and come to enforce their will onto me anyway. They will block my bank accounts untill the debt has been paid off. That's the reality we are living in!

Creating Slaves

Governments worldwide, which are supposed tobe here only to help us, are doing just the opposite. Enforcing their plagued ideas, agendas, taxes and regulations onto it's people to push them higher into debt. Because a person in debt is a person in servitude. Ready to ask for a ladder up from their government. An offer they will gladly accept, as with it, they have created a new slave. Willing to serve his government without many (if any) questions asked.

When Will The Tyranny End?



That's the only thing we need to do. Stand up, and their monopoly game is over! The useless pieces of paper lose all of their FAKE value and with it, the Control System will lose all of the power it had over us. And that's it! GAME OVER, we are finally FREE!

What do you think?

How/why do we accept this extortion? Is something like this happening in your country? How are you fighting against it? Is the data selling the telecommunication companies are doing illegal? I'm really interested to hearing your views on this story so please, leave a comment down below!

Wake up!

Speak up!

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The same thing happens in the U.K. It is an excuse to get into every home for inspection...In Canada we just have a public broadcaster that gets in excess of CDN $1.1 billion in taxpayer subsidies per year. The battle for the world is God vs. Satan. There is a giant push back against the N.W.O. that is buying us some time before A.I. dominates and CERN opens the portal to Abaddon.


Do you think they are doing the inspections to find out osmething else other than if you have a tv or not? 1.1billion, that's insane! I agree, just look at the demonic, weaponized cell phonetowers and free wi-fi everywhere. We are going to get cooked like we were in a microwawe..... I can feel the pushback against the nwo and people waking up, but still, it feels like the majority is blind to these kind of subjects.

Interesting you mention CERN, because ever since I seeen that satanic ritual they had to celebrate its creation I've known they are doing some shady stuff there but haven't been able to figure out exactly why. DO you have any good sources I can use to catch up upon on what they are doing at CERN?

Woow, 346 mil a year is HUGE!!
Thanks to you, i checked my countries(Estonia) national television budget and in 2018 it is ~30 mil €. This includes 3 TV channels, 5 radios and news.
For a country with 1.5mil people it's very small compared to Croatia's 346 :O

To be fair, Croatia at least gives some option(not buy TV), but in Estonia they take it thru taxes and there no way to opt-out.
In defence on ERR(Estonian national television), they do a pretty decent job. Government's propaganda has little effect, because how it is structured by laws. They show quality documentaries, debates, forums and all sorts of educational shows that make you think, rather than numbly follow. You can even watch it on web :) I'm very proud of them, it's the only channel I watch on TV. Commercial channels are garbage in Estonia and are dumbing down our people with clickbaits and useless drama


Man, Croatia is truly messed up (corruption wise and politically). THis is just a little piece of the puzzle in the big story I want to share about how we are literally brought down into servitude by our governments through these kind of actions.

That's even worse. Even though they take less you literally have no choice over it....

We also have quality documentaries and everything else a normal TV channel should have but the propaganda is still here. Especially when talking about politics and the people in positions of power.

We need to realize who they are (the government) and stand up to our oppressors. That's the only way out.


It starts from journalist ethics and how two powers are kept apart. Im sure Croatia has some decent politicians, but means to get their voice heard is made harder, because corrupt politicians work with corporations for their own gain. Only way to defeat is to make new laws that will make such a cooperation impossible. For that you mostly need revolution and honest people in front of it.

BTW, what if you just don't pay the TV tax ? Have you had any experience with people who did that and what happened to them ? Or maybe you can classify your TV into something else ? What makes a TV ? Does computer screen with digital reciever becomes a TV ?


I'I'm sure Croatia has some decent politicians, but means to get their voice heard is made harder, because corrupt politicians work with corporations for their own gain.

We have exactly one political party that is honest and which daily calls the crooked polititians and their system out, demanding for justice. But they, and their leaders are laughed upon in the media of course. They make them look like fools in the eyes of the people just so that they will disregard whatever they say.

Laws mean nothing in Croatia. If you have enough money you can get through by going through life like you are playing GTA V. Best example was one polititian that in a couple of occasions killed 5 or more people in car/boat accidents. Can you guess how much jail time did he get? 0

BTW, what if you just don't pay the TV tax ?

More extortion.

If I don't pay the bills for long enough they will use another tentacle of their life sucking octopus (the banks) and come to enforce their will onto me anyway. They will block my bank accounts untill the debt has been paid off. That's the reality we are living in!

I haven't tried id but that's how it goes.

What makes a TV ?

A TV becomes a TV in their eyes as soon as you get a deal with a telecommunication companies providing you subscription for TV channels. Then they know that they can knock on your door and ask to steal your money.

Doesn't know about Croatian government, but Indian government is also currupted so much.According to study, if corruption in India somehow ended , we will be the super power after 2-5 years.


Corruption is sadly so widespread that there is no corner of earth that hasn't been plagued by it. I completely agree with that study and think that would happen in any country where its people could put an end to it.


Probably no one can defeat corruption and pollution.


We can buddy! We just need to stand up, and fight for our rights!

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Is this a European thing? I first heard of this when I left the States and lived in Germany for 5 months. After 8 weeks, I got a letter in the mail written in German which I could not read and took it to the school office.

Turns out it was some 100 Euro TV fee no one had told us about. None of us had a TV or had been told about this prior to arriving. I told them they could take their fee and stick it where the Sun don't shine.

I didn't pay it and none of the other Americans did either. Who ever heard of such a thing? Unbelievable...


I don't know tbh.Haven't heard of any similar cases in the US so it could be the case that it's EU only. But I'm not sure.

shame on that goverment - -


The real shame is on us, for not standing up to them and fighting for our rights.

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