Will War Be Automated?

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When humans raise their consciousness, shed the myth of authority, and not only stop honoring participants of human slaughter but openly encourage them to seek more beneficial means of employment, tools like this will be ready to take the soldier’s place.

For many hundreds and even thousands of years, war was considered honorable. In a very primitive sense, when it’s my tribe against yours with limited resources, I can understand why a warrior would be seen as a giver of life and survival. Times have changed. We have the technology and abundance to outgrow this primitive, destructive approach. We can collaborate and cooperate together across the globe.

We have to hurry as there’s much work to do together. There’s a planet to repair, billions to feed, and oceans to restore and thrive in (give Joe Quirk’s Seasteadjng a read). These autonomous killing machines are coming. Daniel Suarez’s book Kill Decision paints a pretty bleak picture. I think we’re right at a point where we can still stop that path from materializing. It takes people all over opting out, from military contractors, to family members encouraging their loved ones not to enlist, to individuals standing up for what’s truly right instead making themselves a tool of an oligarchy system.

If you think I’m being too harsh, have some honest conversations with more than just a few veterans. Listen to their heartbreaking stories. Give Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket a read. The time is now to stand for peace and take security into our own hands within our families and our communities. This experiment in freedom was never supposed to have a standing army, and it certainly wasn’t meant to be the largest military industrial empire the world has ever seen. Those who took an oath can uphold it to no higher degree than if they were to quit today and get back to the original intentions of honoring an experiment like no other at the time.

We were meant to be free in mind and body. The toll on those brainwashed through boot camp to become instruments of death is far too great. Replacing them with automated weapons is no solution either. The path forward is free, open trade and cooperation. Together we can accomplish far more than if we remain separate.

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Tools like this mean that the most technically advanced powers can win wars and kill millions with far lower casualty rates on the winning side.
The problem with your admirable philosophy are the arseholes that attack anyone who is weak. The Yazidis didn’t have a military and look what happened to them. Nor did the Jews in WW2.
One day we will all turn our swords into plowshares and eternal peace will reign. But until then we need to defend ourselves.

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It is decidedly so

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Automated weapons can only do so much. At the end of the day, the modern nations have nukes which make all the rest pretty much irrelevant.

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The interesting thing is that defense is going to take a huge leap forward.

Attack drones are complicated pieces of equipment that need many systems to work. They need fuel to fly all the way to the target. They need munitions to effect high damage with low weight. They need lots of radio gear...

A defense drone can be as simple as a brick tied to a balloon. All it has to do is get in the way. It is cheap and disposable.

That stupid looking mobile gun in the picture above is a sitting duck for a bunch of grenades strapped to RC cars.

The attacker loses a lot of resources, the defender loses little.

But, these are just examples that are easy to conceive now. We will actually see technologies that will stop explosions from happening in set areas.

Further, there is going to become a ... way of being, similar to "better dead then red", but for reals. Where the "victor" in an assault to gain resources will gain nothing but burned out husks. Further, with the internet, they will get the entire world upset at them.