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RE: What Anarchy Means To Me

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you have to be careful to look at the moon and not the finger point at it.


Anarchy is trippy when really accurately considered. I think you've really hit on that here.

As for the etymology of "anarchy," isn't "no rulers" a more accurate summation? An- "without" Arkos - "rulers." Governance can and does still exist in anarchism.

Thanks for sharing, @mindhawk.


Oligarchy, rule by a few. Plutarchy, rule by the wealthy.

I could say governed by a few or governed by the wealthy there without losing meaning.

Things may be governed in anarchy, tools, bus schedules, but not other people.

I am getting here at the issue people have imagining the government like its a giant standing outside their house always trying to peep in the windows. Americans I have noticed treat the government like it an elephant somewhere in the room they can't see. This prevents them from ever having a thought without wondering who is looking over their shoulder, which prevents them from really ever experiencing their mind in a natural or un-influenced state, and is in my opinion a form of mental illness, part psychopathy and part neurosis as it is imagined both internally and externally.

I guess it could boil down to the meaning of governance, I see being governed by someone else or a group of people as the same as being ruled by them. Like a golf cart has a governor to keep it from going too fast. A commitee of equals makes a rule about people pissing too close to the water supply, and am I governed if I abide by the rule? Am I ruled if I abide by a rule made by someone else?

If I agree with the rule, then I don't think so. I am only governed or ruled when I am coerced to do something I do not think is best.

Spot on @kafkaanarchy you beat me to it. Anarchism is full of governance... mostly "self-governance" and "free market" governance... sans rulers. :)