What Anarchy Means To Me

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anarchy as a word simply means, in my most elemental definition, from the structure of the word itself in the anatomy of the nature of the word in english languages based on greek and roman forms:

absence of governance




Think about that phrase(ahem: absence of government(!)) without any surrounding structure like capitalization, punctuation, indentation, pencil, paper, computer, eyeball, planet, universe, idea, (((((((idea)))))), space, time, brain, beginning, end, letters, reading, thought, everything, nothing

.......there lies is anarchy.

Sit there for a minute, go back to the the FULL STOP if you have to. I'll wait.

I don't want you to read anarchy or think about it in my definition, I want you to experience it. Thinking without structure or form, concept, naming whatever it is, you have to be careful to look at the moon and not the finger point at it.

But better to go to the moon, right?

Why not right now? Let's not be governed by physics! Flying around in space, not worried about oxygen, fuel, radiation, just tooling around, 'punting' as Aubrey De Grey might call it. Just by yourself, thinking for a long time about whatever you want.

Anarchy, absence of government, pure being.

Right about now it should become clear that the majority of the universe is not in anarchy. Every floating object and burning sun is governed by all kinds of stuff that pushes it together and breaks it up, but then again that stuff doesn't want anything. It doesn't experience suffering, well not like a sentient being would.

Uh oh, new territory, what is this sentient being thing? Me, you. An important distinction.

When 2 sentient beings get around one another, there's this whole new dynamic that exploding suns don't quite ever experience, at least not in any way I can figure as of yet.

Even 2 sentient beings in the same area requires a whole new way of approaching everything. You can't just go to the moon, you have to realize that other sentient being has all their own stuff going on. Who knows what that might be.

You may want or need them to do something, and they may want or need to do or not do it. This causes all manner of synergistic joy and antagonistic suffering.

Then when there are 100 million, all that gets difficult to keep track of. Who has what relation to who?

People start to want to do things that aren't anarchy, like make a lot of other sentient beings do what they don't want to do. It can even get really twisted, sometimes sentient beings make other sentient beings want things they shouldn't want and all kinds of things like that.

Sometimes sentient beings play all kinds of games with what they want and need. And sometimes sentient beings can be really mean and they start to do something called "coercing" other people. Sometimes it's called other words like forcing, making, telling, ordering, intimidating, pushing, tricking, seducing, overpowering and other words like that, none of which are pleasant to be on the receiving end of.

We went from going to the moon whenever we want to living on some planet we can't escape from, in an atmosphere that is at risk, with a bunch of other sentient beings running around a. with guns who will actually shoot us if we do certain things or b. rob us blind if they get half the chance. And all of these things happening to us and others which are quite mean.

It's just been that way since you were born so you begin to think of the world inside your head in a way that always is focused on the limitations rather than the other things that were more about possibility and ways of thinking that never even thought about boundary, instead in one way or another spending time at the boundary itself. Some people begin to love the boundary more than the possibility beyond it or in the other directions that haven't even been discovered, perhaps.

Then you run into someone at that point who has been hanging out at the boundary all the time, and that sentient being has never heard of Anarchy, even though for 19 hours of the day this person is alone, without anyone even talking to it/him/her.

And next to that sentient being is one completely chained and the chains are covered in flowers and intricate decorations of tremendous expenditure, and entertainment consists of worshiping the chains and their intricacies.

And you say guys, how about some



                abs enc   e   o      f   all this governaaaaaaaance

And they are like, how do I report you to the police?

How dare you interrupt me from my chains and boundaries!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!

And there's a third one, and this sentient being is a special kind of mess. They pretend to be other sentient beings or engage in surveilling other sentient beings who aren't being charged with any crime, but because they know their power of Anarchy is so strong it kindof, sortof, in some way or another, like on thursdays or when it's windy or radioactive, threatens the boundary and chains on a larger scale than is convenient for the FOURTH class of people, who are the sentient beings who are the purveyors of chains and boundaries, mean words and other things that are too perverse to even bother mentioning in those concept, but are things that make you go, whaaaa? how could you enjoy being that way to another sentient being?

Some things really make you wonder what kind of other sentient beings those sentient beings really are, like if they are of the same upbringing as you or some other elemental difference, but whatever. Some people get really hung up on this part and start really being upset about other people's colors, origin, genetic makeup, size, hair or who knows what.

But the actual observation is that appearance and elemental makeup has little to do with the overall power dynamic.

You are either allowed to exist in Anarchy(briefly this time, absenceofgovernance) or you are not. There are either other sentient beings coercing you or not.

The nature of your form of interaction with other sentient beings is what is called in human parlance, A Big Deal.

The people who are coercing you are either,

a. really cool
b. your best bros, what would you do without them?
c. your enemy, the source of all actual conflict and suffering in the universe
d. Betty White

Answer: c. your enemy, the source of all actual conflict and suffering in the universe

Exercise #1



ABSENCE(a.k.a. no sensation whatsoever at all) OF GOVERNMENT(a.k.a. anyone telling you what to do)




a b s e N c e
fuck trump and putin and netanyahu and xi running
O f
go v E r n
flouride is poison
(fuck fascists)
watch out for fukashima :( m e n t


you have to be careful to look at the moon and not the finger point at it.


Anarchy is trippy when really accurately considered. I think you've really hit on that here.

As for the etymology of "anarchy," isn't "no rulers" a more accurate summation? An- "without" Arkos - "rulers." Governance can and does still exist in anarchism.

Thanks for sharing, @mindhawk.

Oligarchy, rule by a few. Plutarchy, rule by the wealthy.

I could say governed by a few or governed by the wealthy there without losing meaning.

Things may be governed in anarchy, tools, bus schedules, but not other people.

I am getting here at the issue people have imagining the government like its a giant standing outside their house always trying to peep in the windows. Americans I have noticed treat the government like it an elephant somewhere in the room they can't see. This prevents them from ever having a thought without wondering who is looking over their shoulder, which prevents them from really ever experiencing their mind in a natural or un-influenced state, and is in my opinion a form of mental illness, part psychopathy and part neurosis as it is imagined both internally and externally.

I guess it could boil down to the meaning of governance, I see being governed by someone else or a group of people as the same as being ruled by them. Like a golf cart has a governor to keep it from going too fast. A commitee of equals makes a rule about people pissing too close to the water supply, and am I governed if I abide by the rule? Am I ruled if I abide by a rule made by someone else?

If I agree with the rule, then I don't think so. I am only governed or ruled when I am coerced to do something I do not think is best.

Spot on @kafkaanarchy you beat me to it. Anarchism is full of governance... mostly "self-governance" and "free market" governance... sans rulers. :)

Fuck government, I don't need to be governed not by any archator or a group of archators. I have my life, and it's for me to find out what is good or bad and act accordingly.

Great read...very interesting point of view. I have a lot of thoughts and comments.

It is a very convoluted, complex subject. I will put my full response on the back burner for now. For the sake of time.