the NAP and the judo flip

in #anarchy4 years ago (edited)


Sometimes people confuse those who practice the Non Aggression Principle (NAP) as people that can just be walked over.

I disagree.

In judo the practitioner does not seek out a great offence, rather he adds to his opponents force. When someone charges a judo practitioner, the judo person steps to the side and merely pushes the opponent in the same direction he was always going.

This is not aggression. This is protecting oneself by redirecting the offensive momentum of your attacker. It is very ethical and even compassionate.

The aggression in the NAP is about forcing yourself on another persons will. You cannot use someone's force against them unless they first consentually attack you.

Never be afraid to ethically protect yourself.



I practice Aikido. Same principle! I wish the teaching was more widespread.

Never be afraid to ethically protect yourself.

But that goes against the 12 years of govern-cement school indoctrinaton

And decades of Television Programming of my brain.

Further, don't discount the "law" saying its against the law to defend yourself. Calling the po-po after you have killed an armed intruder in your house may be the worst thing you ever do.

that's why it's best to let the killer finish killing you before calling your friendly neighborhood police. :)

I am soooo sorry officer, i stained his hands with blood from the wounds on my face.

This is a good way to put it. It also holds to Locke. He basically said that, for instance, if someone tries to kill you,violating your natural right to self ownership, they have forfeited the same right for themself and it is legitimate to defend yourself up to killing the attacker.

Rothbard defined his ideas of law on this principle. He argues that if someone kills someone they could be killed, but that it may be better for the next of kin, who needs to be made whole, for them to work out another way with the murderer, such as laboring for a particular time and for a particular ammount of money. What Rothbard points out is that it is the person wronged that must be made whole, not the community and certainly not the government.

The key word in the NAP is aggression. Don't go starting shit, but there is nothing wrong with finishing it. My dad taught me that when I was like five. Seems pretty easy.

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