We Don't Need Taxes Where We Are Going

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 Roads, schools and fire departments all predate taxes. Centralization brought them into the tax realm and they are all heavily controlled. Decentralizing them incrementally is not only more economically feasible, but it will allow for better technology to thrive.


Take the road. Fuel taxes, registration taxes, inspection taxes and toll taxes are all collected for the roads. There exists concrete technology which uses bacteria to fill cracks and holes in concrete naturally. Self filling potholes? Imagine how much money can be saved in the tax cost of operating automobiles if they did not need to be constantly repaired.  Why isn't this tech used? Centralization.



Take fire departments. Most are volunteer. They rely on donations and actually do pretty well. The state's infrastructure takes an average of ten mins for a fire department to receive a fire call through the 911 system. Instead, a Blockchain based fire alarm system can notify the department in seconds and when it comes to fire ten minutes can cause a lifetime of damage. Some parts of the USA offers fire insurance. For 20 dollars a year you get coverage. Now if your house has ems or fire call you aren't charged anything for service but if you don't have insurance you are billed for the costs associated. This has proven widely successful and used over a century. 

Same can be applied to auto insurance. New Hampshire has voluntary car insurance when Pennsylvania does not. The cost for full coverage auto insurance in pa avgs over $120 a month compared to $82 in NH. Competition drives costs down and holds people accountable for their actions. 


Then there comes the question about police and their much needed service to the community. We could argue their actual purpose and if there is a need for a centralized police force, although let us answer how we could have police without taxes. The service of the police needs to be thought of like the service of EMS or Fire Company. When a crime is committed their services should be rendered just like the aforementioned services. It will cut down their costs and enhance the safety of the community. If your community wants to have them out and about roaming around that can be completely voluntary too. But an insurance program like the fire companies insurance programs would be better. If you don't pay and call police you should be charged for their time and resources. Show your police service insurance card and then have a very low deductible or have the service completely covered. This would lead communities to have accountable and efficient police services. Communities would also work harder to promote their friendly and low cost police services and the police would treat people more like customers and less like livestock. 


When ever questioning the established system, the individual always runs into the statement "but what about the kids, the kids need to learn". Schools are now heavily centralized but once in the not too distant past they were heavily decentralized. Instead of being used for political correct programming, schools nurtured young minds to expand and thrive. This is likely why there is a movement across the world to "unschool" children and promote their strengths and guide them with reason.  They too can operate on a smaller and voluntary scale. 

My grandmother went to a one room schoolhouse that was not financed through taxes but donations as a farm girl. She later became the first female real estate broker in the state of Pa. With no college but self taught instruction and apprenticeship under others.  She got most of her instruction in a one room school house. Billionaires have sat across from her seeking her advice and she has earned a reputation in real estate I know of no other. 

It's all about perception. It is of my opinion that people are conditioned the past hundred years to not open their minds to the reality that we honestly don't need involuntary taxes. Blockchain voting systems would decrease voting fraud by 100%. This technology, if incorporated into election software, can garantee votes are counted and never multiplied or counterfeited. If it's on the blockchain, it happened. Reputations will be worth their weight in gold and it will promote better banking and government policies. Imagine if a bank had to disclose its actual rich list wallet size on its sign out front. 


Why are insurance companies so expensive? Because they have a monopoly with the help of the state and... Get this... All insurance companies are owned by banks. Even bail bondsmen in the prison industrial complex are actually registered insurance salesmen with the state and their agencies are owned by banks. In order to do business in a county, the bail bondsman must have a large amount of money deposited as insurance into an escrow account at a bank. That escrow account collects interest. Who collects the interest might I ask? 

 "The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) suggests that financial services typically make up 20-30% of total service market revenue and about 20% of the total" Read more

 That comes to an astounding 3.3 Trillion dollars wasted on the financial sector which the blockchain itself can ultimately replace. Add the 3 Trillion dollars extorted by the Feds through taxation and much more by all the other means of taxation. That is a lot of wealth extorted through monopolizing a currency and charging fees like a tick sucks blood. That kind of money reinvested into the economy will have a resounding effect. Imagine the possibilities when people can retain most or all of their wealth. That is the kind of money to end homelessness, starvation, suffering and poverty.


I have long been against taxation. Bitcoin literally woke me up the possibility of actually having a system in place which can and will eventually replace the system that exists today. I was seeking an answer and found it through bitcoin. It fills so many voids of which there were not viable answers before. Almost every service offered by the state and banking can be replaced with blockchain technology. Even wars will find a hard time being funded when wealth must be voluntarily donated for such causes. People will be less likely to initiate a war if they have to pay for it and not steal from others to pay for it. 

Other technologies born of bitcoin have taken the vision further. Like any new thing there will be roadblocks and failures. Those failures must be let to fail. Decentralizing the systems we are building to decentralize the system is a principle none of us should stray from. It is important as world events continue to spiral out of control due to centralization of powers, that we continue to decentralize and build better systems to offer the world to move to. This is important. Decentralized currencies, decentralized communications, decentralized energy systems and decentralized population control(government). It took centuries of incremental centralization and it may take decades of decentralization to fix it. 

Encryption has so many possibilities that I can't even imagine where it will go from here. One thing is for sure... Our great grandkids will look back at this time like we look back at horse and buggies, the slave trade and burning witches as the stake. The future is ours. 


About the Author:

Keith F. Smith is a member of the Nexus NXS cryptocurrency team working on decentralized systems and strong encryption. He is a father of one and step father of two. Keith has been a long time anarchist and advocate for stateless societies. He has helped organize Nation Wide End the Fed in Philly and campaigned for libertarian candidates. 

" Check the checks with balances and balance the balances with checks and vice versa at every corner.  The human element can also be used for good as it is used for bad. Humanity has so much to offer good to the world. " -Keith F. Smith

The Nexus Creature from Satoshi Island

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Come on you can't be serious. I would hate to live in a world like that. Pay your damn taxes like a responsible adult. I don't want to call privatised police forces and pay X amount of my pocket for them to potentially catch a bad guy.

You've singled down that it is the banks that obviously own everything. Go against them, let's go forward with public domain records of transactions and transparency, and then pay your taxes as it is what makes the world go round.

I live in a country where few pay taxes and let me tell you, it is chaotic. Crap education, lazy police force which spend most of their time robbing the people, fucking pot holes everywhere and NOBODY wants to pay out of their pocket to help, at least 10% of the street lights are broken and cause massive amounts of traffic jams, tons of accidents because nobody follows road rules, the list goes on, not to mention anyone that wears a white apron and the uniform of a doctor suddenly is a doctor. That is what happens.

You can't seriously be suggesting 3rd world country standards and expecting better than what everything currently is.


I agree. I want to be an anarchist, but even in my first-world country I see too many people dropping through the cracks of society, uncared for and blamed for their own poor fortunes.
Removing support just cant be the answer.


There is nothing wrong with being compassionate and helping people. Being an anarchist doesn't mean you don't help people. In fact you would likely have a more direct hand in helping.

One thing people seem to not realize (and this may not be you) is that to be compassionate you have to have CHOSEN to help someone. If you are helping someone because you are forced to pay into a pool and made no choice then that has nothing to do with compassion. You made no choice so it was not driven by compassion.

To consider something compassionate (in my eyes - so I could be wrong - feel free to discuss) I truly think someone needed to voluntarily make a decision to help someone.

I consider voluntary charities compassionate. I consider handing a person asking for help some money, some food, some clothing, or whatever you can to help as being compassionate.

I do not see paying your taxes to have a single thing to do with compassion.

I am NOT saying to stop paying taxes. I am saying paying taxes has nothing to do with compassion.

NOW before you say, what is your point....

I was seeing the "I see too many people dropping through the cracks of society, uncared for and blamed for their own poor fortunes.
Removing support just cant be the answer."
as a compassionate person wanting to make sure that those that need help continue to get it.

They will. If I have money to give I will give some to help people. Yet, when the government (which is extremely wasteful) takes money from me that I cannot refuse to give, I KNOW that the vast majority of that which is earmarked to help people doesn't actually make it to help the person.

Therefore, if they didn't take the money I'd be more effective in paying to help the people directly.


Good post, upvoted. Im aware that anarchists and libertarians believe that charity will step in if government were removed. The problem is continuity, you will be charitable while you can and help your neighbour, but what happens to your neighbor when you also hit hard times?
The state, if managed properly (sprinkle of irony) can be far more effective at continuity than charity can. The UK government are experimenting with blockchain benefits payments that, if done properly (insert more irony here) will remove a lot of waste.


Very well said ! I live in Indonesia and it looks just the way how you described but they already started chasing everybody to pay their taxes . Where the money really goes ....oh well ! Can't see much difference except new luxery hotels inbetween the mess , probably in somebody's pockets ....it's kind of funny , as a native Austrian I should have been a good girl paying more To my government but I got away with 1 year only and this when I was a school teacher :) that's over 38 years ago ! Haahh that's a true Rebel ! Anarchie !!!


Taxes will simply shift from income to consumption. The state can require tax be collected on goods and services. It's a little harder to prove a service was performed, but can be done.


Like grittenald, i also live in a country of poor tax payment compliance. And the roads are a mess here because the city hires contractors to do something underground and to do that they destroy the road's pavement. Then after, they do not always get around to putting the road back into shape.

The president stole billions of dollars worth from this country. So, it realy begs the question can we make governments use multi-signature wallets of some tethered asset so one person is not capable of stealing so much while in office?


Once again you are describing problems of the state and not a lack of the state... police robbing people... broken street lights (round about is far more effective intersection and 1000 year old road tech which requires no electricity) paying 20 dollars a year to have police service is far more fair then forcing 20 people to pay 100s dollar for you to have that service even though they may never need a policeman in their life. What is exactly responsible and being adult for forcing other people to pay for your personal protection? If a man came up to your wife and sexually assaulted her... is it not your responsibility to swiftly act like a grown adult and defend her or is it the responsibility of your neighbors to pay for a policeman to come fill out the reports and likely never catch the criminal? As for crap education... America spends more on crap education than any other nation on earth and produces the least educated people on earth. America spends the most taxes on criminal justice than any nation on earth and yet has the highest prison population. Paying for such programs needs to be done with a balanced checkbook and fairness. The blockchain offers that fairness and competition to be a good person in business always makes for a successful business model. It is currently designed as a system to reward EVIL CORP and its Henchmen (state protection racket) and not the individual. Anything not done voluntarily is force and force is violence. This is not a paper necessarily to abolish taxes... but to change the way we collect those taxes. Voluntary funding of programs will weed out the ones that don't work and promote the ones that do. 100 years of bailing out century old systems of population control has allowed these services to not evolve with humanity. 2016 is much different than 1916 and we have to change the way government works for the people by decentralizing democracy. The individual deserves to be protected from the collective as much as the collective deserves to be protected by the individual. Thank you for your response.


Exactly as I stated, it is all about complete transparency of which the blockchain provides. Not getting rid of the tax man but to thwart bullshit and corruption and misspent funds.


Exactly... and as the blockchain progresses... we literally wont need taxes where we are going. It will be incrementally changed for the better


Think about this... If you pay the private police X dollars (doesn't have to be huge amount as they should have many customers) then they get X dollars. Your money went right where you wanted to. You could likely even negotiate and contractually agree on what X should be. If you don't like it there likely would be competitors.


You can give the government X dollars. They can take a percentage off of that for the politicians to pass the bills and such. So now let's be nice and say that is only 5%... So we are now at Y=X-5%.

They send it to the agency they created to do this policing. They pay a lot of people sitting around desks (some who are looking at porn while at work) so let's knock another 5% off to pay them. Again that is being nice.

Y=X-5%-5% Y=X-10%

The police force must be outfitted. This is likely done through a contractor other than that police force, and NOT chosen by the police force so likely going through a similar bureaucracy as the above process. Let's shave another 10% off there for repeating the bureaucracy.

Y=X-10%-10% Y=X-20%

So being nice... If you want the government to do it your money would be 20% less effective if I am being nice.

Recent studies have shown in reality in many cases the amount of money for grants and welfare and other thing is actually only about 20% what was actually paid. So if you want to waste money... have the government do it...

That is what I was trying to get at in this much more simplified post:



You're trying to refute an argument for anarcho-capitalism (ancap) by pointing to the shabbiness of your own non-ancap country? Ancap doesn't mean there's no money going toward infrastructure. It simply means no central govt. Private companies would compete for fees which would replace taxes. You can learn some basics at http://ancapfaq.com.


Grittenald, YOU can pay YOUR taxes as they are voluntary. Taxes administered from the barrel of a gun can only be considered THEFT. I own my life and what I produce is mine. Cryptocurrency protects the fruits of my labor in ways the industrial age "money", can't. Cryptocurrency is outside the realm of the sociopathic CRIMINALS otherwise known as the BORG (https://www.titanians.org/the-borg/). The BORG are unable to plunder me or anyone else using crypto, as they do not create it, and because is is based on the immutable laws of math it is impossible to regulate it.

This puts them in a serious position,because only place the BORG adds value to society is the control and regulation of the money supply. They achieve this by having monopolistic control over the money and violence! The mechanism they use to achieve unlimited power is now currently OBSOLETE...so sad! They are now unable to plunder as efficiently as they did in the industrial age because the cost of plunder is much higher. As Bastiat wrote in "the Law" (http://bastiat.org/en/the_law.html) that

Man can live and satisfy his wants only by ceaseless labor; by the ceaseless application of his faculties to natural resources. This process is the origin of property.
But it is also true that a man may live and satisfy his wants by seizing and consuming the products of the labor of others. This process is the origin of plunder.
Now since man is naturally inclined to avoid pain — and since labor is pain in itself — it follows that men will resort to plunder whenever plunder is easier than work. History shows this quite clearly. And under these conditions, neither religion nor morality can stop it.
When, then, does plunder stop? It stops when it becomes more painful and more dangerous than labor.
Taxes are unethical because they are based on plunder and it is illogical for have ethical ends from ethical means. (https://www.titanians.org/ethical-means-and-ethical-ends/)


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What are you fucking retarded or something???
all these "Decentralized" things were all formed for the "PRIVATE" SECTOR!!! AKA: rich people!
Even that rat who founded bitcoin only cared about money
Decentralized things don´t fucking work! communism doesn´t work! only on the internet!
but humans need order and decentralization doesn´t provide that!


I actually think cryptocurrency, Internet of Things, AI and robotics are leading us to communism. As there are fewer and fewer jobs for us to do and the money gets more and more centralised there will come a point where people may just take over and put the machines into public ownership. Perhaps a public DAO.
Im not a communist, it just seems logical. Communism failed because of totalitarianism, but also terrible inefficiency of human central planning; the machines will not suffer with that.


I am thinking more or less it is leading us to a system that we cannot even imagine yet. Combining aspects of all previous isms but in the end it will protect individualism over collectivism and collectivism over individualism. Checks and Balances.

So you're saying we bring the pre-Obamacare model of US health insurance into every aspect of life? Because that was such a good system! Voluntary insurance for police protection. If you're in tge process of being attacked, the police won't literally check your insurance card before stopping the attack. They'll protect you anyway, just like an American emergency room. So what happens when they find out that you don't have insurance AND you don't have money? Then everybody else has to pick up the tab.


The pre obamacare model of insurance is state mandated monopolies which insurance companies were given exclusive rights over a state. Those insurance companies were all owned by banks. Since then... nothing has changed except now you are mandated by law to purchase from them. There is nothing voluntary in that at all. Why does an insurance based program have to be solely operated by licensed insurance agents and why can't insurance based models be built into public and private trusts which cannot be raided to pay for Peter for debts incurred by Paul? (The Social Security Fund Fraud)


Oh right, I forgot that I promised myself years ago to stop arguing with anarchists. I'll show myself out and let you throw your soundbites at someone else.

Have a nice crusade!


Did roads exist before the income tax? Yes. Why? Farmers built roads to move product to town.

Were there roads when the natives lived in America? Yes. Did they tax people? No.


I bet North America (north of Aztec lands) didn't have any roads bigger than a footpath. It doesn't take capital to "build" a footpath - you just walk on it and chop up trees that fall down on it.

Nice argument! You've convinced me that if we abolish the government, thank god we'll at least get to keep our footpaths.


Actually, here's a serious question: where did you get the idea that roads came before taxes? It seems to me that roads (I mean real roads, the kind that need construction and capital) historically only show up when you have organized civilizations, and I can't think of a civilization that didn't have some form of taxes.


There is a walmart over there. There is your house right there. Both of you will stand there shaking your heads and no trade will ever take place.
That may have been a logical conclusion during the times of witch hunting and slave trade where empires burnt to the ground at the hands of barbarians.

All old roads were trails made by animal and human migration in origin. Militaries later upgraded the roads to better transport troops. This was long before transportation was fast and efficient where someone could hop on a plane and be anywhere in a day. As technology continues to advance the old systems of road management should as well. If you seriously think I would not fix the road leading to my business so customers can easily travel there while my competitor does, you mistake the power of the market. As important as a store's roof is the parking and throughway available to accommodate traffic. Do you really think that freight trucking would not ensure safe and easy access to distribute goods? Plus you seem to be avoiding at talking about the fact that the current designs for roads made from tar can be effectively replaced by roads made from self repairing concrete. This would also reduce the cost of bridges. Concrete lasts 100 times longer to wear against those systems and structurally it will hold up much longer with this self repairing concrete technology. So instead of there being a trillion dollar issue in the USA at the moment it could be effectively paid for in a few billion dollars. Far more can be spent on new roads than repairing the old. I am not for ending roads... I am for looking at how roads are built and bringing us into the 21st century and out of the 18th century. Besides... every wonder why a Model T can drive through anything and current automobiles hit one pothole and need thousands in repairs? Im sure it has nothing to do with the taxpayer bailing out failed business models...


You didn't answer my question. At all.

You really didn't even pretend to answer my question.

You just started in on a self-inconsistent rant.

This is why I don't argue with anarchists.

Amusingly, you have an eye for bargains. Screw the TAX MAN :)


..., until it's time to collect Social Security.


....as if there will be social security

The US Federal Government was originally funded solely by Excise taxes, which are taxes on products and not income. From 1776 to 1913, with the exception of few years during the US Civil War, the US did not have a federal income tax. The passing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 happened the same year the US ratified a federal income tax amendment.

Some sort of group polling of resources to fund goods and services that we all value is necessary, but it may not need to be centralized.

Mini-ICOs may be the future of fundraising for the goods and services that we require. The ICO would have to offer a return on investment in order motivate people to contribute, but this system could potentially replace our current system of taxation.

My problem with decentralized living is there seems to be little to nothing preventing environment degradation in the interest of fast profits. Ron Paul says 'courts' but that doesn't help a devastated watershed etc. Has any liberty minded thicker written convincingly on the matter?


Has centralization ever prevented it? BP Spill, nuclear war head tests, toxic waste dumps, lead in water pipes...


There have been some victories, but you're right, the trend is overall sharply down.

Bless you - got my vote. Couldn't agree more. The ropes around our necks are getting tighter by the day.

Welcome to Steemit Keith!

Cryptocurrency has the potential to replace government. It's only a matter of time before some people develop software that handles everything the government does, but better in every single way!

Its essentially decentralizing taxation and allowing transparency in the exchange between the public good consumers and the way they finance them.
This will prevent the moral hazard that exists and eliminate the opportunity for individuals to shadily break deals or skim off profits.

Its been a long time coming, and government authorities are fighting to try and prevent this tech from taking over but IT WILL PREVAIL.

Getting the liars and cheats out of politics will make this world a better place. I am sincerely happy and excited to be involved in projects that are pushing the envelop and making things happen.

Call yourself LAW OF NATURE!
That the only law we should all follow!!!!


I live by one law.
Do Not Trespass.

Fantastic article, thank you! Following for sure. Us decentralized, anarchist thinkers need to come together, right? ;-) Have you ever been to PorcFest? I attended for the first time this year and it was amazing. A talk like this would be fun to see there.

Do you support libertarianism?


Yes I do as a form of decentralization. I am a cryptoanarchist but I would much rather a soft reset through crypto than a hard reset through violent revolution. Here was a recent video where I asked John McAfee who was libertarian candidate for president his first question during town hall about cryptocurrency.


"Income tax is unconstitutional anyway..." lol great comments!

I think the example of the roads isn't the best example to start with here. If there's any good way to spend taxpayer's money, i think it could be to build and maintain a simple road in the center of a town. And most roads are not made of concrete. At least not where I live. So that bacteria thing might not always be useful.


Most roads are not made of concrete because concrete eventually cracks and is hard to repair... that problem is now no longer an issue due to this technology. This makes concrete a better alternative to petro based road products. Yes... roads being better designed for more logical use would make sense. There is a great deal of madness when it comes to spending free money taken in taxes(bridges to nowhere). I paved my driveway to have easier and safer access to my home. Businesses will be more inclined to do that to invite customers to their place of business.

Anarcho-Capitalism FTW!

great Article, great Ideas
Power to the People

Good article Keith! Glad to see you finally we're able to get the website to post it!



Ha, as much as I wouldn't mind that on the weekends I enjoy civilization too much to walk completely away from it

Taxes will not go away. The systems will get more efficient. Im a libertarian socialist but I also understand that its extremely difficult to implement the ideas that have been thought up by Noam chomsky,robert nozick and others. The issue of taxes and how tax dollars are spent will be a issue regardless if there is a centralized or decentralized system. I think we are going to need to have a system where you a both existing simultaneously. Good read though.


Thank you for your input. One of the best comments so far.

I will add this comment about my article. Volunteer police departments would likely work much more efficient and honorably than paid ones. Having police accountability through subscription services which work like insurance would be a strong check and balance against corruption and breaking the law within the police force. It's not privatizing police... it's changing the way the operate fundamentally.

Great read. I also enjoy the responses it provokes, and being able to read from multiple perspectives .

Just so you know. Potholes aren't an issue of cracks, usually the ground sinks beneath as a result of the soil expanding and contracting when water enters and leaves or freezes and thaws. The asphalt and/or concrete can't support the loads on its own. You need rebar and expensive designs to reduce potholes.


You are right to a point. Many potholes are created by land shifting and springs under the roadway...But a vast majority Potholes are created by cracks as well. Especially where I live... The freeze and thaw cycle in those cracks cause the hole to open up due to water seeping into the cracks.

I literally posted something like this which started trending just as the site was hacked: https://steemit.com/politics/@senseiteekay/globalization-through-decentralization-fixing-the-world

One could say you're trying to coin my idea. Not cool. Not cool at all.


Thank you for correcting me


Its all good bro. I suggest my readers please check out his link above... although very much like my article he has more ideas that may interest you.


Don't you guys think it's still an irony that steemit contacted FBI when hacked? lol. I laughed a lot for that news.


I guess you're for intellectual property rights then? I used to be, but as an ancap that reasons from first principles I decided the concept of intellectual property is a farcical, invented term for a concept that never used to exist and now serves only to stifle innovation.


I'm not, I was just a bit pissy at the time. I've learned from my mistake. And you're very right. Science wouldn't progress if we didn't build on the ideas and theories of others.


I upvote your honesty!


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Another thing is that we cannot really choose where our taxes goes to. Our state taxes which are supposedly more important go to education mostly (k12) and beyond that into colleges and uni. But I look at the education system and it is broken crazily after high school. Not to mention the shitty brainwashed material you learn in grade school that you will never use IRL.

Too much student loans and high tuition towards a field you aren't 100 percent sure you will lock in or even like later on. Then, you will it have it grow with interest for years if not decades depending on your situation that will have to be paid off.

Why can't I donate 1/3 my earnings towards any charity or non profit 501 that I like? What the hell is the point in enslaving people with 1040es with quarter payments? Slave to IRS obviously and money.

Also, if every single crypto person paid their taxes what is going to happen? I'll tell you, they will go to Coinbase a FREAKING institution not really a wallet you own or another exchange and old Samuel boy will start demanding 1099's and 1040 Schedule D's as the law if they haven't already enforced that yet. Merchants will have to report everything too. So will retailers like Overstock. So, will any one offering contracting or W-2 work they will subject to this as well. So, the IRS will then know who you are, where you live your transactions, and of course how much you owe them.

So much for decentralization. I know that doesn't correlate directly with privacy and OK. But the whole point of crytpo was to take away power from the gov that is what our Satoshi Nakamoto proposed in his white paper when he was developing BTC. We start giving our ID and Tax info and we are back to square one, really, and eventually we will see investors just lose interest in crypt as it lost a good chunk of it's appeal. And so, now you can't make actual dough off it.

Also, then there is the whole security thing with crypto. Not really any more secure then centralized power atm, first DAO now this really since it is all code and any one can really look at it we are vulnerable to security issues more so than centralized services and platforms so far.

Amyway back to TAX, yeah it should be voluntary at best AND banks have to stop lending out 10x money that they don't have lol, shitty fiat that has no backing from gold based on debt...

Your right the vast majority of our taxes that pay for things we actually use come from property tax, and surcharge taxes. The military and the federal reserve get most of the federal taxes. Check out my post on The Money Masters https://steemit.com/money/@groovy/the-money-masters-full-video-learn-about-the-federal-reserve-and-who-controls-the-world Anyways great share.

As a true libertarian, taxes cannot be accepted. They are not allowed by the 16th Amendment and are illegal. We as Americans should fight this injustice until it is rectified.

That's an incredible post, Keith!!!

I'm not an anarchist but agree with you on almost every point.
I think this dream of a decentralized world will come true some day.
But unfortunately, the vast majority of people aren't ready for this change yet. Even being extorted all day for a lifetime.

I believe that even with the vision and almost all the tools for this kind of change to occur, we need to work hard to attract attention and open the eyes of the vast majority. And it takes time.

That's why I was crazy when saw the potential that a social network like Steemit have to attract all kinds of people, even those who still didn't see that we are destroying ourselves and our planet because of this meaningless egocentrism and centralization.

So probably if we work hard and fight a peaceful war against the actual system, we will conquer a free world.

Almost everything in life is about timing, and here is not different. If this change occurs today the world will look like a Mad Max movie.

Great article. To introduce myself a moment: I have enjoyed thought experiments based on Hayek, Nozick and Dewey but as a Socratic disciple, The Coming Insurrection seems desperate and forced. I wouldn't define myself as an anarchist nor a libertarian. Pragmatism is too ambivalent but approaches my mindset on government. I find that Thomas Hobbes and Hannah Arendt's work on human rights illuminate some of the schisms between theory and reality.

Do you feel that in a country as large, diverse, and with varying economies that devolution would be a step in the right direction? Scotland and Catalonia are interesting modern day examples this notion.

nice concept but there are always infinite possibilities
i am still wondering why NXT faucets are not working though lol

Yellow and black? Taxation is theft? I must be in the right place.

#TaxationIsTheft Repeat over and over, again and again until we accomplish something!

I think it would work very well but only if poverty gets eliminated through a basic income.
Automation is replacing many of the jobs and is currently creating even more income inequality than it is creating wealth in many countries, as robots take over jobs but the people are not compensated.

Great Read!! If only we would actually try those ideas . We have nothing to loose and everything to gain