in anarchapuclo •  15 days ago

Your x-wife's feelings and opinion of me no longer matter. You tortured me for months and I had to let it go because cried to your divorce lawyers.

She still cares about you but I no longer give a shit. She wouldn't send me the pictures you sent her of your sissy wounds. She chose you over me. She is dead to me and the dude that pumped the baby into her mean nothing.

They cannot protect you. You're scummy Freos fags are no match for me.

People a lot smarter than you with a lot more connections than this entire community combined know you killed John to take his business and money and framed me. Definite N.A.P. violation that will be repaid in full.

I no longer claim to be one of these pussy anarchists who let manipulative predators get away with literal murder. I will work with the Feds and throw this pussy philosophy in the garbage.

I will ensure you either rot in Mexican prison or add your mane to my collection. Anyone that has helped you will share in your fate. The government is my friend in this war.

This is what you wanted. You cost me everything. You forced me to hit bottom. Now I have nothing to lose. They even took my house!

I will leave Acapulco either when I follow you or after I have drunk ale from your skull.

I am not afraid to die, are you?!

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