Top of the Rock - Best Observation Deck in NYC

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Hands down the best way to view the city. Would choose this over the One World Observatory and the Empire State Building any day. There are three increasing viewing levels. Make sure you go to the top one. Top of The Rock gives you an impressive bird's eye view of New York from all directions. Views are breathtaking!

Top of the Rock offers some of the best views of New York City. Unlike some of the other buildings in New York, and indeed the rest of the world, the whole observation deck is outside. This gives you a different experience to other tall buildings. It also allows you to get some great photos that aren't taken through a window. It was also great to learn more about the history of the building and the Rockefeller family.

The location of the Rockefeller Centre means that you get great views of central park and central Manhattan such as 5th Avenue. You can see downtown from the top of the Rock, but if you want to see that area of the city you are better off visiting One World Trade.

The Top of the Rock is similar to the Empire State Building. Just incredible views all around. Takes a while to get up to the top. On your way up to the top, waiting to enter on the elevator you will stop to watch a brief video of the history of The Top of the Rock. Once you are on top, you can see all of NYC including Central Park.

Great view of Manhattan. It allows you actually to see how big Central Park is and you get a great view of the Empire State Building. I would recommend buying your tickets as soon as you can as you will be allocated time so you may not go up to the Top of the Rock straight away (we had an hour wait). If you have to wait there is plenty to explore in the area and lots of sweet eating spots. This attraction was included in our New York Pass, but ticket prices were $36 pp.

You get a 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline. There are so many new buildings going up, but still a spectacular view. The elevator ride up is exciting as you can see as you are going up the elevator shaft. It takes roughly 46 seconds to get to the top.

Simply stunning views in a beautiful building. Visited at night this time and toured one world in the day which made for a great comparison. Compliments to the staff who were entertaining polite and funny. Definitely worth a visit.

Too expensive for an elevator ride.$41 each person for sunset time allotment on the observation deck. I recommend going to the Rainbow Room on the 65th floor, buy your $25 drink and enjoy with the same view as Top of the Rock.

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