Want to host your own Steemit Meetup? Here's materials to make it EASY!

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With the influx of new users and all their excitement around Steemit, I wanted to update the Ambassador Tool Kit materials.

These have been made to allow anybody have an easy way to run a meetup. Often, these entail running people through a slideshow presentation showing what Steemit is, how it works and why they should join up.

Now, I know we're not all veteran cryptocurrency people, nor are those we are wanting to have join us here. But in reality, if you can post on Facebook, Reddit or a blog, you can hit the ground running here on Steemit.

Rather than everyone needing to make their own powerpoint slides or have good answers available for commonly asked questions, I made this ambassador tool kit, that is rather "grab and go." The only thing you'll need to do is put your own user name at the end of the slideshow (slide 15) so they know how to find you on here.

Ambassador Toolkit

Here are various pieces for you to download, copy or do whatever you wish with. All images are under a 'free to reuse license' so there is no issue there. If you find there is something that you would like created to make running a meetup easier, just let me know and that can get done. In the coming days I'll be getting this included over on Steemit's 3rd party tools github repository for easy distribution.

Powerpoint Presentation

Below are a few of the slides included (there are 15.) Most slides have additional notes written in the memo section providing more in depth explanations, resources, etc.

Available through Google Docs

Available On Slideshare

Easily Explaining Commonly Asked Questions

What is Cryptocurrency and Why It's Not Scary

PDF Download

Where does the Money come from?

Free Post Templates

A trimmed down FAQ for beginners

Full on Steemit FAQ

"This is Your Moment" community video by @winstonwolfe

"This is Your Moment" part 2 is currently taking submissions here.

Please let me know if there are any materials or explanations you would like to be created and included into this tool kit. YOU are the some of the best ambassadors to spread the word of Steemit to others, ideally getting them to join!

[I'm making the posts into pdf's for easier printing and will have links for those added into this post either today or tomorrow.]

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Thank You @sykochica :) You're the BEST!!!

Bright Blessings & Reiki Hugs <3


Hehe, you're very welcome!

Wow! You're practically making this valuable resources for us so easy to access. I appreciate your work... Followed you, hope to see more of your valuable posts.


Happy to help out! I didn't want lack of materials or easy ways to answer common questions to keep people from showing off Steemit to others. Feel free to recommend anything that you find may be lacking. I've got the 'Why crypto isn't scary' in a downloadable PDF form for easy printing if wanted, and working on updating the 'Where's the money come from' one to include the economic changes and also get into a pdf.


Great! You are an asset to the community. Keep on rocking!

Thank you, that is useful tool for us as steemit ambasador. Nice ! :)


Absolutely! I hope to see the Steemit presentation meetups go again!

I remember this tool kit!
Also let me know and maybe @virtualgrowth will come to meet up as well in travels.


Yea, it was originally from many many months ago. While some of the info was still applicable, some things needed to be updated as well as getting additional notes put into the slides (that couldn't really fit well on the slide itself.) I also noticed afterwards that I need to update the "Where's the money come from" post since it had numbers prior to the economic changes. I'll take care of that tomorrow. :)

I don't have a meetup planned myself just yet, but I do think it'd be fun to do here in St. Louis. I'd love to have you swing through (even if not for a meetup)...we can hit the boats and play some poker! Or make it to Springfield and get into the podcast studio!

I do plan to join stellabelles gathering in Kansas City next month which should be quite fun and interesting!

Thank you for sharing this! I have glanced at the resources and look forward to delving into them in the coming days.

That looks extremely useful! Thanks for doing such a great job.




Happy to have put this together! Definitely no need for everybody to 'recreate the wheel' when wanting to bring others onboard.

Thank you @sykochica
Very helpful :)



Thank you! :D
Can't wait to actually meet you in real life next month! I'm stoked!

Thanks. This is really amazing!


You're very welcome! Feel free to let me know if there is anything useful that can be added. I'm sure I can get it together.

Thanks for sharing this useful tools!!! <3333


You're very welcome! I love putting out useful things to help others. :)

thanks :)


No problem at all. :)

great post! @silviabeneforti and I would host a meeting of Steemians in Italy, even if the italian community is really small.
we will see. :)


Thank you! And that's awesome! I hope it goes well for you!
And don't worry if the Italian community is small...that's why the meetup would be even more necessary. You've got to stop somewhere!

Btw, I'm adding in the "This is Your Moment" Video into the 'toolkit' recommending showing it at the meetup to show off the community itself.

This is awesome @sykochica - we need to use the toolbox next time @twinner @freiheit50


Thank you!
Feel free to let me know if there'd anything additional you'd like to have included in this. :)


Sure we will! Thanks a lot