That's such a beautiful post and also a nice little informative documentation about the caterpillar. The pictures are simply stunning ^^ I am glad you are using no insecticides. Also you may loose some plants this way on one hand, you are helping nature to enrich itself on the other ^^.. We are not alone here and should not believe to be capable of controlling and restructuring all of our environment.. Thank you for running this for the contest ^^.. It fits in really great and is an appreciated enrichment :) .. I am still wondering about those eggs on the aloe, they look really cool ^^

Suspended eggs look other worldly, watching and waiting to see what happens with those. Thanks for kind comments @adalger have a wonderful day.

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Thanks for the beautiful picture walk.

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Have enjoyed your posts, dual language not something easy for content.

Have enjoyed your posts,
Dual language not something
Easy for content.

                 - joanstewart

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

The Internet is ruled by English. If I want other than my Czech friends to read my reflections, I have to use English translation :-).
Thanks for your feedback.

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Nice amazing nature photography.

WOw loved your walk and post such wonderful shots of the beauty you saw

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Critters are all over now after rains, some so unusual you don't need to look to far away. Watching those suspended eggs to try work out what they are.

I I have never seen anything like those suspended eggs, I am intrigued what they are

Love your analogies here Joan! A lovely walk!

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Gardens are alive at the moment Lizelle, rain lily took a hammering as did the cycas, with the small black/yellow caterpillars, leaves will grow back just looking a bit sad.

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Greatly appreciate the visit @curie

Great Work @joanstewart. What a lovely walk and all the lessons we learn along the way. fully agree re pesticides. These are not pests, so why do we want to kill them off!!!?? Love the colours and all the little friends coming to say Hi! Thanks for sharing :)

Oh if we can keep them in the area we enjoy them for many years to come @mimismartypants I have a strong feeling the large hairy black caterpillar is this butterfly we will see in a few months time.!


Now wouldn't that be something?? Nature just finds so many ways to show off :)

oh, how many interesting things are revealed in macro !!! A completely different world, hidden from the ordinary eye
Amazing photos!

Animal kingdom keeps me suspended in anticipation of what comes next @protosun thanks for visiting.

I really liked it when you say: open mind and open heart ... this is how the photographs are captured by the camera and the photographic work flows.
Nature is amazing! Colors, textures, organisms ... what a great ride! Thanks for sharing, a great hello @joanstewart

Everything in nature is so selective as to likes and dislikes, we have the greatest show on earth just outside out door most days @marcybetancourt thanks for kind words and visiting.

Some great shots. Amazing that some creepy crawlies turn into such beautiful beings!

Most it is look only policy since some can leave you becoming itchy and scratchy when you go in too close.

Oh, these are absolutely stunning and a little scary with those hairs sticking out all over the place. But, I am sure their bark is bigger than their bite.

Your macros are spectacular and your written word is always flowing and fluid and tend to teach something. So I do so love when you post and don't think you do it quite enough. LOL Oh, that was very selfish of me, but, I do love reading you.

Your walk was fun and I hope to catch you out there again next week!

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Too often I get lost reading magnificent works of others, the day gets away. Doing small home business with my son, a partner who needs attention with his attention span going astray eats into time, Oh I do love writing and sharing Denise, takes a little longer now days.

Destructive caterpillars become something of great beauty in months to come, some things look like they emerged straight out of science fiction books, wait and see what happens.

Thanks for visiting, kind words, comment and tip, all greatly appreciated.

Great captures of Nature's Beauty on your walk Joan. I love finding the creatures amongst the plants.

Caterpillars we get during this time, some are quite destructive on cycads (a smaller black/yellow caterpillar). Have left them to munch away and not lost any plants yet Wanda.

That is good, I know that they can be ravenous eaters.

Your photos are beautiful @joanstewart! And that is quite a number of caterpillars there, hairy ones too. When young, we were told that beautiful and hairy caterpillars are usually poisonous. Since then, I would cringe when I spot one. And those suspended eggs are really interesting. Thank you for sharing your walk with us :)

There are a few that could make you uncomfortable touching the skin, best is to not touch any. Will be watching those eggs to hopefully see what emerges.

Kupu-kupu nan indah

Definite in the next couple of months @secreet thanks for visiting.

Wonderful photos! Your posts are always a joy to read!

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Small things in life have strange beauty, thanks for visiting and sending @trendotoken appreciated Melinda.

oh! Joan, you managed to combine three challenges here - awesome. well done, enjoyed walking with you and sightseeing these tiny intresting nuances of nature's creatures life. a little thing on Aloe -- how did you notice it at all! Will you wait to find out which larva will hatch from this placing?

Always enjoyed the unusual things nature presents us, have a feeling those suspended eggs may be spider, will keep watching.

Excelente documental, disfruté de tu caminata virtualmente, hermosas fotos y muy bien explicado todo, nunca nos cansaremos de disfrutar de la naturaleza, ella es muy bella y muy sabia, te felicito por tu buen trabajo

Thanks for visiting with me, nature keeps on spellbound, ever changing and teaching something new.

Google Translator:
Gracias por visitarme, la naturaleza sigue hechizada, siempre cambiando y enseñando algo nuevo.

Una de las cosas que mas disfruto en la vida es el contacto con la naturaleza, me gusta ver cosas nuevas y experimentar situaciones increíble por parte de la amada naturaleza que Dios nos regalo, el paseo que hiciste ha quedado muy lindo me ha gustado las mariposas que capturaste y la inmensidad de la vida animal, muchas gracias por llenar mi día de amor y colores.

Saludos amigo.

Surrounded by nature it is something we can enjoy anywhere, these beautiful creatures all serve a purpose. Thanks for visiting and kind comment.

Google translator:
Rodeado de naturaleza, es algo que podemos disfrutar en cualquier lugar, estas hermosas criaturas tienen un propósito. Gracias por visitar y amable comentario.

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Many thanks @arcange, great;u appreciate the Members on Steem Platforms for encouragement via comments.

Well you certainly stirred the pot with this post Lady Joan. I like how you combine nature with life, as we are all dust methinks.
Surely a lovely post.

Most definitely dust one way or another, all inter-connected in circle of life. Nature is far more rewarding watching, like an on-going movie in serial format.

Oh yeah and so right my friend. Mother nature can keep me busy for hours.
So intricately well designed and everything serves a purpose.

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You've done such a great job in your garden Joan! It truly looks like an oasis for all insects. I am not that sure if I would like any insects on my aloe plant but you don't seem to mind :)

Great photos and amazing story! Thank you for sharing and have a good day!

Too many insects to stop them, the only ones I object to are mosquitoes since they love my blood.....

Oh, I'm so lucky with mosquitos as they don't enjoy mine. And I believe that those stupid one of two of them that bite me die after that :D

This is an amazing nature WALK. Thanks for bringing us together with you!

Life is interesting we have to look to find it, thanks for kind comment Eliza.

Amazing pics, I love butterflys, you seem to be blessed with a great variety of them.

Each season offers something different, we are fortunate in still enjoying a large variety.

Lovely post, @joanstewart, and such lovely natural treasures along the way. Gosh, though, I do wonder what those little white dots on strings are...?! Intriguing! 💚