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How nature inspires our imagination ...What we see here is nothing extraterrestrial, just different sections of frozen mountain lakes...





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That first photo looks really like from outer space, and the others are strange too - strange in a very good way - I like these smooth shapes of the ice.
You have inspired me with your photos, @akinome, but today I couldn't find much ice, and the only lake where I have been was not really frozen.

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The first photo looks kind of extra terestial indeed,lol. Great shoots, so wintery:)

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you very much

I have to admit that I first just look at the title picture for a while before openknc the post, as it really looks so strange and mystical, and was still a bit puzzled ^^ .. Those pictures look amazing .. nature can be so unbelievable beautiful ! .. you are so lucky and blessed to get these views to admire ;) .. thank you for this amazing entry !! .. Enjoy your new year ^^

Thank you very much adalger! Nature always offers surprises ... especially if we take the time and look closely ... that's why I love taking photos, I see things that I might otherwise overlook.

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Thank you very much🤗

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