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I didn't realize he could do this.

For some time now, Buddy-Pepper has been enjoying building towers out of blocks. We've watched him before and marveled at his skill and precision. Today, however, he did something we had never witnessed before. He carefully collected all of the cylinder shaped blocks, and then proceeded to stack only those.

Since he's about a year and a half, it impressed us. It's amazing what little ones are capable of when you just let them do things on their own. Even this guy, with four older siblings, has the opportunity to develop his skills without interference or assistance, which is pretty cool. Here's some more photos of his impressive efforts.


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


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GIF provided by @anzirpasai

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The kid is so cute .

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Thank you, he gets that from his mom.

Showing his patience and inderstanding shapes to form a structure is very cool at his age.looks like you might have an Architect in the making hehe...

We will see what becomes of him! Thanks!

Ah he is the same age as m daughter and she loves to build blocks at the moment too, really impressed that your son is choosing only the cylinders, I love this age, everything is so amazing for them and the sense of achievement they have when they do something, enjoy these precious moments xx and thanks for sharing them xx

Very cool! Keep that little girl of yours warm and be blessed!

Good job, Buddy!

Papa Pepper: "themanwithnoname says 'good job!'"

Buddy: I don't talk to strangers.

That’s very interesting, very astute and super super cute! ☺️❤️🌈🦋🍀🌴

Yeah, we were certainly impressed!

Buddy Pepper is on the good way !!
Long Life to your Family !!!!

He's growing so quickly and obviously a smart boy. :D
Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family. :D
God bless you all. :D Have an awesome day! :D

Thank you very much. We were impressed with his motor skills and his ability. Thanks!

Isn’t it crazy how fast they learn?! My youngest is a little younger than yours and she was putting shapes into her toy bucket by putting them through the correct holes.
What other kinds of toys do you have for your kids? I had to do a toy purge because they were getting out of hand! Grandparents love to give gifts. I debated back and forth on which ones are worth keeping.

WE often have to do toy purges. Gotta keep ones that actually make sense and encourage them to learn real life skills.

Way to go, Buddy-Pepper! Shape recognition and the motor skills for that kind of stacking are worthy of celebrating at his age!

He's such a good boy!!!!! He's going to be your problem solver when he gets older. Maybe he'll be the designer and engineer of the homestead.