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Trust me, if it wasn't for the life that I live, I wouldn't know about this either.

All around the world, lizards can be found in many locations. Most people are at least familiar with them, but coming into close contact with them can allow for some uncommon knowledge, so I'll go ahead and share something that you might not know about wild lizards.


This is one of those ones that we learned out in the wild. I'm sure that there must be some sort of class in a classroom somewhere that covers this, but I never took it. Also, since we don't have television, we must have missed that nature documentary.

Like many of the cool little creatures we encounter, @papa-pepper and the @little-peppers have been known to catch a lizard here and there. Often, we like to release them in the garden as part of our organic pest control posse. Sometimes, we notice that they've got pests of their own.

While mites or certain internal parasites may seem more probable, even these little skinks can get ticks. Most of the time people seem to generally associate ticks with mammals, but, if you happen to look in the armpit of a wild lizard, you just might see that these reptiles can get ticks too!

I can remember our surprise the first time we saw this. So, have any of you ever seen this in real life? If not, did you find out about it another way?

Just like we usually do with other ticks, we like to remove them from the animal prior to release. Sure, they've got their tiny role to play in the grand scheme of things, but we'd rather not have any unwanted piggy-backers on us, so we like to treat the lizards the same as we would ourselves.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai



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Ohh!!! Skin bugs sucking the BLOOD! I thought these bugs suck the blood of a dog only or a cat? This is new to me! We call that in PHILIPPINES "GARAPATA"! Take care! It can enter to your ears! Danger bugs! Kill it!! Smash it!

Those bugs can kill animals! Believe me...


Yeah honestly they do.... They can remain in that lizard for years provided they keep getting blood.
Wicked ectoparasites parasites that are not worth keeping alive.i have read a lot about the menace they cause on animals


Yes, correct! I hate this blood-sucking bugs! Danger, also in our kids!

Nice photos @papa.pepper

He bit your hand, is it not poisonous on the bite? in our area is also very often found reptile it is usually in coconut trees or other places.


No, as far as I know, there are only two species of venomous lizards, the Gila Monster and the Mexican Beaded Lizard.

@papa-pepper I never thought that thicks could be on lizard, because I use to see thinks I'm dogs and cattle. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Yeah, I figured that it would be news to some people. Thanks!

Lizards are cool. I like them but I sure as hell don't like ticks. :D

Geee wiz! You keep this up and Steemit might be a brilliant alternative for school my sir..


LOL! Life is a learning experience!


I just dare to take pictures alone papa-pepper, may not I know why dad is very brave to hold animals of any kind, papa can say very brave.


This one is crazy big ... nice

very interesting post

Jeeeese... This is actually the first time I am reading this.
Waooooo I have never heard about tick being of a lizard. This little creatures are just hungry for blood. I knew them to be more associated with dogs, cattle etc but never on lizards.
I guess I have learnt one today, thanks for the evidence based picture, my course mates are gonna live this. I guess I have something to write about in my seminar, will use this as a topic to discuss.
The tick just went to a strategic position weekend they will get enough blood, such a creature with wisdom waoo.
This is really worth seeing.
Thanks so much @papa-pepper.
This made my morning here

Wow... I I have never noticed the ticks on lizards and don't remember hearing such in biology class.

Thanks for adding to my knowledge @papa-pepper


I never heard of such either, just found them in the wild. Now you know!


@papa-pepper amazingly very brave may always succeed in gardening


I was a surprised as you are...... What surprised me most was the strategic position the tick occupied, it just position itself behind the the forelimb of the lizard where the skin is tender enough so thy it will get sufficient blood meal.
I think they deserve some credit here.. Lol

thank you so much @papa-pepper, for your attention, you are very kind. this is a good picture, happy to be able to enjoy it.😊

Lizards as pet cool, I like the lovely creatures.

I see these animal on daily but never knew they were part of the lizard family. This is one animal I don't harm when I see them

In Nigeria that is called snakes servant you scared me when I saw it in your hands it's so poisonous, anywhere you find that in Nigeria it's likely you find a snake there, it's really scaring

nice post!!
here is many things to know!

Hi papa-pepper,

Better to see ticks on the lizard than on me.

I can not stand ticks.

As a teenager, I used to like to hike in the MO woods and I would get ticks all over me.

Wow, that is some super neat knowledge there. I would have never ever guessed that lizards get ticks. I'm not fast enough to catch wild lizards though maybe that is why. We have a bearded dragon and a baby chameleon. We had 6 rescue chameleons and I still never knew this. Obviously they are much different breeds but still you would think this would be known to the world, lol. Now I want to go lizard hunting but I have baby fingers and I don't think I would be able to handle the bite...

Wow, a steem documentary about lizard, never knew some bugs would disturb the peace of lizard

I am so amazed to see you so intimately familiar with nature. The little lizard seems very tame to you. I have never seen this lizard from a short distance, let alone find a louse attached to its body. I often see the lice in farm animals like chickens, cows and buffalo. Thanks for sharing @papa-pepper. May always be successful for you.

Papa thanks for educating us am always scare of lizard, thanks for the research sir GOD bless you sir

If you could name that guy, what would it be?


"Goldie" - He's just that WONDERFUL color.


Hahahah. That funny, thats @sweetsssj ‘s nickname for me. NO IDEA WHY

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

Nice adventure, naturally am a bit scared of those stuff but am very much awara they help control pests in our garden. Thanks for sharing @papa-pepper

Add a new dimension to "Ticking" your checklist.

Lizard? Tick. Tick. :)

I probably never got close enough to a lizard to find out. We used to have a cat before and with the cat no lizard ever planned coming close enough to us. And unfortunately, our biology teacher never mentioned this. Looking at the type of skin the lizard posses, it looks quite awkward that the ticks would feed on them. I'm glad I added another piece of knowledge to myself. Thanks Papapepper.


probably never got close enough to a lizard to find out.

Yeah, most people would probably say that. Thanks @lordjames!

Wall are built for lizard in my area, that's where they live, thanks for sharing this interesting post about some needs to know about lizard.

Ugh. Ticks. Those don't look like the same species we dealt with in Minnesota when I was a kid though.

Your use of the term "bitey" in your proof picture title triggered a memory of a weird series of videos featuring a character named Bitey. Check it out if you have time!


Interesting, I'll have to check it out! Thanks!

This is quite strange I must admit. Never knew and never found the time out to check. So much to learn from you Papa. This is still surprising me.
Good one Papa.

It's too cold where I live for lizards but they are pretty cool

I very often see this pest in the cow. Usually under the belly of the cow around cow's milk.and also I often see in the cow's ears

Wow, thanks for sharing this knowledge. I don't know lizards can have ticks. I've met seen it or heard of it before. That is why I always stay glued to your blog to learn new things about nature. I've learnt alot from you papa. Thanks for that

I can't believe you said you don't have a TV. Hahahaha


If I had a TV, I wouldn't have any time left for anything else.

That's disgusting creepy blood-sucking bugs! Is it hurt when this lizard bite your finger?


NO, it just feels like a pinch.

Is it poisonous? ?
Look sure poisonous to me...

About them ticks ... woah i had no idea reptiles were susceptible to them to . You know with their scales and all.

Thanks for this. Natgeo wild should fund you pepper 😂😂

Hi @little-pepper

I did not know lizards get ticks!

Wow, didn't expect those ticks to be able to get through scales!


I guess they just find a space in between.

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

I have never seen ticks on a lizard but I have on a snake! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Our friend has a blue boa constrictor as a pet. He also has sheep and deer. So his place has ticks. And the poor snake had them too. He manually removed the ticks, too. He now has a large flock of guinea fowl to clean up the ticks.

Hey man I never really knew that lizards have ticks. That's really interesting. I guess I don't need Discovery Channel I just have to read your blogs! 👍🏾😊

Wonderful and thank you for your posts