University Professor Says UFOs Might Be Us From The Future

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Most people tend to think that UFOs might be alien beings from a different part of the universe. In fact, it is highly likely that there are other civilizations out there in the universe, owing to its huge size.

There might be civilizations that are hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than us and they could have easily figured out ways to traverse large distances in a negligible amount of time.

However, there is also one very interesting idea that is rarely talked about. It's that aliens and UFOs might actually be us, humans, from the future time traveling to the past.

This certainly makes you scratch your head. Of course, this can't be proven right now. Or anytime soon for that matter. But it sure is something to think about. In fact, a university professor seems to think that this is in fact, the case.

Back To The Past?

So, imagine we had the ability to time travel. Wouldn't you want to travel back into the past to witness how past events unfolded? Wouldn't you want to witness the pyramids of Egypt being built or the dinosaurs roaming around the planet? Of course, you would! Cos, that would be awesome!

Similarly, hundreds of thousands of years from now, if we manage to achieve time travel, wouldn't we want to travel to the past and witness the different ages of humanity? I am sure we would.

That is what could be happening if the UFO sightings are genuine. Michael Masters, a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Technological University has stated in his new book that future scientists would want to go back to study history instead of relying on ancient relics. It would give them first-hand data on everything!

Also, if time traveling would become a common thing, it could also become a whole industry - the time travel tourist industry! Now, that is something you don't get to hear about every day! So, what do you think? Is it even remotely possible?


It's more likely UFO's are simply Aliens here in the present time! lol

Oh yes, that's the first possibility.




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I didn't read this post even though i follow you I do so mostly to roll my eyes at the status quo narratives you have a penchant for penning which avoid like the plague any real contentious thought, so without further ado, who's cropcircling, in your opinion. Is it youths or old farts with too much time on their hands that meticulously weave patterns into crops while bending without any breakage millions of plant stalks, and have done so successively without ever being caught or even more likely, without boasting not long after? I might bother with this conversation should you respond, but it will be with the same snark and copious and loud eye rolls, as now. Maybe this would be a thoughtful discussion nonetheless, not that mass media narratives regarding this subject specifically deserve anything more, in fact of argue that those that still entertain them should be meet with even more ridicule and derision alike especially considering that involved technologies are reasoned by the numerous officials the world over in the recent disclosures of dozens of countries as being suppressed so not to cause panic, and these narratives that further that unimaginable toll is implicit in said suppression.

To answer your question, the crop circles where the residue of some radiation are found, are made by alien beings.

By the way, I know and believe in whatever you said in your comment. There are alien beings that are already here and have been here for thousands of years. We have the technology to take them to their home and back without breaking a sweat. We also have free energy devices (probably since Tesla invented it) and it has been suppressed for obvious reasons (cough the order, cough global control...). You probably also know about the shadow group of people that controls everything... like everything!! I know my blog comes across as a "mainstream blog" but that is just the way I want it to be. Personally though, "I KNOW". I have known and have been researching for like 10 years now. In fact, I am going to share some really interesting info that you will appreciate. Do some research about the anti-order. Maybe you already know about them, maybe you don't. But you should definitely learn about them. Cheers!

I think time travel could be possible at some point in the future, we may indeed be visiting ourselves from the future, but I doubt that we are visiting in the touchable, feet on the ground sense. No real physical presence in the past.

History is replete with stories, myths and legends of ghost, apparitions, and spirits. We assume that these are our ancestors from the past, perhaps they are our great great great grandchildren from the present coming back to take a look at what life was like back then, but almost completely unable to interact with the physical world they are visiting.

That's a really interesting point. That could very well be the case! We might not exist in physical forms in the future and traveling to the past would make us seem like ghosts and apparitions.

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