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RE: University Professor Says UFOs Might Be Us From The Future

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I didn't read this post even though i follow you I do so mostly to roll my eyes at the status quo narratives you have a penchant for penning which avoid like the plague any real contentious thought, so without further ado, who's cropcircling, in your opinion. Is it youths or old farts with too much time on their hands that meticulously weave patterns into crops while bending without any breakage millions of plant stalks, and have done so successively without ever being caught or even more likely, without boasting not long after? I might bother with this conversation should you respond, but it will be with the same snark and copious and loud eye rolls, as now. Maybe this would be a thoughtful discussion nonetheless, not that mass media narratives regarding this subject specifically deserve anything more, in fact of argue that those that still entertain them should be meet with even more ridicule and derision alike especially considering that involved technologies are reasoned by the numerous officials the world over in the recent disclosures of dozens of countries as being suppressed so not to cause panic, and these narratives that further that unimaginable toll is implicit in said suppression.


To answer your question, the crop circles where the residue of some radiation are found, are made by alien beings.

By the way, I know and believe in whatever you said in your comment. There are alien beings that are already here and have been here for thousands of years. We have the technology to take them to their home and back without breaking a sweat. We also have free energy devices (probably since Tesla invented it) and it has been suppressed for obvious reasons (cough the order, cough global control...). You probably also know about the shadow group of people that controls everything... like everything!! I know my blog comes across as a "mainstream blog" but that is just the way I want it to be. Personally though, "I KNOW". I have known and have been researching for like 10 years now. In fact, I am going to share some really interesting info that you will appreciate. Do some research about the anti-order. Maybe you already know about them, maybe you don't. But you should definitely learn about them. Cheers!

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