"Let's Get To Know Each Other" Challenge (Previous contest winners updated)

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Here's a fun challenge wherein we can get to know each other better
Let's all join the party and make this as entertaining as possible

I hope you all are as excited as much as me to answer these questions

The rules are simple :

1.Make a post to answer these below questions and on that post nominate two or more friends as I have done below.Your nominated friends would then make a post to answer and then nominate their friends on it and the trend would go on...

2.Every post that's been created should contain the link to my Original Post

3.Use the main hashtag as alicequestions

4.Nomination not compulsory for participation

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"Let's Get To Know Each Other" Challenge


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1. If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be and why?

There's just one person with whom I would trade my life with and that is "Catherine Kate Middleton" who's married to Prince William and which girl would not want to marry a Prince :)

2. What would you do on Mars for fun?

Since its low gravity I would just jump and float around I guess

3. If you could get yourself anything what would you get?

A huge house on top of a hill with a swimming pool and with no neighbours and no people around

4. Describe the perfect kiss in 3 words

Slow Sensual Breathtaking

5. What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?

The Eyes

6. If you had access to a time machine where and when would you go?

Back to 2009 to buy some Bitcoins haha

7. What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

As a child I believed that if I ate fruits and if the seed goes into my stomach there were chances of a tree growing inside my stomach :)

8. Do you believe in aliens and why?

Ofcourse I believe in aliens...I am fascinated by their stories...I do believe they exist out there somewhere and it's just a matter of time before they meet us or we meet them haha

9. Tell me about something you really regret

Breaking up with a person whom I really liked at one point :(

10. Do you feel any of the above questions did not make any sense?haha

Hahaha... Absolutely not...I loved answering each one of them...I hope you all would love it too :)

So here are my list of my nominees in alphabetical order whom I challenge to create a post and answer the above questions.... @apolymask @arunava @ashley4u @balticbadger @ctrl-alt-nwo @denoxblogger @doomsdaychassis @dunkman @edgarsart @gandhibaba @ikar59 @jaynie @jlufer @kenentertainment @manisha.jain9 @olawalium @paradise-found @phoneinf @sauravrungta @trendingsam @vladivostok @wales
Do remember to tag me in your post for me to read it as well and nominate your friends for the trend to carry on :)

If you like this post do comment below and let me know if you liked the idea :)

Here are the questions for you to easily copy and paste on your post

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be and why?

What would you do on Mars for fun?

If you could get yourself anything what would you get?

Describe the perfect kiss in 3 words

What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?

If you had access to a time machine where and when would you go?

What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

Do you believe in aliens and why?

Tell me about something you really regret

Do you feel any of the above questions did not make any sense?haha

Also the winners for my previous contest (6SBD) are below: Winners choosen by Papa Bear @paradise-found

Do visit his blog when you get time. He's a very nice person :)

1st place : @kenentertainment

2nd Place : @trendingsam

3rd Place : @medicbtom

Honourable mentions : You get 0.5 SBD each :)




Congratulations to all those who won and thank you all for participating in my previous contest

Screenshots below



great idea

Awesome idea!

Thanks...I will be awaiting your post with the answers...
Can't wait to read it...

Will like to answer these questions here.

  1. I don't think I would be comfortable trading lives with anyone!
  2. Try and grow potatoes like Matt Damon did in the movie Martian.
  3. A spaceship.
  4. I think one word would be enough for me: Romantic.
  5. Eyes
  6. Same as you lol.
  7. All the movies were real.
  8. Yes! The universe is really large and it is statistically impossible that we are alone.
  9. Not buying tons of Steem when it was at 7 cents!!!!
  10. Nope!!

Wow..amazing answers..the first answer was so impressive....
It's amazing how most of us want to go back to 2009...in the future we will say that we want to go back to 2018 :)
Stay awesome as always and thank you so much for participating...
Have a great day :)

Hey! I would love to answer your questions here in your comments section :)

  1. I wouldn't like to trade lives with anyone as I am happy living my own life. I do what I want and I am happy.
  2. I would just dance around and jump in the low gravity having loads of fun.
  3. I would like to get myself a helicopter.
  4. Passionate, Romantic, Slow
  5. Eyes, as there is something about eyes that tells a lot about a person.
  6. I would go back to my childhood days enjoy all those moment again.
  7. I used to think everyone is kind and equal as we all are humans.
  8. No, I don't.
  9. I don't regret anything . Life is too short to have regrets.
  10. No.

Thanks for participating...enjoyed reading it :)

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Thanks...You too can participate :)

You're welcome. I wanted to and I'll try. :)

Thanks...would be exciting to read your answers: )

I loved it..it was so awesome to read...
I am so glad you participated and I get to know you :)

You're welcome. I'm happy too that I saw your blog, for me to interact with. And know something from others.

Yeah..it always nice to meet new people here...
I am glad I met you :)

I read it and it was pretty funny haha...
I am so glad you participated...
It was so much fun playing this game :)

No problem! Like I said, I had a lot of fun writing this :D

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I like you answers, I don't usually play along with type of game, but I am going to move out of my comfort zone and participate. I really love to see all the stuff you are doing and as always I am very impressed by you. I think all your followers can agree to this :) So I will launch my questions on a post as well so nobody can call me a poor sport :) I hope I win!!!

Thanks...This means a lot to me...
You have been so supportive...I am sure no one can call you a poor sport..
You are an amazing person...stay blessed :)

Thank you, you are a good student and already intuitively knew what you're doing, so this is a big bonus for you, and for us because you bring value to steemit...need 1 million more people like you so we can go to the Moon!!

Yeah..let's not forget our space suits before going to moon :)

technically that was only 9 questions, the last one was a statement :) just saying

Haha..does the question mark at the end not make it a question ?
You might be right as well :)

This is so awesome! Thanks for the nomination I will post it tomorrow!

Your welcome...I will await your answers :)

Silly question, but how do you see when you have been tagged in a post. I only saw this cause I read your post. It’s not in my replies or blog or anything. Still a little green with steemit trying to figure it all out

Yeah..even I figured it out recently...
I use Ginabot under discord...so whenever someone mentions your name or replys we get a notification....

Awesome thanks!

Your welcome :)

Sorry I totally forgot the #alicequestions hashtag but I added it! Sorry!

Impressive! I am joining this challenge right away. Thanks for the mention my friend.

Thank you..do not forget to nominate your friends...
Can't wait for the answers :)

Absolutely. I will. I like this idea. Good one.

Anytime. :)

I have posted my entry already.

Yeah...just saw that...
Amazing answers :)

Yaaaaay!. Glad you love them. Thanks a lot dear.

Thank you :)
I went through it and was amazing to read all of it :)

Hooo, thank you very much dear friend @ blog-fictions for this mention you will soon get my answers
I wish you a great day

Thanks..I can't wait to read them...it's going to be so much fun :)

This looks awesome!! I'm gonna join in the fun!!
Also - Congratulations to the Winners!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x
My post with answers here

Yes...this will be fun to answer :)

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nice idea.

You can participate in it as well..its super fun ;)

wow. very nice idea. i like it. can i join here...???

Ofcourse you can...you need to make a post and nominate your friends :)

oh yes. i understand. thank you

  1. Well, trading lives with anyone isn't something I'd like to do. But there's a me i see whenever I think about what my future should be like and SHE'S AWESOME!..

  2. I love earth. Yep, its getting hotter but I doubt there's anything fun about Mars. But you never know!.

  3. Happiness. All the happiness my heart can contain!

  4. Breathtaking...Breathtaking...BREATHTAKING!!!
  5. Dress sense. It's kinda reflex though.

  6. Go back to High school and prepare to be an engineering student.

  7. Haha!... The strangest thing I believed as a child was if i swallowed any fruit seed, it would germinate in my stomach and grow into a big tree bursting my body and popping out my eyes.. I can't believe i was so silly. Because of this, I still don't eat pawpaw till date.

  8. Nope!.. I don't believe in aliens.

  9. Having a jerk for my first boyfriend. I honestly regret it. I always wanted my first to be my last. But then....

  10. Hell no! Way to go girl!

Thank you so much for participating :)
Even I thought that seeds would produce a tree in our stomach haha...

Oh my God there are some questions whose answers would be sme as mine. For example the Tree in Stomach case plus of course the Buying of Bitcoin. Ok I will give this a try .

Haha..I will be awaiting your post on this...
I can't wait for the answers :)

This is a wonderful idea


Just read it...awesome :)
I am glad you loved it...

Haha..yes...just went through it..
I am about to sell very ones data now :)

Thank you for participating..your response was awesome :)

Thanks for nominating me.. I am looking forward for such interesting Nominations.

Yes..lot more in future :)

Why your comments are not visible Alice?
over my post ur comment is not visible as well.

That's because you mute me...you have to unmute me in your followers :)

Hawww, It was by mistake Alice. I can't mute you.

thanks for guiding me. I don't know the steemit better as you.
and thanks to steemed.com where ur msg was visible.

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