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The front wheel lift is useful to climb over obstacles. This is different from a wheelie as you do not use your pedal to power the front wheel up.
In city traffic, its useful to get onto and off footpaths, while on the trail, its useful to get over obstacles.

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Another nice one - just as a side note for the audience... we should lift the front wheel mainly using or body weight shift not the arm power. Using arms only you are limited to your arm length as max. If you stretch your arm and then move back with you whole body you can reach much higher heights. This might be important for advanced technics like bunny hop... I would like to see some more vlogs comming describing those

Thanks ... nice to see another cyclist!!
Yes you have to use your body weight to lift, and on bikes with suspension forks, you have to compress the front fork (using your body weight) to get a good lift!!

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