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The last BBCh MTB race of the season saw a good turnout and the route had some nice single tracks through some fields. The participants in the BBCh races come for the pure joy of cycling and racing with their peers. There is no prize money for the races, but there are prizes for the overall season winners of different categories.

The two fastest riders here - Izak and Shiven were quite camera shy (or rather too fast for me to capture on camera) and I managed to get just one good shot of each of them.
The winners got points for each race win and the season toppers of the elite men's and women's category got free entry to the "GMC" - The Great Malnad Challenge and the winners this year were Izak and Lena.
Shiven was a factory sponsored rider and he introduced me to a Track n trail contact. A very useful contact as I was allowed to make a sneek peek video of the Ciclo cafe - a cycling store and cafe before its launch.

The video was quite well received and appreciated.
Over the course of me covering cycling events I would be asked where and when I used to cycle. The question came up as I would typically travel to the cycling events by car in order to carry my filming equipment.
To answer these questions, I made a video-mix of some of my cycling commutes and put it up

Quite a few people messaged me on Facebook about the video with lots of appreciation for my cycling, my cycling speed and also my skills in getting through traffic.
My next video was a check-in at a cycle store. I had been in touch with this store for a few months in order to get our schedules to match. And this was the second date after the first one was cancelled at the last minute. I got to the store with my equipment to film and was then informed that I would not be able to film that day. This was devastating for me as I had maintained a consistent upload schedule till then and this would spoil it all for me.
I called Sharique one of the partners at LBB (Life Behind Bars) a cycling lifestyle store specializing in single speed cycles. Thankfully he understood my predicament and allowed me to cover his place though it was a last minute thing.

Fortunately both the partners - Sharique and Benny were there and I got to cover them both. It was after this shoot when I was editing my vlog that I began realising the need for a better camera as the audio and video could definitely be improved on.
My next video probably got me the maximum response (DM's on Facebook!!) - 5 essential cycling skills.

These were according to me basic skills and I had people messaging me and asking me to do a followup video explaining and demonstrating how to execute these skills. The followup video would have to wait as I was going for the GMC (Great Malnad Challenge).

Huge thanks and shoutouts to the cycling community here for their support!!

Also a big thank you to @firepower for bringing me onto this platform.

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