ByteBall back up and running - get $10 to $160 based on your Steem reputation

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Finally the ByteBall Network seems to be back up and running.

You can still get a referral reward based on your steem reputation.

Steem reputation above 30: you get a $10 reward
Steem reputation above 40: you get a $20 reward
Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward
Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward
Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

The reward is split up into 50% on signup and another 50% one year later.

For every user you refer after that you get the same amount as they get, only difference is it is 25% right away and 75% later. So I hope you will use my referral link and let me send you the 600,000 Bytes needed to verify your account.

So once you download the app, make sure to post your address below and I will send you 600k bytes, needed to confirm your steem account!

After that you need to go to the chat tab:


Then bot store:

image (1).png

Then choose the steem bot:

image (2).png

You should get a message explaining the rest of the process:

image (3).png

Sometimes the bot is slow to respond. If you have any problems with the process comment below and I can try to help.


help Me my Friend!


Thank You

@elmubaredki I just sent you 50,000 byteball tokens for the Fee to collect your tokens.

Done :)

Hey Philip, thanks for the post. I hope to find some time tonight or tomorrow to use your referral​ link.

I'd describe it as a combination of Telegram chat app and Ethereum. It has dApps that all run through chat. Some examples include sports betting, text based dungeon game, and a lottery game.

The website does a better job explaining than I can.

My understanding is that the bot will be brought back online in 4 hours at 12pm CET. I have never got a response from the bot and I have tried 4 times.

darn, I saw my transfer of bytes to a friend finally went through and assumed everything was working again.

The transfers will probably still work but I don't think we can get a response from the bot for the Steem Connect Link yet. I haven't had any luck on it and someone else told me they are putting it back online in 4 hours.


Nice try, I can see that you post your address on every byteball post to collect the pennies. Good luck with that 😉

cc: @africaunited @mrviquez @gamsam @bitcoindata @yandot @dakeshi @tj4real @tincho @adonisabril

Thanks for the heads up @kirkins. Looks like I fell for it already though

Make sure to use the explorer and check the history of each person because a lot are doing it. Figured we could expect better from someone who wants to be a Witness on the Steem blockchain.

My direct apologies. Was not my intention. please check my 13 months on steemit. never did something like this. I wanted to collect my airdrop like many more but did not have any byte in the wallet..

No problem, I believe you. Though there are people out there doing the exact same thing I described. That's why I notified the others.

Otherwise they will be confused and complaining when they don't get their referral bonus.

@rival dishonest behavior for someone who asking for votes as a witness

didn't receive yet in my wallet, maybe because it was not syncing. will remove the requests now.. off course I am not there to collect 7 cents from everyone.. i hope you accept my appology.

I do think this is correct though @kirkins. He obviously couldn't have planned to collect multiple 7 cents and build it into a fortune. Might be the syncing problem.

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