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Back to the swimming hole for another adventure!!!

With crystal clear water, thousands of fish, and an amazing setting, this is where we like to check out creation and cool off. This time, we'll take you along for the ride, if you're willing to join us. Check it out!


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai



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You caught some interesting little fish, @papa-pepper, including little pepper fish 🐟 We used to take the boys down to the tidal pools at low tide. If you just sat on a rock and waited, the small tropical fish would come up and nibble at your toes. The odd time we would find a small sea turtle too.

Whoa, thats cool bro! If I have a farmland, I prefer to have at least a creek on it for water supply on my vege and livestock and it can be also a pond for fishes.


We hope to make a pond for fish too!


Papa I love the Music Choice with this Video........@papa-pepper checking out a whole other World just Below the Water Line !


Cool! I think y'all will appreciate the next video too. Put some real effort and creativity into it!


It does take time and effort to really do videos well and then to edit and tie in Music, no small task........


Yeah, and I used to just make videos in one take with no editing... those were the days!

I remember a particular stream we usually go to play water-games some years ago, it was so clear that it appeared shallow; but it was really deap.

Just few weaks ago when we travelled home, I couldn't believe my eyes; the whole stream has turned into dumping ground for garbage - how human.

Now I can't even figure out anyplace again to go for water-games

PS: Which camera did you use for that underwater video capture?

your life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can't see how deep it is.

Thanks very much for taking us along. You are a good dad!

The colours the clarity the life! Just fabulous -I LOVE YOUR UNDERWATER VIDEOS


Oh yeah! It's a marvelous world down there!

Thats cool.
Specially fishes makes it best one...
Nice capture.

Thats great! But I like a creek on it for the supply of water on my farm animals and most so, I would want to rear fishes too...nice kids bro

This is so beautiful, feel like trying this out...
The water is so clear from beneath, the tiny pretty fishes enjoying themselves in their habitat...

It's really a lovely adventure @papa-pepper, it gives you so many reasons to admire Mother nature....

Nature is so beautiful.....


Yeah,. fish everywhere! And they are pretty friendly too. The @little-peppers love it there!

Wow, that is a really cool swimming hole. Super clear and the fish almost acted like tropical fish swimming around and not super spooked. Cool spot man! Why do you think that water is so clear? I would think there would be a lot of runoff in it or is it just fed with springs that are coming in right there close?

This is just so beautiful, so cool , so other worldly , so @papa-pepper! You really are something else! 🤗🦋🌴💚🌈🍀


LOL - I'm something else? LOL!

Amazing ... free underwater world!