ScienceGuy Thando finally makes it to Steemit! The crowd goes wild!

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Hi Steemians,

I let you know here, here, here and here that I was bravely trying to set up an account for Thando, aka @scienceguy, the intrepid South African spending 14 months down on Marion Island to research seabirds and mammals.


I've resteemed his #introduceyourself post just in case you missed it. Here's a cool pic of him having a conversation with a seal (he'll have to tell you if it's a fur seal or an elephant seal - I have no idea).

Thando seal and penguins

The thing is - he's going to have trouble monitoring the account himself for a while, because their internet connection goes up and down. For him it's a case of making hay while the sun shines. I'll help him out to begin with but I hope this wonderful Steemit community will welcome him with open arms and patience if he can't respond immediately - or even within a week.

Please - welcome Thando, @scienceguy, with a Super Steemit welcome!

RSA Steemit logo

Cool South African Steemit logo courtesy of @alainite


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Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the posts from @scienceguy

Thanks for sharing!

is it private standing on the right?

Hey, thanks, @firepower! I'm not on his account now, so can't see if you've had a chance to welcome him personally. I've just sent him a whack of stuff to absorb so I think he's got a lot of weekend reading ahead of him...if they get weekends off there. Please be patient with him if it takes him a while to respond.

Welcome @scienceguy, the endorsement though...

Thanks, @luigienius. Will appreciate if you check out his blog directly.

I would use Steemers rather than Steemians haha.
Steemians sounds like an alien.

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His adventures look like great fun!
I'm glad that problem with his registration has been resolved.
Well, Welcome @scienceguy and I checked out the post that you resteemed :)

Thanks so much, @arckrai! I don't usually say "please follow me" - but please do follow @scienceguy :-)

Hi !
This is an automatic message.
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You might not be aware of this, but #introduceyourself is mainly used by new accounts, to introduce themselves once. Please consider other, appropriate tags.

welcome to the steemit family

Please welcome @scienceguy directly.

Hi Kiligirl I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me ...

Please follow @scienceguy - that's the point of the post.

Welcome Thando. :)

Thanks, @luckysteem - please welcome him in person on his brand new handle, @scienceguy.

I did when i wrote this comment on your post. :) I clikced link from your post and i welcomed him.

Oh, good stuff, @luckysteem. Thank you so much! It looks like I can't have both accounts open at the same time on the same computer, so I haven't checked into his account yet, and I'm still putting his "guide to Steemit" together so he can soon respond to comments directly!

Thanks for sharing this amazing photography and welcome @sceinceguy as well. Appreciate your effort to bring those remarkable photos to the community!


nice post ,,, you have good blog , Good luck. Comrade

Yessssss!! Thank you so much! :) I am going to follow him right now. :D

Stop spamming.

Tell me about it. It's reaching disease proportions. And how do you like the guys who say they've upvoted, resteemed and/or followed you, then you check and of course nada.... Just how dumb do they think we are?

Woohoo! Thanks, @lauralemons :-)

Aloha and welcome @scienceguy! Welcome aboard! Free smiles and hugs on my blog page! Following! Hello there @kiligirl! Seal ya later! Spread da Love Yo! -Peaz✌

Hey @peazfulman, thanks for the cool welcome for Thando!

Welcome to steemit kiligirl, happy to have you here

I am @alienposts , my real name is achraf :)
Checkout my blog posts, Enjoy your time here and let's get this party started :)

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

i can't get to the point, but nice post, it attracts the readers

Congrats! Success at last. You are a good friend to set this up for him. 🐓🐓

Thanks, @mother2chicks. Now that we're over the first hurdle, we have to figure out how he's going to respond to people before they've forgotten they said anything on his posts. His internet access kicks in at weird times, and not always. And thank you for the kind words...there's a long backstory between us, but suffice it to say I think this young man really deserves a decent shot at life. He's given it his all so far, and Steemit could give him a chance to let the world play ball fairly with him :-)

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Welcome! Please check out my account @meg.jayne7 I'm a newbie to this whole thing aswell.. and I must say the community and positive within this site is amazing!

Hahahaha very nice and food story

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Links do not work.

Oh dear! That's embarassing. Thanks for letting me know. I'll check it and fix them.

Well, that was really strange. The links have @kiligirl stripped out, and when I copied them back they would work once then get stripped out again. I've now replaced them with links copied from the Share feature at the bottom of each post...if that doesn't work, honestly, I have no idea what will.

And thanks for testing the links :-)

No problem, great i could help :)

:-) they work now? I'm scared to click on them myself - lol

only first and last one works ok

Geez. Thanks for letting me know. Something is stripping out the topic and my handle and it's beyond me how that would happen. If you'd really like the links, I'll just send them to you the old fashioned way!

Awesome! I'll go check his blog :)

I wanna know your thoughts about my new post My Canyoneeing Adventure Thanks :)

OMG how's cute are those little penguins so lining at the back! Love it!

Cute & Adorable ;-)

Nice post, Thanks for sharing! I will follow your account
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Thank you!

Welcome to this amazing community!! Followed. Follow me back 😘