Yes I ride a unicycle, no I'm not in the circus

in #adventure4 years ago (edited)

Here's a cool little edit I made doing few tricks on my unicycle here in the skills section of my local mountain biking trails. I also found out the hard way that riding 10 miles of trails on it absolutely sucks!

▶️ DTube

So Cool! How long did it take you to get up and stay on?

I learned when I was maybe about 11 years old and it might have taken 2 weeks or so to be able to ride it up and down the street. I was the coolest kid in school!

Sus malabares con extraordinarios....

I used to ride my unicycle around town just to go places. I remember the question well: "Is the circus coming to town?" :-D

Yeah it's like everyone assumes you're in the circus! Too annoying haha

When I was doing it (in the nineties) it was a very unusual sight. Nowaday (at least in Germany) it rises less of an eyebrow. Many elementary school have added unicicles to their sports program, so you can see quiet a few little kids riding around town.

I can't even stay on the unicycle and you ride it on a curb easily...

hey man, have you ever seen the guy who are traveling packed with a unibike he have gone all kind of places such as through Australia? you should do the same haha!

I've seen it! No way in hell I'll ever do that on a unicycle! My ass hurts just thinking about it....

I am planning on doing long tours on my bike though 😄

Great job! As a child, the most adventurous thing I did was to use skates. And it did not go very well hahaha ... I guess the unicycle will be like everything in this life: perseverance and dedication. I congratulate you, it shows what you use it as "fish in the water"

Haha thanks!

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Nice arena you set up ;)

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