Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The herd' (Part #196)

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The winter is awesome. I don't remember riding in January and having such great weather. However, it is that time of the year when a person needs to slow down and enjoy peace and calmness of once's home. But, I'm not sure that I can do that when the sun is shining and the road is clear. Well almost clear!

The lady tells me about her sheep and goats. As you can see, she caters for a little herd of her own. The prices of goat cheese have gone down with all the industry and imports. She points out that it is not profitable to make cheese anymore. Really sad. Industry and cheap imports are killing these poor simple people who struggle hard to make a living off their land and animals.

Not to mention the quality and health benefit of real farm food against cheap concentration camp-like cattle industry produce full of God knows what chemistry, pharmaceuticals, growth hormone, GMO-feed and all the rest of that poisonous mix, we don't want to know about but rather stay ignorant than angry.

I cannot resist photographing these guys up close. They are quite tame but I still need to catch up with them. After running after the herd for a while, I figure out it is the best to stand still and let their curiosity bring them closer. And, indeed, in less than a minute they come close enough for their portraits to be taken. :D

I don't eat meat for 20 years now and I don't miss it one bit. On the contrary, I cannot imagine myself chewing on some old long frozen dead animal. It saddens me that these guys will likely end their lives in a stew or on the spit. However, it is my free choice and everyone has their own. A though choice, living in a country where people eat meat every day and the traditional cuisine is not possible without all the various animals parts one can imagine.

However, I am not one of those guys that you take for dinner and end up listening about how "we should all..." Nope. I strongly believe in freedom for each individual to make his own decisions. I am happy with everybody eating whatever their heart desires. So next time you start hearing about "we should all...", "the carbon footprint...", "meat is unhealthy...", "how can you eat that...", "eating meat is a murder...", and all the rest of veggie-nazi repertoire that nobody really wants to hear, tell your favourite veggie to stfu and continue eating your meal in peace! :-)

Even these sweet little guys if the fate brings them to your table. :D

Enjoy your day! :-)

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I always read your posts with interest @velimir .

Have you ever have heard of ?
Maybe if you would mark the spot your pictures been made - on that service, your posts would gain even more value and attraction to readers.
Just my 2 cnts...


hm...i should check it out! thx


wow! that site sounds really interesting...ill check it out too! thanks mate! :)

I own a Kawasaki ninga and the things you find in one of those rides are amazing.


i wish I had one @javybar man ! Lets see if steemit can help me a bit to achieve my dream one day ahhaha Cheers mate! :)


yeah right ,,, nice reply for these.....

They almost look like fireworks. Well done!


I agree with you. I think so


Isnt winter starting to look more like summer? I mean there is no snow fore some regions and sun almost everywhere.

Thanks for the interesting post and lovely pictures of this sweet animals.

I really respect your attitude friend, the combination of being a fierce veggie and also a fierce believer of freedom (a postmodern? I'm still not sure) is kinda rare and I respect it. I, as a person that eat meat - think that people that do eat meat shouldn't ignore the animals welfare during their life before they get to your plate, we should strive for the maximal achievable conditions so they suffer less.

It's really sad to hear about the story of the former cheese makes, in my country we experience much the same thing, the local milk industry is facing a government led import flood, right now they are holding on but in not sure if they will be able to stand it for much longer.

·'s all over the world. maybe this is the solution: ( :D


Well, gotta read it soon then 🤗


btw I am not a fierce veggie... I just don't eat meat. Never had a wish to impose it on anyone hahaha :D


I understood it :) do you eat eggs and milk?

you like the very sunny weather, and nice landscapes, I enjoy what I've seen, in particular, because every day outside my window is cloudy and dirty.
Natural products without chemicals will always have a high price and will be more useful for health, farming is difficult, but this is a noble cause.
You parvy everyone is free to choose what he likes to eat. Food is a purely personal preference, which should not be imposed by someone. As the saying goes: "There is no dispute about tastes"
Thank you:)



goats and sheep interested in posing: D
very beautiful shot and lovely moment! In my playlist : Animal stories about love and family :)
I need to congratulate the models first :)
nice weather!
and I find your thoughts sensible.
we must consume the products we enjoy from the food. My brother, vegan!
and I do not complain about eating at the same house :)
I'm sorry for my bad english. !

thanks for sharing..


I like when people comment even more if they struggle with English. it means they took extra time to speak their mind :)

Freedom for each individual is cool, no one loves to be tie to or with.
Thanks for sharing well put together write-ups.

The photography and write up are so well placed, your photography skills are awesome and yes everyone should eat what their heart desires.

Hey, @velimir, This series is just awesome. All the pictures of these goats so good.
Thanks for sharing.

Its too hot in Croatia right now. I expect February to be super cold :/

In fact, during the winter season, the livestock are very hard and the lower classes also suffer a lot because the lower classes always have to care for the livestock.

freaking awesome dude @velimir ! I wish I had a bike like yours man! Lets see if steem can help a bit with that and travel the world taking pictures like you do...couldnt imagine a bigger feeling of freedom! really admire your stuff man!

Im also into photography... check one of my latest compilations I did in Seville, which is a MUST city to go with your bike in case you dont know it! hahaha Your support will be highly appreciated mate! Greetings from Spain! :)

Pretty nice pictures you've here.
I've always wanted a Go-Pro to go on about my Motorcycle Video-log but you give a whole new meaning to it. Cheers!
You've a new follower. :)

very nice photography and nice post. my big brother @velimir


nice picture @velimir

They almost look like firewors. Well done!

Woooooow1 its amazing and thanks for sharing with us keep it up dear @velimir

Really that is great weather for travel, @velimir your post is very nice with the photography and write up are so well placed, photography skills are awesome and yes everyone should eat what their heart desires @tuhin201

i like winter season but indonesian there'snt

no snow? goats are fine if it's snowing?

'stand still and let their curiosity bring them closer' , yh so true. Animals generally are similar in so many ways.
Nice pictures@velimir

Wooow... Amazing...
Awesome post brother..

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL creatures. I like this imageset because of the contrast; makes them look ever the more alien and exaggerated, yet more Earthly.

Great pics
Its great to follow you
Read any one of my blog if you time
I know you are very busy
Please its my request


no requests :D hahaha give me a link to read if really good


K great to here from you
Your works are really great

Wow the pictures are awesome and I hope so the time you spend on traveling was also amazing and experiencing 😊

extraordinary @velimir

I also have a bike i think i also do like that should travel the world and capture the beauties of nature in my camera and would share it with friends at steemit

Nice post man! Keep it up.

Awesome post @velimir. Just followed you as u directed on discord. @dayveedben please do me the honors. Thanks

Gracias por la interesante publicación y bellas imágenes de estos dulces animales.

Wow your sohts are extremely amazing i must say! And i love the story. It backs up every shot! Keep the good work up sir.

I agree with you. I think so

The government should take a cue in this case, should the weakened people not get worse.
the suggestions below your post are very interesting, when I read though recently I was steemit, I tried to write and take pictures using my phone. @velimir

i admire your courage to be a vegetarian, i hope one day i can fully follow that path. and the post is very good by the way :) happy new year:)

I'm new here. Need support. I subscribed to your excellent blog, please subscribe and you are on mine. Thank you!

i really enjoy reading you this series..lof of new things to learn and it is full of excitement..thanks for sharing :)

Free vote for you! Yay!

Upvote and resteem done done.

how did you edit your pictures? on the Smartphone? The colors are pretty strange on some.

Good goat !

i wonder, how can it be 248$ in 40 minutes? somebody can explain?


some votes are stronger than others depending how much money people invested. adsactly vote and trail are 190$ alone with this super high price od we are flying to the moon.

Nice photography sir...i like your post

I want to ride a heavy bike and go on long drive with my girlfriend woooooow thats dream hahahaha

I'm a Chinese! Do you have any questions about China? Let me answer you! Like you can pay attention to me! Thank you

excelente imagenes de las cabras!!!

My hobby is touring to, but I never thought to enjoy it the way you did. thx bro for this article I can not wait to try it lol :D :D