Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Find' (Part #200)

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In a manner of a true explorer, I carefully try the left side door of the left wing of this once beautiful mansion. They unwillingly open with an ambiguous sounding squeak. The rundown dark corridor appears in front of me. I reluctantly step in, checking out my six. All clear. I hear no sounds. The darkness works hard to take the better of my good thoughts.

Luckily, it seems that there is not a soul amidst this filth. A few steps further, I push another door. My feelings are mixed. The sadness of seeing a large historical mansion left in this appaling state is rivalled by the thrill of trespassing for investigative purposes. Someone might easily be here and start asking questions. However, dressed up in a full winter riding gear, I do look twice my non-neglectable size. I mean, I am not @exyle sized but not a small guy, either. :-)

It seems that at nights, some homeless person sleeps on the hard floor in one of the rooms. A mattress is made of cardboard and pillows are made of garbage bags and stuffed with who knows what. Whoever the owner of the mansion is, it was thoughtful of him to leave the doors open so that the poor fellow can at least spend the night inside. At least some good, since there is no willpower to renovate the place. The winter is here. Not a cold one, but still winter.

People coming to Europe, in search of better life, often do not understand that Europe is not only Germany where people organized their lives and the environment in such a manner that everyone can benefit from the society's system financed by strong industry and exports. Europe is also a bunch of countries where people couldn't give a dime for another nor do they care much about for how things work or don't work, while enjoy choking on their own selfishness at the same time. But, Germany cannot take in and relief sadness and sorrow of the entire world. And, that's a fact.

This something, appearing to be a huge rug, hanging down is the greatest find of my expedition. It is, at least 30 years old, cobweb. Could even be older, actually. :-) Unless we count in the fake ones frequently used in the movies, I believe most of you have never seen this. Including myself. So, I proudly name this the cobweb of the century!

Enjoy your day! :-)

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Nice pictures @velimer, its seems the house is not in use and free from a few years..

The walls are showing some sketches, most probably sketched by kids, windows are broken, doors are open, characters show that there was life a few years ago, people used to live there.

When i was in school, one day my teacher asked a question;

What is the difference between a house and a home?

Some replied, some were confused, so he replied that the house is just a concrete building. While home is made by the people living inside, they decorate it, make is worth living, celebrate their happy moment, sharing their memories, something that belongs to someone and a lot of other things.

He explained further that when you say, “Let’s go home,” you are probably not talking simply about going to the physical structure where you live. You are talking about being in the special place where you feel most comfortable and that belongs to you.

It is well said by Don McCullin that “Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

Dear @velimer these are not just clicks, that you passed by road and captured, the message behind these pictures is clear that what happens when there is no life.

Nice work and would love to see more pictures from your side, keep it up bro.

I congratulate you on the jubilee figure :) I am sure that this is not the limit
I see these photos as some interpretation. You wrote about Europe and I will compare this and the previous post.
This old mansion on the outside looks beautiful, but it requires work and attention - Europe looks like this, it is not perfect - but desirable for many people from poor countries.
But what we see inside, inside everything is pretty bad and not perfect. Inside, the whole essence is visible and in what state it is. - it's like being inside Europe, but being in the depths of Europe, in the suburbs and little-known cities, where everything is still not perfect.
Your thoughts, as always, bear a deep meaning and everyone can interpret them in their own meaning. I hope my interpretation was a success :)

Today you have a landmark day, 200 parts you regularly do your posts and it's safe to say that it's a success. You are one of those people who support a common interest in Stimith. Your faith in him makes many others believe in him, because they are motivated by looking at your results. As a preacher :)
This poor fellow is similar to how the Europeans open the doors for Syrian refugees. They are looking for a better life, but unfortunately I do not always find it there. Germany is the face of Europe, but this is not the whole of Europe.
Yes, it is deplorable to observe that such beautiful architectural structures, to be in such conditions and do not receive the due attention and the belt.
I wish you success in all of your ways, let the road always be a pripodnosti only pleasant surprises.

Hello Velimir

A friend of mine advised me this site and I ran across this post. As a motorcycleist, an adventourist and a bit of a photographer ur writing touched my soul to the point where i have to take some time and look through the history of your posts. I believe that we have quite alot in common and that I will have alot of fun reading through your posts, and at the same time have an opportunity to learn alot from you. I would rather talk in my home language because it seems that we are both from the area of ​​the old common state Jugoslavija, but I will try my best. While reading you post I can really feel fear. What does human life even mean in today's time? In hope for finding new and at least aproximly decent life, we're traveling to see if we will find it. But sadly the dreams of success are too many times out of our reach and our dreams get crushed. The dissapointment from realizeing that the diference between the rich and the poor are too often tragic :-(
Congradulations for your 200th Travel Series!

Greetings, Poštar 13

Velimir, puno hvala na podrski. Tezko je biti zapazen izmedju toliko ljudi, koji su skoro svi zanimivi za pracenje. Nadam se, da cemo se mozda nekada sresti na tvojim putovanjima po svjetu, pogotovo ako nekad prodjes kroz sLOVEniju

great photos!

Congrats Velimir for the 200th Travel Series. From my first day on steemit I have been following your stories and they are exceptional. The passion and effort you put in every post is amazing. Looking forward to 1000th Travel Series :)

Thank you buddy! :)

lol, @exyle sized :). How tall are you man. I'm 6'6. Congrats on your 200th travel post!

Ahahaha I know how huge you are because I ate breakfast at an adjacent table in Lisbon. I'm exactly 6'. :D

This sentence really made my day:
I do look twice my non-neglectable size. I mean, I am not @exyle sized but not a small guy, either.
Dear @velimir I have joined you in late December,2017. So I have missed your Travel series, which is so sad for me. But now onward I will must follow you and you will get my feedback on your blogs.
This particular episode No 200 is something special. I read it almost 5 times and every time I get some amazing feelings. It seems that I was there and feel everything live. Sometime it was scared me but sometime this feeling was so beautiful so natural.
I solute you on your great achievement of this Massive Milestone dear @velimir. Keep posting your good work and share your experiences, love, positivity with community. All the best and Stay Awesome!

Wow, this is deep. Over here in Nigeria people talk about how just going to Europe will better their lives without
often putting into consideration the myraid of challenges awaiting their arrival. Thank you @velimir for this epic insight. We all have a lot to learn.

You write with feeling and depth. No wonder you are a motorcycle rider! Thanks for another great segment.

It really is all about the ride...

the images here looks scary lol, you are right about authors being their self,
and really many people are homeless and i don't who we are to blame, they sept on the floor as thats their bed,

on your traveling maybe oned day i follow you along to get glimps of all that goes around but doesn't come around, ☺ #Project-Atlas

I really love this bike riding .
giphy-downsized (6).gif

Recently began reading your posts . . . They are brilliant insightful and inspiring. I'm going to south east Asia soon and looking forward to renting a bike and exploring! Thanks for your sharing .

your motorcycle travel ride was amazing to read
I really liked and appreciated by you post
Thanks for sharing something great @velimir

Your content is excellent and the contents inside the contents of the photographs you gave us in different rooms. Those are usually

Wow, great post! I love the way you write your articles!

Yeah. You are doing what most of us can only think of. More power (pun intended!) to you.

you only see the nice side, my friends...

Buen post, aunque se ve bastante terrorífico el lugar, yo no me metería ahí jaja

Nice photography . Good article as far . @velimir
i am new on steemit plz help me

nice amazing wording very good buddy i happy from ur article writing

Awesome post!!! the photos!!!

Congrats #velimir for the 200th Travel Series. I really love all your series its so interesting and informative. Long Live :)

Beautiful home photos and amazin history. When I am reading, I am not boring.

Is this your original photo?

Awsome dear @velimir Resteemed

it is sort of a ghost hunting..that house seems very scary :)

This mansion must have been abandoned for ages, The cobwebs alone tells it all. I really feel for those homeless poor people sleeping on those hard floors. Those people coming into europe should be given proper orientation before finding green pastures, for them to know to organise their lives.

Great expedition.A journey full of excitement.Hope you did not find any super natural thing there

Ooo man these picture shows the reality
Great job
If there were more people like who clearify things without any filter. May the world would be a better place
Btw bro
Im also an adventurer check my blog too you may like it

Hallo, i am from indonesia, please follow me, let's help each other

Great Post
I love Bike Riding

Ghosts must come out in that place. It looks like a horror movie.

I wonder what this place looks like at night, looks creepy.

Your current content material is very useful along with the details of the kinds of stuff of the beautiful photos you provided us in various locations.

Nice photos

What camera do you use? or is the grainy effect done in post... which ever it I love the haunting imagery!

please i will resteem it..ok

the life of a traveler is a true life filled with the meaning of freedom in life
nice post :)

Great post and beautiful crude images. Thank you really very good

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