ADSactly Short Stories - Substitute Bridesmaid to the Rescue

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Substitute Bridesmaid to the Rescue


It had been a long day. Joyce pushed open the door to her hotel room, pulled off her high-heeled stiletto shoes and collapsed on the king-sized bed exhausted.

Being a bridesmaid wasn't as easy as she had thought.

Her colleague, Lota was getting married tomorrow. She had been up since dawn putting last minute touches to work that couldn’t wait till her return next week, then had caught a late flight out of Abuja to Lagos. On arrival, she had had to put up with being introduced to other bridesmaids and making small talk with them before making her escape after making excuses.

Lota was more of an acquaintance than a friend. It was no wonder Joyce had been asked last minute to be a substitute bridesmaid after Lota’s friend, the one whose shoes she would be filling had sprained her foot few days ago from a fall. She had been ordered to stay off it for a week at least, according to Lota. Thing was, Joyce didn’t think Lota would have asked her if she hadn’t been standing in front of her while she took the call. The couple had only been together for six months before they'd decided to tie the knot. She hadn’t been able to say no, had had no tangible reason to in fact when Lota asked her.

“You are a perfect substitute Joyce. You both wear the same dress size. Please don’t say no.” Lota had pleaded and well, here she was.


Having skipped breakfast and barely stopped long enough to consume some lunch standing, Joyce found she was really famished.

She rolled over on her side and picked up the bedside phone to order some food but was distracted from her task at hand when her cellphone rang. Rolling over again to the other end of the bed, she pulled her phone from her handbag. Her caller was Kris.

A radiant smile broke out on her face as she answered in a cheerful voice, her exhaustion and hunger momentarily forgotten.

“Hi love”.

Kris was Joyce’s boyfriend, had been for the past ten months. She had gotten quite comfortable with him in the time since their relationship began. She, who was known among her close friends to be taciturn most of the time, found that she was nearly a chatterbox when in company of Kris. It had been unnerving in the beginning; the fact that she was helpless in letting her guard down around him but Joyce had grown into loving the feeling. Now, their relationship was such that Joyce found she could confide in Kris without fear or the littlest bit of hesitation. She had fallen head over heels in love with him.

The only issue that bothered her was the physical distance between them. Kris lived and worked in Lagos while she was based in Abuja, 520 kilometers away. They respectively had tight work schedules and had to go out of their way to find time to see each other. It hurt her that she could not always see him as much as she wanted to. As it were, she had not seen Kris for three months now and she missed him dearly. Looking forward to seeing him on this trip had heightened her excitement.

She had had no idea that being a bridesmaid would keep her tied up such that she had been unable to pay Kris a visit since arriving Lagos. She would finally have some free time for herself after the wedding tomorrow and intended to pay Kris a surprise visit.

He knew she was in Lagos but didn’t know she would get away from here tomorrow or stay over in Lagos till next week. Her smile grew wider as she imagined the surprised look that would be on his handsome face when he sees her. She had tried convincing him to attend Lota's wedding as her date but he'd adamantly refused.

“How's my baby doing?” Kris asked from the other end.

“Very well darling. Just tired from being on my feet all day. I haven’t even had a decent meal yet.” She replied then asked, “How are you?”

“Yeah, same thing you always say whenever I call these days, not like it’s different from the usual. I know you are pretty busy but try not to neglect your stomach while at it…”

Joyce sighed inaudibly as Kris went on to telling her how his day went. This was a constant bone of contention between them. Kris didn't like that she was a career woman or that she worked an average of thirteen hours daily but Joyce loved her work dearly and preferred to dedicate more time to it now she was still single.

Left to Kris, he'd prefer she be a kept woman. He'd suggested more than once that she move down to Lagos so they'd be closer. She'd given it thought but hadn’t liked the idea of upsetting her career life as a spinster. Of recent, she had resumed considering it because their relationship was getting on very well and she could do without the distance if they were to take things to the next level.

Being close to a bride-to-be this past week, watching her literally glow each time she gushed about the bridegroom Joyce was yet to meet had played its part in making her reevaluate her stance on relocating. She could get transferred to Lagos if she asked. She pushed her thoughts aside as she refocused on what Kris was saying. They would most likely revisit the issue again when they meet tomorrow.

“…anyways, I called to let you I’d be leaving town tomorrow and won’t be back for another two weeks.” Kris was saying.

Joyce felt her heart sink as her surprise plans were washed away by an invisible wave.

Her voice was subdued when she asked “Is it possible to postpone your trip wait until later?”

When he remained silent, she went on to out her surprise plans; “I planned on coming over tomorrow and staying till I have to go back next week. I was also hopeful you may change your mind about attending together…”

“Can we not argue tonight please?” Kris cut in. He continued, “I'm very tired as it is. Besides, you know this trip was scheduled a long time ago. I told you when I refused your impromptu invitation when you mentioned it. Look babe, I would give anything to be there with you at the wedding and afterwards if it were left to me, but this trip is really important and can’t be put off.”

“I understand love. You can’t blame a girl for trying. Since your flight is for tomorrow, could you at least come see me tonight? I really miss you and want to see you. Feels like it’s been ages since we last saw” Joyce replied.

“I miss you dearly too darling. Unfortunately, I am scheduled for an early flight. I still have some work to finish up tonight and I am yet to pack my bags. How about I take a few days off work on my return and come see you in Abuja, would that be alright?” Kris asked in a soothing voice.

Joyce exhaled audibly before answering, “Yes, I guess that would be make up enough and would make me really happy.”

They carried on talking for a while before Kris had to go back to working. He had succeeded in lifting her spirits despite the disappointment that had accompanied his call. Talking to him always did that to her. He was good for her and her for him. They were in a good place.

The hunger pangs returned soon after and Joyce attended to it with more gusto than usual.


Saturday dawned bright and beautiful with the rays of the morning sun floating in through the window around them. The bridesmaids had risen early to assist in getting the bride ready for her big day. The ceremony was due to begin at 9am which gave them ample time to get ready.

They however barely made it to church before the scheduled time. The groom and his best man were already in position before the altar awaiting the bride’s entrance. Smiling, she took her place as they all marched into the church before the bride led by her father. Wedding guests filled the pews on either side of the aisle, smiling at the picture they made dressed beautifully in violet crowned by the bride's bridal white and bouquet of flowers.

The bridesmaids filed into the pews reserved for them on the left side of the aisle making way for the bride. At a nod from the best man, the groom turned to behold his bride who had nearly reached him accompanied by her father.


Joyce froze.

She blinked a few times to clear her vision, frozen on the spot.

“No way. It just couldn't be.” She thought coming to herself.

But it was.

Kris stood before her, impeccably dressed in a black tux and smiling at his bride, Lota.

How had she missed this? How could she not have missed it? It had been a perfect deceit. He had had no idea this was the wedding she was attending. They had never talked in detail about it. That itself was a glitch in his almost perfect play. Hold on a minute! How could he deceive her like this? How had he accomplished without her having an inkling of it? Where had she gone wrong? She did not deserve this. How had he planned to carry on this charade after his wedding? Why? Why her? Why live a double life?

Joyce was lost in the thoughts that plagued her mind, left motionless in a state of shock. The bridesmaid next to her pulled her down to sit when the congregation sat and the service began. Through the introductory service, Joyce paid no attention to what the Rev was saying. Her mind was whirling with unanswered questions and working overtime.

The Reverend's voice broke through her trance, “If you have any reasons why these two should not be joined together in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace”.

Joyce realized everyone was staring at her. She had unconsciously raised her hand in answer to the Reverend’s question. The congregation was stirring and their murmurs filtered to her ears. Recollecting, her eyes moved to the altar where the couple stood. Kris managed to look shell-shocked while Lota had surprise written all over her as she waited expectantly to hear what exactly Joyce had to say. Joyce did not know what she had wanted to do but she had not intended to create a scene or disrupt her colleague’s wedding. Now she was in a fix.

A teardrop fell on the wedding program before her. The groom's name read 'Christian’, a misfit for the blackguard who bore it.

She shot a deadly look at Kris and smiled weakly at Lota who looked so radiant in her wedding finery. Was it right to break her heart by announcing to the world that her husband-to-be was a two-timing bastard? Yet how could she allow her new friend walk into this marriage not knowing the kind of man she was getting hitched to? No woman deserved to.


Her mind up, Joyce stood up amidst the piercing stares from the spectating congregation and approached the altar. Her rambling thoughts came to a halt when she realized the whole church had fallen silent, waiting for the denouement. Joyce’s breath caught in her throat, her attention strayed to Kris.

He was watching her, apparently trying to convey a message with his eyes, eyes that had led him to behold another woman and a message she was so not interested in decoding.

Lota touched her arm to get her attention and she turned blindly towards her.

“What is it?” she asked quietly.

Suddenly full of anger, Joyce moved to stand before the bride. Kris moved to intercept her but she forestalled him by grabbing onto Lota's hand. The Reverend watched on in silence.

Looking into her Lota’s eyes, Joyce began calmly, “Lota, although we've not been friends for very long, I want you to know that I'd never deliberately do anything to hurt you. It pains me dearly to be the bearer of bad news too so I need to know if you want to hear this or not. Do you wish to know it now so you can decide if you'd like to go on with the wedding or do I hold my peace and never mention it again?” she tightened her grip on Lota's hand to buttress her point and at her nod made to continue.

She was interrupted by Kris who had moved closer while she was speaking. Obviously disturbed, he spoke hurriedly to his hesitant bride, “She has nothing to say my love. She's just jealous you're getting married before her. Do not listen to her. I have nothing to hide. She's…”

Lota cut in on him mid-sentence. “Honey, if you have nothing to hide, then we need not fear what she has to say, right? I want to hear what she has to say. It must be pretty important for her to have deemed it necessary to interrupt our wedding. Tell me Joyce, what is it?”

Joyce revealed everything to Lota in an unsteady voice.

Lota listened in silence as tears ran down her cheeks. When Joyce had finished uninterrupted, Lota turned to Kris.

“Please tell me it's not true. Tell me she's lying.” She pleaded.

“Of course it’s not. I've never met her before today. I told you not to listen to her.” Kris said in a shout.

“I have evidence Lota; pictures, notes, even call records. I could show them to you right now if you wish. I have my phone in my purse.”

Kris sprang forward in an angry attempt to silence her; “shut the heck up you lying bitch!”

His descending hand was intercepted by his best man who then stood between them.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Lota cried before she collapsed in a faint; her fall broken by the Reverend.

Only then did Joyce become aware of the noise that surrounded them. The Congregation had erupted in amazement as they watched the drama unfolding before them. Joyce stood watching helplessly as Lota was revived.

In the midst of the turmoil, Kris had stormed out of the church.

The wedding was cancelled.

Joyce felt accusing eyes staring daggers into her back as she and the bride’s father supported Lota in leaving the church. She'd done what she felt was right in the moment. She could weather the consequences later. She could only hope that she wouldn’t drown in the storm she had just stirred up.


Story authored by @royalrose

All images were obtained from pixabay

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So nice to witness a young girl with taste and restraint (the dress is a tad hokey, but it's beauty certainly overcomes it's small flaws--plus her youthful beauty and excitement make the dress come alive). Girls these days just want to be as naked as possible, This dress is ACTUALLY appropriate for her age. I'm not a fan of Disney. They butcher gorgeous traditional fairytales and folk stories, and insert perverse hidden messaging in the movies to boot. But, the artists/animators at Disney are extremely talented, they work very hard, and to a high standard--so their work captures the imagination.

NICE POSTING. Nice story. An interesting story from the journey of the asthmatic life of people doing LDR (Long Distance Relationship). That in a relationship far apart by distance we must keep each other. however, reaching this heart ached like a dagger when a lover had an affair with someone else, and that other person was a close friend of our own.
Feelings will be mixed up between anger, pity and emotion that could be a big explosion.
Although this is a fictional story, but there are also a lot of these splints. Companions who break our lovers or our lovers love our sahaba, or even we fall in love with our beloved friend. all that romance that we can not deny exist in this world.
What if the long-distance relationship is rarely face-to-face in an arc, we do not know what's going on with our partner. when we meet only a few hours we will not know so many things that he hid. He will reveal a deep affection and look romantic. But once we are unmindful he cheated and dumped our love.
Yes, it's just the shadows and thoughts I get from the story you post.
Thanks @royalrose
Thanks @adsactly
Thank you Steemit

Warm regard from Indonesia

You are right. Long distance relationships need more work and can easily go wrong faster. Thanks for reading. I appreciate

I can't keep up and read so much great content but I'm happy if others hopefully did and what a great story. Maybe I'll leave this comment here so one day I come back to read it in full!

Kris stood before her, impeccably dressed in a black tux and smiling at his bride, Lota.

I was shocked!!!
First I thought Chris secretly planned to visit her as a surprise, but All turned 180 degree. Both friends must had been in shock, even more Chris who clearly played both sides. Fortunately, the truth was revealed before it was too late.

😀 Thank you for the feedback.

Hello Sir @ADsactly. Wow!!! amazing I think this really an interesting story..I am very glad to read this interesting story..Love in a human life makes the people of very dear love great and bored by giving love a long way forward thanks to the friends to tell you a beautiful love story!!

Thank you for reading.

Wow, now this is what I call great writing. Even if the post is long, you managed to keep me interested all the way through.

I'm happy you found it interesting. Thank you for your kind compliment.

Nice story, every lines thrilled me. woooh

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This story is very amazing, I like stories very well because such stories are rarely read.

Plot twist at the end, the marriage was canceled =( Good story though, pretty realistic

Excellent love story ...I am very glad to read this love story..I am enjoying to read this story..I think your post is lot of better..
You always sharing this beautiful post..
So,I always follow you for your beautiful article..
Upvote and resteemit done...👍👍👍

awesome story and message @royalrose.. loyalty and trust is key in every relationship and without these would rather be alone.

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it's great to see your post.

@adsactly,I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes! i know my upvote doesnot matters to u but ur upvotes help me to grow my account.

Thanks indeed @adsactly for availing us this prossaic expression of "LOVE"

nice story.

Story and post together combination is very nice to hear and watch. I support this kind of thinking.

hi , adsactly truely writing

I really like this types of stories keep it up

good story, I love this kind of stories.

I take the opportunity to tell you that I just voted you as Witnesses, very much luck!

i dont know that its realy true

Maybe a fiction and most of the image from here at @adsactly post has no IMAGE SOURCE but he said from PIXABAY. It is easy to knows if the image is original or not! like this image! And I have a doubt with this story! Its seem like the original series from "Stranger Things" it looks like he did change only a bit the story and the character!

This image is copied from the other source!

Also these!

Including this one with 743 results!


I am the author of the story which you are bent on bashing without good reason.

The story is a fiction. I write my stories originally without plagiarizing or copying any previously written (published or unpublished) content.

You made mention of "stranger things", well I haven't seen it but even if I had, how does it even help the case you are making?

The experience the story talks about could happen to anyone. As a matter of fact, it is happening to a lot of young ladies, so tell me the sense in your thinking that the idea from which this story was written can only come to one person who in your opinion is the story writer of stranger things? Does that even make sense?

Unless you can produce where this story was previously published, I can say you are simply out to cause trouble needlessly and would advice against that.

As for the pictures, PIXABAY images are free for anyone use.

Feel free to feed on the image links:

I'm not causing a trouble... It's my own opinions and frank comments... Don't be offended... And as you see in my comment that maybe you misunderstood, I said there, (Its seem like the original series from "Stranger Things" it looks like he did change only a bit the story and the character!) It is just my speculation and nothing more...

And 2nd. I already said this for clarification, (Maybe a fiction and most of the image from here at @adsactly post has no IMAGE SOURCE but he said from PIXABAY.) I hope you already understand what I mean...

Sorry for misunderstanding if you are the owner of this account of @adsactly...

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