ADSactly Short Stories - Deaths for a Happy Box

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Deaths for a Happy Box


The man's left hand twitched as he sat in a basement flooded with his happy lights. He put the hand in his pocket. He hated it everytime the twitching happened, it made him feel helpless and he hated that feeling even more. He was a man who controlled everything in his world. He had just the perfect mix of power, respect and money to do that. He liked to think he had control over the lives of the persons in his employ. They did not seem to mind as long as he kept them happy with fat cheques.

A-ha! Happy. He loved happy people and filled his small world with them. The lapses into sadness at intervals were okay by him as long as they got over it soon enough as not to affect his happy box. When they couldn't get over it, they had to leave his happy box before they tainted it. Of course, they never understood why they had to leave.

Sarah, his first victim, had questioned the reason behind the termination of her employment furiously. She had been going to make trouble. He had grown tired of her reluctance and taken her out himself. Killing Sarah had kept his happy box stainless and ended her suffering. He had done her a favor. No one should be that sad. It had been his first time but it had taught him how much power he had. He could not only exercise control over happy and sad, he also had control over life.


His box was in danger of being tainted again and his hands twitched often to remind him. He had to take care of Lucy before it was too late. He had given her ample time to get over her sadness that shrouded everywhere she went in clouds of darkness but she was yet to. It had been four months since she had had her heart broken by her fiance who as rumours had it, she had caught in bed with her best friend. Not that he did not sympathize with her plight, he did. He had given her two weeks off work to get over it hopeful that she would resume her gay self once more but she hadn't. She had come back with a constant frown and defeated shoulders. Heck, he had given Sarah just two months which proved that he had been overly patient with Lucy. Four months was more than generous. He couldn't wait anymore.

He knew her routine by heart. He had learnt it by watching her like a hawk these past few weeks after it become clear that it may be left to him to uproot the diseased weed before it infects others. He stood up from the rocky chair he had been sitting on. It was his favorite chair and it had felt right to put it in his favorite place. He looked at his wristwatch. Perfect timing. He had to be back before bedtime. His live-in housekeeper knew better than to disturb him whenever he was in here. He was out of the house in seconds. He started walking in the direction that would see him to Lucy's place. He never drove on these missions. He would take a cab at some point but would arrive his destination on foot.


Lucy sat curled up on her couch with a book in her hands. She had read only one sentence repeatedly since she began dozing off and on some twenty minutes ago. She would have retired for the night but she hated turning in early these days. It only got her to dreaming about her ex-fiance sooner and she hated that she did with every fiber of her being. She would help it if she could but she couldn't. Tonight was worse, although she had put off going to bed for a long time now, her body was being uncooperative. It had been a stressful day at work. She put the book down, uncurled herself from the couch and stretched lazily as she stood. She went into her bedroom and got in bed. She paused when she thought she heard a noise. The silence that followed told her she had been mistaken, she lived alone after all. Lucy took off her reading glasses putting it within reach on her bedside table, she put off the lights then threw the duvet covers over herself and was fast asleep in a heartbeat.

Lucy awoke with a start. Something was choking her. She needed to come up for air but she couldn't. A pillow was pressed tightly against her face. In her struggle to relieve herself, she encountered hands. Strong determined hands for which hers were no match. Her last thought was of her ex before she stilled in death.

The hands removed the pillow from her face and rested her head on it. They arranged her body in the position she had been sleeping and threw the covers over her. Mission accomplished! The owner of the strong hands started to leave the bedroom but stopped on hearing the front door open with a click. Quickly, the owner hid behind the curtains.

The man came into Lucy's bedroom. He was surprised she had turned in for the night already. Usually, she would be curled up on her couch sleeping more than half the time she pretended to read. He had thought it funny those days when he watched her. The change in her routine was good for him, it meant his task at hand will be a lot easier.


He approached her bed and lifted a pillow. He paused to watch her sleep peacefully. He would miss her but she was no longer the lively Lucy he used to know. She was poison eating slowly away at his happy box. He was the antidote. He touched her face slightly with two fingers running them down to her neck. It was there he noticed the absence of a pulse. He checked again, her wrists included but found the same answer. Lucy was dead. How could she be? His left hand twitched.

The man suspected foul play. Someone or something had robbed him of his prize. He intended to find out who or what.

He made to leave but something smacked him hard across his face. He landed on the bed and had a pillow pressed against his face before he could collect himself. He struggled against it. He needed air. He kicked and scratched but the hands that pinned him down were too strong. His hands fell loosely to the mattress. His left hand twitched for the last time. Like Lucy, he soon stilled, forever silent.

The owner of the strong hands lifted the man and lay him next to Lucy leaving them both in a state of undress. This time, the duvet covers were rumpled and their clothes were scattered across the floor of the bedroom. It was the perfect scene for a secret romance gone wrong.

The owner of the strong hands picked up a newspaper at a newsstand two days later. It carried the story of his latest accomplishment just as envisioned. An investigation was still ongoing into the cause of their death.


The owner of the strong hands knew what the autopsy would discover but that was it. Like others before this, they would never solve this case.

All images were obtained from (pixabay)[].

Original fiction authored by @royalrose

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good writing.story contain all the basic ingredients for the reader..

It’s wet interseting! Thank you for sharing :D


It’s wet really vary interseting!




I couldn't stop reading, thanks for sharing


Thank you for reading 😀


I'm glad you find it so. Thank you.


Wow!! What a short and perfect conclusive comment @rhubarb. I think I have to learn from you.


You would do it 😍😂




show bobs pls

By all standards this is one of the most amazing stories i have ever read. Wow I really love stories and this story have risen my desire to even write more.


Thank you very much. I appreciate

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nice post @royalrose , u got new fan here


Thank you so much. Nice to meet you


Me too


Great story and strong imagination..for me I would definitely kill for love in self defense (protecting my children, husband, family from someone threatening their safety and life). Never for unreciprocated love or jealousy.


Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts.

The owner of the strong hands knew what the autopsy would discover but that was it. Like others before this, they would never solve this case.

That's so sad. lucy's death to me is the most annoying. i'm hapy it's just a story though.
well writen. i'm sure no one would be able to predict the end form the beginning of this story.


Yes, I'm sorry she had to die too. Pity she was the pawn in the story. Thanks for reading


That's reality bad things happen to good people..
It's sad


Yes, they do.

I was browsing the posts and just noticed that big steemit account users are not really commenting on other user posts - When I will become big I will support everyone :)

Interesting read. I love the mystery you were able to create. It leaves us wondering who the killer really is.
you know, you could do a spin off story from here or make it a much bigger story/novella.

I am very happy with your post, I want to be like you, would you encourage me to be like you? regards

Thanks for this writing post sharing........ i appreciate this story.... i wait still you next post dear friend. best of luck ...

You are so interesting! I don't believe I've truly read through anything like that before. So wonderful to discover another person with a few unique thoughts. Amazing Story.


Thanks for the compliment.

this news is good. so continue.

Beautiful story line and such an awesome write up!!
Great work @adsactly


Thank you very much

Oh my God, i read till the end, its pathetic both died, but the killer may never be found!
She and her antidote died.
Nice story!


Lol. No one will ever know who the ultimate killer was, it's a short story after all. Thanks for reading and sharing thoughts.

Good story
The one person who is happy in life is that one who will take every incident as it happens
Not the one who wants everything to be in his order or control.


Very well said. Thanks for reading

Buenisima me encanto saludos amigo desde Venezuela

Wow this is an interesting and amazing writeup..this is a real nice story here ..

Very sad story, it tears me down


I'm sorry about that. 😀 Great stories evoke emotions. Thanks for reading

This is genius...i am really impressed with this story,full of suspense and heart touching. Positive and kind words can empower, encourage, motivate and help move someone towards their goals. Always choose words that can heal not destroy.... Thanks so much @adsactly.


Thank you for reading. Well said.

What???? Such power!

But can this be applied to our real live experience? For us to take away anything that gives us discomfort and sadness?

But discomfort is part of our human experience. People's action will get on our toes but having this kind of power will mean trying to get total freedom feom pains which is impossible.

Nice story today @adsactly.
Still trying to put the story in perspective though.

I am @desmonddesk
@Adsactly #1 Fan


I definitely agree with you on this

But can this be applied to our real live experience? For us to take away anything that gives us discomfort and sadness?

@Adsactly #1 Fan
Actually I am #1😁😂


Hey you... Come to the ring let's contest that. I am @adsactly #1 Fan



I will definitely get a ko! in this match🤣🤣


Impossibility is often the keystone on which fiction is founded. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

awesome post... you presenting a interesting and great thinking post and i impressed about it...


Thank you

Awesome story

I was lost at the beginning, but it later got interesting.
Interesting tale!!!

good story i am really impressed with this story i like this story thanks for sharing this great story upvoted and resteemed


Thanks a lot

It's a bit dark and deep story! You should make some videos of these Short Stories!


I'll think about doing so. Thanks for reading

You write in such a way, that it incites an "on the edge of your seat", griping narrative. Well done! I would be honored if you would take a glimpse into my short pieces of literature. Thank you. @futuremind


Thank you very much


It sure was, thanks for reading.

Wow this is so great, couldn't take my eyes of it. You write so beautifully! @adsactly..awesome post... you presenting a interesting and great thinking post and i impressed about it...


Thanks for your kind compliment

Very very nice...
Follow back @widiaendah
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This story is so intense , thanks for sharing sir , hope to read other than this from you in the near future


You will read more. Thank you

I like your story, terimakaih for its post


Thank you

I'm very sorry for lucy...possessing strong hands, very cruel
I like it very much and it's a dramatic story...I have one upvote... we are expecting more of the stories @adsactly


Thank you for reading and leaving your thoughts.


a beautiful story

All images were obtained from (pixabay)[].

i believe this was meant to have been written in another way so it will show this way

All images were obtained from pixabay

The man suspected foul play,,,,,
thank you @absactly
I started my test today so early morning I could not come

Great post and great article...😉 Regards @atjehsteemit

wow.. Great post its interesting and amazing .

This is really heart touching and amazing story @adsactly. This is a wonderful fiction of creative mind. The characters, scenes and actions of the story are really attractive and perfect. I really like your blog. It's a great opportunity for steemians to learn more and more.
Thanks for sharing this great fiction.


Thank you so much.

Great story of suspense and being in control.. what will happen next? Is part 2 n its way out? Is the man with the strong hand happy now 'coz of such deaths?? Nice story_ an unpredictable one (good job @adsactly. Thanks for sharing.


Lol. There's no part two dear, the story ends here. Thank you

Good story..thanks for sharing

Serve him right, the man who killed Sarah! The karma which falls upon him. I applaud the Owner with the Strong Hands. A good twist on the story. Upvoted!


Lol. Karma awaits the owner of the strong hands too, you know. He is a killer too. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


I agree with you on that one :)

This story has been completely mixed with a part of my life..
Tnx for the post

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i lost myself in reading the story really inspiring stuff.i always like your posts actually i am fan of your post.Thank you so much for writing this nice story.


Thank you too for reading

Life is an effort that derives the best practice.

I'm a new fan. I'd like so much this kind a story with suspense and heart touching.

BTW @adsactly I votes you as witness

I warn you that I have naughty pictures and I'm real. Damiana is the QUEEN.


Thank you

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Awesome story dude, Keep it up :)


good story

a very interesting story, I will wait for your next work. Greetings from Indonesia


Thank you


thank you

nice post :)

Thsi is why adsactly is the biggest tag on steemit!

The words you have used are perfect to describe the scene ....i felt like you were picturizing the whole moment in front me.....and the introduction ...the owner of the strong is so mesmerizing..
You have really earned for where you belong now... HATS OFF..


Thank you very much.

That is a very interesting story..
Maybe the owner of the strong hands also had a happy box which was being stained. Or he was just plain badass (or evil)


Yea, maybe.

Awesome @adsactly !!!
.I am to a great degree roused with this story, stacked with pressure and heart touching. Positive and kind words can empower, bolster. I'm bright it's just a story be that as it may carefully formed.

Not the individual who needs everything to be in his demand or control.


Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on the story.

Your writing skills are superb

Very unique story like it

nice figure in the photo .

Very good post
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We can be friends

Interesting one there

good work and good publication

I posted a very important post on my post. I love you very much, thank you so much for sharing this post with everyone.

Wow. that was interesting.


Thank you

great work and im glad for you,but i cant undearstand how some posts get all that upvotes, best one i had 0.04 maybe, we started we need encouragments from u guys dont be selfish, again im glad for u

Very good story very useful for me and other friends @adsactly

what did I just read? Sick history, I really hope this was a fiction history, because if this really happened in real life this is worrying for everybody!

I just lost my words, so much dead involved!


Lol. It's a good thing it's just fiction, yeah? However, fiction stories are mostly coined from reality. Thanks for the feedback

Story written nicely. Interpret is also very good. I wish you post this kind of stories in future too.

Wow great story. Your story very interesting

great work and im glad for you,but i cant undearstand how some posts get all that upvotes, best one i had 0.04 maybe, we started we need encouragments from u guys dont be selfish, again im glad for u

Hi adsactly thank for your vote

Great post. I love the suspense and all cant wait for the next one to drop . please keep them coming

Apparently when you put an hr before the line containing a markdown format link, it doesn't work. It even happened to me.

It really caught my attention.
Nice story!
Imaginations are unlimited:)

Hello @royalrose
I'm not the first time reading your stories and want to tell you that you are a very talented writer, continue to develop your skills, you have a good imagination.
today's story turned out pretty tense. The main qualities on which I value stories are the presence of the atmosphere, the ability to co-create the main characters (or how the author reveals his characters) and immersing himself in reading (when you read a good story, you do not notice how time passes). In your story it is. You created an excellent but at the same time tragic atmosphere. The plot and characters are also made well, it is intriguing. Especially liked the finale of history.
Yes, I, like many sad for the death of Lucy.
So I thank you for your work, I liked it.


I'm grinning from cheek to cheek right now. I'm immensely grateful for your kind words. Thank you.

Wow this is so great, couldn't take my eyes of it. You write so beautifully! @adsactly

Muy bueno y atrapan te! Muchas gracias por compartir.

Very nice

Great content. Thanks for sharing

Great Story thanks for sharing ........

I don't usually sometimes read long posts because Id have to read it twice but this was pretty damn awesome. Also the green hoodie pic I want that hoodie haha. Steem on!!


Thanks for reading 😁

well it felt quite interesting to me..

Really great stuff... Really great

Nice post. Keep posting.

Nice one, thanks for posting!

Follow n vote me my friend..

nice one :)

Had to read it all the way to the end. Such creative imagery within the writings :)


Thank you

this freaked me out until about halfway through I thought it was all real haha

Wow! This was fantastic. i was actually breathless for a moment there! Great writing @royalrose!


Thank you .😁

Wow sangat mengagumkan

I barely read things through, but this piece got me glued.

Nice plot twist by the way.


Thank you


You are welcome

Great story and strong imagination.It’s wet interseting.Thank you for sharing..
That's so sad. lucy's death to me is the most annoying.

Please tell me there is more to come, you drew me in like a moth to a flame.