ADSactly Poetry - When I Write about Love

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“When I Write about Love”

Welcome to another collection of the @adsactly poetry corner bringing beauty, happiness, and love to the world always. In this series of poetry, you will travel with me through my creative writing as I blast through love poems for my beautiful amazing fiance Vanja once again. She really is my complete inspiration for all of my poetry. I truly am in love.

This first poem is reflecting on the days that I write poetry and a journey of my love unbound within my writings. It is never difficult to write these poems as they just seem to flow from my heart into my consciousness straight away through my fingertips. Having a love that inspires such creativity is an amazing blessing and powerful indeed.

Love is the most powerful aspect of all life and when it fills you up inside and surrounds your entire existence, words become magical and seem to appear out of thin air at times. You can hear them echoing in your mind and feel them dancing with your soul. Such a feeling is immeasurable and completeness. This is how feel and the sounds that I hear when I write my poetry. I truly am blessed with love. This first poem is entitled “When I write About Love”. I hope you enjoy it.

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“When I write About Love”

When I write about love I think about you,
What more can I possibly say?
The love that we share is unbound everywhere,
And fills up my heart full each day.

It brings out the sun to shine bright in the sky,
It brings out the flowers in bloom.
It brings out the Stars to shine through the night,
And brightens the light of the moon.

Love is a blessing I keep close in my heart,
Being in love is a blessing each day.
Love is a feeling that keeps you happy forever,
Lifting your spirit in every way.

This is my true love my sweet princess Vanja,
Whom I’ve loved from the very start.
From the day we first met tell the end of time,
And I love her with all of my heart.

Now I am the luckiest man on this planet,
For she is now forever in my life.
What a day it will be when we unite as one,
And are known as husband and wife.

When I think about love I think about you,
What more can I possibly do?
For I am in love with a sweet precious angel,
My Vanja I will forever love you.

Now we will move on to something that is often right in front of us but because life blinds our vision we tend to pass it by. Within each and every one of us is a circle of life. This circle is usually complete up until the words “In Love” come into play. Being in love will open and create a new space, if you will, into our circle of life. Within this space we will begin to build our new future with our new family.

Until we have brought everything together and put together all the pieces of life's puzzle within this new space. Our circle of life will be incomplete. Once we have everything in place and put together within this new space we have created, then and only then will our circle of life be complete.

We will talk about the sweet sounds and feeling of being in love within this next poem that is entitled ”My Circle of Life’s now Complete” and we will talk once again about magical worlds that are constructed when love truly enters our heart. I hope you enjoy this next poem.

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”My Circle of Life’s now Complete”

My amazing true love,
My every sweet word I say,
My every happy thought,
My forever and a day.

Every day in every hour,
I feel the love you share.
The love that sours to me,
On the winds of joy and care.

Songs of amazing passion,
Are the only sounds I hear.
Words whispered from your sweet lips,
Completely silence my ears.

Each day as the sun does hide,
And all the days hours have passed.
I find your love still filling my heart,
And I know that this love will last.

No matter the days now gone,
We remain completely untainted,
As our bodies connect as one,
In this magical world we’ve created.

I respect every aspect of you,
I treasure every minute by your side.
I value every walk we take,
With you I forget my pride.

I love you my amazing Vanja,
With you my circle of Life’s now complete.
I love you with all my heart,
And I will for all eternity.

And as we journey into our last poem of this series of love poems. We end it with a story of that started out incomplete and ends up finding that true love that will help them to create that new space in their circle of life and fill it complete once again. If starts of as a lonely path being walked through the burrows of sorrow and despair and with a single dream and the amazing ability of perspective vision a new love fire is lit once again in this fabulous world.

It will take you through these two peoples red road of love and how feelings become true love through each moment they spend together. Opening windows and doors of wondrous love that makes them feel their spirits become completely connected and form one single entity between them. As they soar through the skies on wings of powerful love they new new brightness in their very lives as words of sweet passion and oneness silence all other sounds that surround them creating an unbreakable bond that will last forever.

This poem is entitled “Nothing Could Ever Break Us Apart”. It is the final chapter in this series and it will describe what true love really is. It will hopefully inspire new love in many and at the very least inspire happiness and blessed days. I hope you enjoyed another journey in love through my eyes, experience, images and poetry. This is always my intentions with every poem I write. And I am able to write like this because of the love that I have in my life being spilled all around me from my beautiful fiance Vanja whom I love so much.

Have a blessed day always Steemians. Much Love, Jeronimo Rubio

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“Nothing Could Ever Break Us Apart”

I once walked alone through on a beach of loneliness,
Through times of despair and sorrow.
I’d dreamed of new moments of happy days in abundance,
And hoped for a better tomorrow.

And then from the corner of my perspective vision,
I caught a sweet glimpse of you.
And from that single moment I knew what love was,
Now my heart will shine bright and true.

You have opened a window to my heart and my soul,
On the wings of an eagle I now fly.
You have opened the door to eternal peace and joy,
You have freed my once lost life.

So I will honor you forever I will be by your side,
I will keep you filled with love every day.
I will hold you so close every second that I can,
And recite the sweet words my heart wants to say.

For you are my forever my everything my world,
Let the beating of my heart show the way.
To the magical world of treasured sweet memories,
As we love one another forever and a day.

I love you my Vanja with every ounce of love I have,
You will forever live in my heart.
And together as one we will live happily ever after,
And nothing could ever break us apart.

Poems, text and signed photographs are authored by

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It is never difficult to write these poems as they just seem to flow from my heart into my consciousness straight away through my fingertips.

You guys look happy together. I can clearly see love being your inspiration. I agree “Always keep live close to your heart”! Great poem, especially for Vanja. “I respect every aspect of you” should be example for every and single one of us.

And then from the corner of my perspective vision,
I caught a sweet glimpse of you.

That reminds me my moment when I met my wife ☺️ 😆.
As always very warm and full of love poems!


Thank you so much @milano1113. I always look forward to reading your comment. Your blessings are always appreciated, my friend. Have a blessed day.



Thank you so much @Xiaoguai. I really appreciate the wonderful comment. Have a blessed day.

Just a incredible post.really I am happy now.thanks for sharing.
Just an adoring individual can comprehend someone else and acknowledge him as he seems to be, with every one of the points of interest and weaknesses. Love is viewed as one of the segments of human socialization and is trademark just of homo sapiens - it is very likely that it was the capacity to love, as opposed to work, from the "human monkey". Without affection, a man can not comprehend others and himself, discover a place in this world, get delight from life. This is a miserable man, without the fundamental delight of life. What's more, just a man who adores can know life in the entirety of its radiance, feel all the totality of sentiments that can be knowledgeable about connection to someone else. Subsequent to perusing your article, I comprehend that Love stands separated from other human sentiments, contrasting from them by its otherworldliness, sublimity, inspiration for creation and self-change. One of the primary "side effects" of affection - when a man gets more delight from what he gives, than from what he gets, while not requesting anything consequently. We are not discussing material things, but rather about otherworldly things-generally, adoring, we give our lives to man, in light of the fact that starting now and into the foreseeable future all considerations, all delights and distresses are associated with the darling individual.go ahead dear..
I will wait for your next visit..


Thank you so much for your very kind words @osakadd. Your words are very encouraging for many others and I truly appreciate them. Have a blessed day.

The love is so real.Wish I can find real love as i am set to marry.


And I am sure you will one day soon @nicefortune. Love is everywhere and waiting in the shadows just around the corner. Have a blessed day.

You both are amazing couple.
And your poetry are very good.


Thank you so much for your kind words @striker91. I really enjoyed your kind words. Have a blessed day.

You have put your heart in these few words..few stanzas...few patagraph. To confess I am not so poem lover, but reading your heart in these ...3 Poems make me amazed. Poem can be the best way to put all your true feelings...about your love of life. Love is beautiful thing that can happen to anyone...and your loves words are so pious and pure right from the bottom of the heart💓 .... @jeronimorubio wishing you and vanza many years of togethernes and loads of love🌹💓 throughout ...👍

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Thank you so much for your amazing words and blessings @steemflow. All of them are truly appreciated. Have a blessed day.


The words were less @jeronimorubio in comparison to what you have written in your heart out....loved it lot👍

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good define for the love and poetry and your love with can define more easily with help of u.I can follow u.


Thank you for your wonderful comment @aryaan. Your words are very encouraging and wonderful. Have a blessed day.

Thanks for the post, adsactly.

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Incredible !! I agree with you ! Love is the most powerful in our universe ! Thanks for sharing


Absolutely @tatuka. Love is the only thing we need to succeed in life. Thank you for your kind words. Have a blessed day.

Most a time we loose focus and say something like "love is blind" strongly agree with your philosophy of love,

Hope you will enlightened young people more.


I will do my best to always enlighten the youth of today @samthrive. This is truly the most important thing to me. Thank you for your wonderful words. Have a blessed day.

Apparently as you mentioned, you feel it deeply by your soul.
Thank you


Thank you so much for your kind words @mhsnmajidi. All words of encouragement are powerful. Have a blessed day.


Thanks alot

@adsactly amazing ..i mean just great ...your post are lovingly ..while i was reading your poetry i have got thousands of ideas to what to write in my blog ...You are amazing ...


Thank you so much for your lovely words @aruny. It is always nice to read wonderful comments like yours. Have a blessed day.


@jeroinmorubio your welcome and it is always nice to read wonderful reply like yours .

outstanding poetry

@jeronimorubio and @adsactly, Truly it's reflected as I've deep dived into the deep book of love, and that means for sure your Consciousness really holds the power and emotions which are converting into writing, and for sure whoever will going to read it, they can feel these words.

And literally whenever we think about our true love no matter what, every creation reflects as beautiful and the nature reflects as beautiful aspect, and for sure whoever hold the true love they are Lucky because true love is limitless and it's the strength.

Yes, true love never waits for the vacations and instead every moment is special and whatever we do that becomes special for us, songs, daily surprises, small moments of singing, slow walk, and praising for the efforts, all these can reflect as small for many but true love gets the true strength from it.

Last piece is really true, if your love is true, then no Problem, Obstacles, Failures and Adversity can break us because that's the strength of the true love and true relationship, because true relationship holds the spiritual connection and it's stays as unshakable all the time.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you for all of your wonderful words in your comment. You really have explained Love very well in your writings. I am sure that you will encourage others to feel as you do. Have a blessed day.


Welcome and thank you so much for your kind response. Stay blessed. 🙂

Nothing could ever break you apart. You get joy and inspirations when you write, this is because the lord has blessed you with a good wife. Do not quickly forget that some persons out there are having serious issues with their relationships. I believe that this poem will keep them articulated. Nice one @adsactly


Thank you so much for your very kind words @padosky. All of these amazing comments keep me motivated to continue to spread love every day. Have a blessed day.

I have made a picture for all steemit friends.One of all friends is @adsactly also included to We very very congratulate him on a of Eid.

We congratulated the Eid for all the friends through this picture.


A beautiful poetry friend, hopefully we can enjoy many more. Friend I invite you to visit my post and know a bit of my history and the reality that many are unaware, greetings.

Your poetry makes me fill very happy. I feel like in love again and again.
Until the end of the line. Thanks for sharing.


I am very happy that the poetry rekindles your passion for love @vazzana955. I am happy that you enjoyed the writings and poetry. This is always wonderful news. Have a blessed day always.

It looks great.
Be happy.