ADSactly Poetry - “The Magical Moments of Yesterday”

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"The Magical Moments of Yesterday"

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Once again it is time to go on a journey only this time. It will be a journey into the past. A simpler time where electronics didn’t exist and the only fun there was to have was in the great outdoors. You see, when I was young, we didn’t have cell phones, computers or even gaming systems. I mean when I was very young. I was born in the 60’s. A very different and diverse time. Saturday morning cartoons and a trip to the park in the early afternoon with my grandparents was my form of entertainment. A much simpler time indeed.

Let me take you on this journey with rhyme and poetry. One thing I still keep deep in my heart are the wonderful times with my family. You see, back in these day, family was more important than anything else. There were no digital mind controlling objects that would capture our attention and in-capture our soul. We lived a much more free-minded lifestyle. Where the world outside was our computer and the playgrounds at the park were our video games.

This first poem is entitled “A simple time when our minds were free” and it will have you wondering about the simple things in life and how truly magical they were. I wish I had pictures of this times that I could access easily but unfortunately I don’t. I hope you enjoy this first poem.

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"A simple time when our minds were free”

Where is the world I use to know?
A world of imagination unleashed.
Of simple times like music and rhymes,
A simple time when our minds were free.

Sunday afternoons at the sandy beach,
or laying down watching clouds roll by.
Picnics with the family and Barbecued burgers,
And songs that we sung out of time.

No cell phones to answer, no interruptions,
No computers to steal our soul.
A pure time of joy with friends and family,
No digital products of mind control.

Halloween nights with friends on the street,
Or Christmas at grandmas place.
4th of July watching fireworks in the sky,
And the thrill on everyone’s face.

Roasting marshmallows & telling ghost stories,
Sitting around the fire as fireflies lite up the night.
Setting up the tent then preparing for fun,
At the magical thousand trails campsite.

Beautiful music with meaning and kindness,
Every word a positive heartfelt emotion.
No technical devices to draw us away,
From the wonder of family devotion.

Where is the world I use to know?
How I wonder where it could be.
I miss those times of sweet family pride,
A simple time when our minds were free.

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I hope that this poem took you deep into the past where things were simple and family was so important. The magic was still at grandma and grandpas house. The holidays were always exciting and simple. Friends would go to each others house to play outside not in front of a television or computer. Life was much slower and to me, the lifestyle was more genuine.

These are the days now past and for the most part, gone forever. This next poem will spark old memories of a simpler time period. A time when the simple things in life really brought joy and happiness to every heart. Brought excitement and fun to every soul and woke up the very vivid imagination. These were times when “less was truly more” not like today when people say it. It is a time of great freedom. Freedom of the mind, body and spirit. True freedom.

This next poem is entitled “When I was young the world was different”. This poem talks about the beauty in the three freedoms I mentioned above and leaves you wanting them back so much. I hope you enjoy this next poem.

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“When I was young the world was different”

When I was young the world was different,
Simple things in life were ours.
In the sun we would run and have so much fun,
And at night we would count the stars.

No computers or games to control our attention,
Just a park with swings and slides.
My grandparents to watch as I ran all around,
Enjoying these simple times.

A trip to the zoo to see all the animals,
Was so fascinating to me.
The monkeys and lions at feeding time,
Was a beautiful sight to see.

Baseball in the summer at the local field,
Was more than I could ever ask.
The chores we had and were proud to do,
Putting our all into every task.

Then off to the shop for some chocolate ice cream,
A treat for all we had done.
Saturday morning cartoons and Sunday comics,
In the newspaper. We read every one.

Going to school to play with my friends,
And learn a thing or two.
5 days till the weekend then the fun would begin,
And what a joy it was for me and you.

Off to the river to swim in the cool stream,
Or under the waterfall we would go.
Back home once again for dinner and a movie,
Family time was the greatest you know.

You see, when I was young the world was different,
Simple things in life were grand.
How I long for those days with the ones that I love,
How I wish I could live them again.

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This last poem will bring us to the end of our trip into the past. A wonderful walk down memory lane so to speak. A time that we all enjoyed and wished we could just have a few moments to go back to. Well, why can’t you? All you have to do is get in tough with old friends and loved ones and do what you did back then. It is never to late to relive your childhood. And it is the greatest gift in the world to share with your children as well.

This next poem talks about an all time favorite thing to do for everyone. “The Swing”. It was one of my all time favorite things to do as well. I still love watching children having fun on this timeless classic. Going to a park and getting on the swings is still fun for most and it is a great way to fire up your imagination. Pretend that you are in a jet plane flying over the world or pretend that you have on a pair of jumping shoes and bouncing around the city looking over the fence at beautiful gardens.

There are so many ways to enjoy “the swing” and I did, in so many ways. I hope you enjoyed this trip into a much simpler lifestyle and a flash back to the past. I really miss the old days when I was pretty much worry free and had no responsibilities accept for my weekend chores. Have a blessed day everyone and always remember to remember how magical the simple things in life truly are and how special times with the family and friends truly is. Much Love Always, @jeronimorubio.

This poem is entitled “When I was young”

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“When I was young”

When I was young how I’d love to Swing,
Higher and higher each time.
Into the sky like a bird spreading it’s wings,
An illusion that lived in my mind.

Catching a glimpse of the ground from up high,
Looking down on the people so small.
Back to the ground looking straight in their eyes,
And then back to the sky feeling tall.

Over the fence I would see wondrous gardens,
Filled with flowers and bees.
Then fading away until reaching new heights again,
While feeling the moving breeze.

Faster I would swing so swift and smooth,
As my mind began to wander.
The wind blowing strong and keeping me cool,
Looking far in the distant down yonder.

What joy I had when I was a very small child,
Just swinging the hours away.
Creating great stories with my imagination so wild,
What I would do when I returned the next day.

When I was young how I’d love to go and Swing,
Getting higher and higher each time.
Into the sky like a bird spreading it’s wings,
An illusion that I created in my mind.

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I bought a pack of cards last week and it brought back a lot of memories. I and my cousins used to sit round a bench and play till it got real dark and we couldn't see anymore. Life is so much different now.

But I fear more for the future, soon there will be no sand.


I am happy that you enjoyed reading the story and poetry and it helped you to remember good times @tudors. Have a blessed day.

A simpler time where electronics didn’t exist and the only fun there was to have was in the great outdoors.

That’s true! Sometimes I wish to go back to these times without any cellphones or computers. At least we still have our memories.

Sitting around the fire as fireflies lite up the night.

Oh boy, times have changed sooo much. This definitely took me back when I was just a kid. You are right, life was much simpler and even more genuine. Even though family is still important, it was different then. We met together much more often. I loved to swim, I still do, but I don’t practice that much. I loved to play outdoor games such as soccer, ice hockey, tennis... Today, I try to do my best to go jogging at least three times a week. We still have to keep doing some exercise even today with all technology surrounding us.
As always very nice poems from your childhood!


I am so Happy you enjoyed the Poetry and Story @milano1113. It is always nice to see your comment. I truly appreciate your kind words. Have a blessed day. reminded me one of the finest days, when we use to do anything that we love . we use play , go to market, visit temples with parents and relatives were prime visitors during every weekend. I too born in 80 have spent some fantabulous time. With cartoon, comics and play

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I am happy that I helped you to remember wonderful times in your life @steemflow. It is always nice to go back in time and remember wonderful things we did. Have a blessed day.


Thanks @jeronimorubio it is always good to cherish the golden moments...and always loved to read your content on @adsactly...

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@jeronimorubio, Really want to appreciate you for taking us to the world of true Simplicity and Natural time, I've born in 1992 so I've not experienced what you've been experienced but for sure i had great time while imagining as how would be those days.

Nowadays everyone is stuck in the cellphones, computers and laptops but in very past it just so natural life and natural activities which was brining the true completeness.

And yes, in very past people were having the lot of Outdoor Games and i can say that the rate of Fitness was higher in past in compare to now.

And sometimes i imagine to deep dive in the past to experience those past phase of life because that was the true life essence but we cannot access it now but Subconsciously i try to imagine.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


I am happy that you enjoyed the story and poetry today @chireerocks and it helped you to see the simpler times from the past and the excitement of outdoor fun. It was all we had and it was amazing. Have a blessed day.


Thank you so much. 🙂

Wow! This is an amazing write up, a great journey in to the past.

BTW, I've heard about Absactly community and I'm happy to have stumbled on this post. Joining you guys on discord right away!

Hope to meet ya there! 👌

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I am so happy to see that you really liked this trip into the past and enjoyed it @akomoajong. I hope it helped you to smile. Have a blessed day.


Yeah, I did. Have a great weekend!

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Those images show that even from seemingly useless things or from waste materials, other better things can be done, @velimir! With your images I remembered once I witnessed a play (from the line of Grotowski's Poor Theater) where all the scenery and costumes were made of dry leaves. Art is in the look, in the creativity you have to see what others can't see or do. Good Wednesday!


I am happy that you enjoyed my poetry, stories, and photos from the past @nancybriti. I hope that you to helped you to have a better day. Have a blessed day.

you never truly cherish a moment until it becomes a memory , bring back the old days when the house was full of laughter ,now we sit in silent


You are exactly right @vittoria93. We should always cherish each moment as it is taking place as well. But it is always nice to reflect on the past to increase our level of happiness as well. Have a blessed day.

Thank you for sharing this. I love it...

Men you are an artist .... greeting from greece

Crypto revolution change the world thanks for sharing @fkofficials

so nice can you read more

Magical trip down memory lane ... sometimes I like to pretend we're in parallel universes all around, and all these moments continue in perpetuity somewhere among them ... gets me off to sleep at times anyway ;)

This is super amazing, it is a wonderful write up, with lots of in-depth meaning.
Joining the @adsactly community ASAP

Hey! Great post, I love the journey you invited us in. I'm not a poet myself but I admire your poems, and I love that you bring back Family as the most important thing. I feel the same. I had great simpler family times too, and they are like a treasure in my heart. I want to invite you to read my post about family, I think you will see the common spirit

Wow! Awesome blog @jeronimorubio @adsactly and those rhymes could be part of some great songs. May i post the 1st phrases on a blog, writing of course the names of @jeronimorubio as being the amazing author? Meanwhile feel free and enjoy one of my latest blogs with some contemporary imprivised music on turkish ney :-)

Also i've sent you this page where you should create your musicoin page and i think these awesome lyrics whould be part of some great compositions that should be presented on musicoin.

Regards @jeronimorubio

Regards and have a Blessed weekend along with your lovely Family

I am thrilled with your last poem titled "When i was young." It reminds me of the freedom i enjoyed while i was younger and keeps me wishing to relive those moments once more. However, no matter how persistent my wish to relive those moments might be, the fact remains that the realities of life is ever present. Lovely Poem!


nice poems!