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“Love Heals All”

I want to come to you today and talk to you about life and having a bad day. This is something that will happen to all of us no matter what. Life is just that way. There will always be feelings of sadness. There will always be feelings of unhappiness. There will always be a time when we feel alone, lost or like we can’t go on. But if we except that we are loved. That someone is praying for us always. That love is always just a few feet away from us at all times. Then we will always be good and make it through.

Life will always be a challenge. But it is these challenges that will make us stronger. These challenges we have will define who we are and they will build us into who we will be. After we have met with these challenges, the next step is to make a decision. How we choose will also be a defining factor in how fast and successful we will be able to move forward in life. And what makes all of this possible? It is the love that heals all.

Love is our birth right. We are born innocent and with love and happiness in our heart. So we have the power within us at birth to succeed in everything we do. Love can and will heal all as long as we embrace it. Love is the ultimate power. It is beyond our capabilities of understanding everything about it, yet we know that without it, We could not be able to exist. Everyone need some form of love to exist no mater how much or how little.

Let’s begin with a poem entitled “When this love heals all” so you can get a better understanding of how powerful love is. This poem as always is dedicated to my beautiful fiance, Vanja. But all the lessons are here. Enjoy!!!

“When This Love Heals All”

If your ever feeling left out,
When your feeling alone and sad.
Remember that someone does care,
Love is not just a passing fad.

If you ever feel your not wanted,
That people always push you away.
Remember that someone still needs you,
And you should thank them each and every day.

If life ever becomes to difficult,
And you feel like your about to give up.
Just stay strong because just around the corner,
Is someone to refill your happy cup.

If you ever feel like your lost,
With no direction ahead in sight.
Have patience and soon you will find,
That your choices will always be right.

If your feeling ill and weak,
No energy to even get out of bed.
Don’t worry goes healing is on it’s way,
And soon you will be strong once again.

Just always stay strong and remember,
There are endless prayers on the way.
From people who care if your sad or alone,
Who care if your having a bad day.

Who want you to succeed in life,
Who will help you to find your direction,
Who will fill your life with joy,
Who will help you to regain your happiness.

I’m referring to love from the world,
A love that keeps us standing strong and tall.
And you soon will be back to your journey,
It will begin when this love heals all.

I have this kind of love in my life,
With my Fiance Vanja Avedal
She is the reason I wake every day,
And the reason I will never fall.

And her love for me heals all.

I want you to know my love - Image source -

Next I will share a poem with you about one way we can take all this love inside of us and share it with others that we love and care about. It is the sharing of the love we have inside that will help us to always have love in abundance. When we share love with others, they will do the same. Then another and another. As this love flows into the world it will touch many hearts in its path. The more hearts it touches the more powerful it becomes. Eventually it will come back to us. But when it does, it will carry the love of all the hearts it has touched and bring it back to us.

Sort of like a chain reaction but in a very positive way. So as you can see, there really isn’t any failure in the world, just challenges or obstacles if you choose, that will challenge us to build this love stronger and stronger inside all of us. So when ever you get a chance, let the ones you care about know how much you love them. This next poem is me telling my fiance Vanja know how much I love her and what her love does for me always and it is a Mother’s Day poem as well. Its entitled “I want you to know my love”. Enjoy!!!

“I Want You to Know My Love”

I want you to know how you fill my world with joy,
So I’m writing this for you my love on this special Mother’s Day.

I hope that you will always see how deep my love is for you,
And how every thing we share together blesses my soul in every way.

Happy Smiles fill my face like sunbeams fill the air,
Every time I’m standing next to you and looking deep within.

Sparkles fill my eyes like iridescent snowflakes,
Every time I see the beauty you possess both outside and in.

My spirit fills with energy like moonbeams fill the night,
Every time we lye next to each other and watch the stars in the sky.

My body grows with excitement like birds flying in the air,
Every time I hold your hand and feel as if my body will lift and fly.

My world fills with color like beautiful colorful rainbows,
Every time we step outside on to another captivating adventure.

My hands tremble with anticipation like energetic rolling thunder,
Every time your sweet lips touch my skin and cause a passionate fever.

My universe becomes complete like all that’s been created,
Every time I realize that your mine and will be forever all through my life.

My heart fills with eternal love like the endless count of stars,
Just knowing that I have your love in my heart and soon you will be my wife.

You are my everything, my universe, my eternal love, my forever,
I exist and live if for only to always see you happy, keep you always eternally.

Each day I honor your life as I live in blissful happiness,
You and I together as one in spirit and love for life and all eternity.

I Love you and always will My beautiful Princess Vanja,
For you are the only woman in the world that I see and know deep inside.

You are to me all that I will ever need and all that I will ever be,
And your love will stay inside of me from now and beyond all time.

This last poem talks about the reason I think so many people are unhappy. It talks about love getting lost within ourselves. If we loose the love in our heart, our soul, then we will begin to fall apart. It will become very difficult to live. Happiness is not just a feeling but a necessary feeling that we need in our life. Love creates this happiness that we need in our life. Happiness will hep us to move forward, jump over hurdles and avoid life’s speed bumps. Love and happiness will keep us respectful to all.

Love is so powerful that without it. I don’t know if we would be able to continue on. What is the hardest thing to remember and feel though is the fact that there will always be someone in the world that cares for us and loves us. And they are closer than we think. Always.

This poem is entitled “If love in the world got lost” by Jeronimo Rubio. All of my poems are inspired by the love I feel and have from my fiance Vanja. She has such powerful love that I will always live in the abundance of love. I want all of you to know this if you never know anything else. I love you. I have since I was born and I will even after death. Always remember this and you will always succeed. Have a blessed day Steemians. Love, Jeronimo Rubio.

If love in the world got lost - Image source -

“If Love in the World Got Lost”

If love in the world got lost,
People would just wander around,
Wondering if each and every day,
Would leave them with an ugly frown.

But I would never wonder,
Because I have the best love of all,
That keeps my heart always in abundance,
With smiles that are never upside down.

If love in the world got lost,
Plants and trees would suddenly just fall,
Returning back to the earth,
And never again flourish and grow.

But I will always stand tall,
I will always stand big and strong,
For I have a love deep in my soul,
That will keep me moving right along.

If love in the world got lost.
The birds would fade into the sky,
Disappear with out leaving a trace,
To never again to ever sing or fly.

But I will soar through the clouds,
I will continue to sail over the seas,
For I have a powerful wind of love,
That will never bring me to my knees.

If love in the world got lost,
All the skies would turn to gray,
Leaving minds lost and confused,
And watching them drift away.

But I would always see colors,
Because the love I have stays beautiful,
Always filling my skies with rainbows,
And keeping my days always wonderful.

Because My Vanja I have your love,
That keeps my heart filled to the top,
With endless streams of love and affection,
That for eternity will never stop.

If love in the world got lost,
I would always find my way home,
Because your love will light up my way,
And remind me I am never alone.

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Is that filter supposed to be artsy or make you look better?


Artsy my friend @transisto as I have been a graphic artist for over 30 years. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day.

I love this, it is so scarce to watch a man show love to his wife, which is almost a miracle haha. I wish there were more men like you in the world, hope men multiply


'hope men multiply'...... i say Amen to that Sis. a big Amen


Thank you so much for your very kind words @adrianav. I am trying to encourage more men to realize that they need to be like this because women are our "Life Givers" of the world. Without women, life would not continue on. We men are the protectors of life but women are "Mother's of Tribes". They are the reason that life continues on. Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day.


What beautiful words friends, I hope multiple God to men with that thought as yours, you are a treasure

Very moving flow you have..


Thank you for your kind words @kofibeatz. I love words and I love to write poetry. It is a genuine way of expressing one's feelings to the world and to the one we love. Have a blessed day.

wow, cool poetry.
I am madly inlove with this lines. You are my everything, my universe, my eternal love, my forever,
I exist and live if for only to always see you happy, keep you always eternally.


Thank you so much for your lovely comment @endee. I am so happy that you enjoyed the poetry. I love expressing my feelings through poetry. It is a complete way to show how we feel and it expresses our feelings in a beautiful way. Have a blessed day.

You are right love heals all. I just discovered a couple of years ago when I met my now soon to be wife, I'm getting married this 1st of September.

Also, I have discovered that are many types of love you can feel and you can give to many people, to your friends, family and your partner too. All of these loves together is what people what cures all of your heart illness, your bitterness and loneliness at the end it you will be happy if people around you are too.

Thanks for sharing these poems with us


So true are your powerful words @rogueofoz. Congratulations on the wedding as well. May your connection of love last forever. Thank you for sharing your story and your meaningful advice to others. Helping others is a great way to be blessed in life. Have a blessed day.


Thanks for your wishes and your comment it is greatly appreciated

If love in the world got lost,
People would just wander around,
Wondering if each and every day,
Would leave them with an ugly frown.

Love is the reason we are all still alive today,
It's what keep us going, love is what help us in making that extral one step foward, love is the answer to every sadness,

Love, Live, Life

Thanks for a wonderful post @adsactly
Cheer 📣 📣 📣 @ogt


It is always nice to see your comments here @ogt. Thank you for stopping by and leaving powerful words of encouragement for others. You are exactly right. Love is the reason why we are still here. Have a blessed day.

The energy of love is full of incredible healing power. Love sent by you to any part of the body where there is pain or failure, is filled with the renewing power of the soul and mind. In the mind, there is a shift of attention from finding a problem to finding a solution, and the soul "sees" the sick place and imbues it with unconditional love. This feeling lives in the present, exactly where the healing takes place-not in the past and not in the future.


Very powerful words @aydogdy. Thank you for sharing such amazing words with everyone here. I am sure that your words will touch the hearts of many and help them to have a better day. I appreciate these words very much and they are so true in every aspect. Have a blessed day.

I really loved your poem Sir @adsactly, it comes to my knowing that you really are so in love with your fiancee and I'm so happy about it because it's very rare nowadays seeing people who are very much in love with each other, I envied your love to your partner and wishing that my husband would do the same. Keep the fire of love in both your hearts.


Thank you so much for your amazing beautiful words @jenny018. I also hope that your fire keeps burning bright and strong for you and your husband. I and my fiance are doing well every day and our love for each other only grows stronger with time. I wish you all the best. Have a blessed day.

Falling in love is the biggest gift of the mankind


Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement @teenovision. Love is the answer always. Have a blessed day.


Sweet! Very very touching. am so moved by the words of love dripping from this post.


Thank you for your kind words @excy4aweh. Words of love empower people to feel love and spread that love more often into the world once again. It is something we need so badly these days. I hope this will touch many hearts and bring much happiness back into the world. Have a blessed day.

Of all the relationships in my life, my most intimate and long-standing one was my relationship with my wounds. It was not a happy relationship, nor a loving one, but it was a relationship nonetheless. My wounds and I, we spent over a decade together. Even the most obnoxious sidekick becomes comforting after that many years of just showing up at your side. If you wake up every day to the same old biting pain and the same old tired story of who you are, it all becomes part of the scenery. Just the way things are.
As a child, when I got hurt, I’d hold out my bruised knuckle to my mother’s lips. Somewhere inside that childish ritual lies a hint of awareness about our inner nature. We know that love heals all wounds. As a kid, I was just doing what I had seen the adults do. When you get hurt, you ask for love. That worked for me, at least for a while.


Hello @Shihabieee. I am sorry to hear about all the troubles you have had. I truly am. But there is always hope for a better future. I myself have had tough times as well but I always persevere through them with the knowledge of knowing that somewhere in the world, someone or many others are praying for me and want to see me succeed in life. I happen to be one of those people. I pray twice a day evey day for the world. I hope one day soon that you will succeed in everything you wish too. But it will always need a little help from others and determination from within yourself. Your mother seems to have been your healing factor and that is a good place to start. Remember these moments and use them to excel your spirit into a better place. I wish you the best always and I am always sending prayers on the winds of life to you. Have a blessed day.

I think love heals but haven't seen the better part of it yet


@nancie, love is a basic ingredient as we cook the soup of life.
And we all have our individual pot.If you pack the most beautiful ingredients and love be missing, then you cannot cook a tasteful meal.
Open your heart to love, that you were hurt before doesn't mean love can't find you.
When its sweet fragrance flow in, it will surely heal all your wounds


I agree with you completely @kingspiration. We must always include love in everything we do. This will bring us good fortunes in life always. This is amazing advice and I applaud you for it. Have a blessed day.


Thanks. Do I have a blessed time as well.
I've followed you, hope it's reciprocated.


open your heart & be optimistic, we all deserve love :)


I Completely agree with you @allisgood and sound advice for ones in need. I applaud you for this as well. Have a blessed day.


Just look at Christ and you'll see the perfect part


We must all keep our faith close in our heart. This is so true @kofibeatz. Love should always be unconditional. This is the problem in so many relations these days though. Too many people attach conditions to a relationship these days which begins the unfolding of that relationship. Thank you for your words of encouragement to others. Have a blessed day.


You will. believe it and some day you will really really see the beauty of LOVE.


This is so true @excy4yaweh. We all will see the true beauty of love one day in our life. It does exist and is waiting for us to connect with it. Love will find us and then we will see the world in a whole different way for real. Thank you for your words of encouragement for others. Have a blessed day.


My friend @nancie. Love only has a better side. I am sorry to hear about your not so good experiences in life. But if we always remember that there is someone out there or many out there that truly care and are always hoping to see us succeed in life. Then this can be a healing factor for us. I myself have made a lot of wrong decisions that ended with hurtful feelings. But I keep moving forward because I knew that one day I would be blessed with the one who would heal my spirit completely. We must persevere through the tough times and never give up hope. One thing I have learned in my life is we should never look for love because love is magical and will find us. A connection of two spirits perfect for each other will always connect. But it does take time. I pray for your success in everything you do and remember that my prayers are always out there for you. Have a blessed day.

Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything and love is all there is.
An authentically empowered person lives in love. Love is the energy of the soul. Love is what heals the personality. There is nothing that cannot be healed by love. There is nothing but love.
Love is the ability to live your life with an empowered heart without attachment to the outcome, the ability within yourself to distinguish within yourself between love and fear and choose love regardless of what is going on inside yourself or outside. This is self-mastery or authentic power...that means you become clear, forgiving, humble and loving... you are grounded in harmony, cooperating, sharing and reverence for life.
When you become completely loving and kind without fear and without thought of harming others, you graudate from the Earth school. That is when reincarnation ends.
The journey from love to love. This is the journey all of us are on- what happens between the beginning and end of the journey is your life.
Open to others as you would like them to open to you."


Thank you so much for your amazing words about love @moniristi. You are so in tune with love it seems and I am happy to see this always. Your words will touch the hearts of so many and it will bring many blessings back to you I promise. Thank you for helping others see the true meaning of love. You are an amazing person. Have a blessed day.

Sir @jeronimorubio is indeed a great poet, To his first poem try us to realize and always put in mind that somehow someone will never leave us when all does, that some will never ever turn his back to us and we should give our very best for that someone not to lose with us. That someone will love us wholeheartedly even we don't deserve to be love, That someone would protect us when all of them hate us, that some try to make us feel very special that means we are worthy to live, That some would always remind us that we are valuable despite of imperfections, that someone would still accept us throughout our fails, flaws, and through our darkest side and that someone is worth fighting for, for that someone is on heaven.

On the second poem of Sir @jeronimorubio “I Want You to Know My Love"He wrote this poem simply because he want his wife to know how he deeply in love with her, This very similar to a couple, yet this is a very romantic one. If you could imagine nowadays most of the couple if they are married for around lot of years, the sparks of their relationship comes to fade why? it is because of forgetting about commitment and commitment is renewable, through this the love and all that makes love sparks would still colorful, As what this amazing author did.

In the 3rd and last poem entitled “If Love in the World Got Lost”
One line that make me struck is this "keeps my heart always in abundance", which means if you have a love, a love that comes from the soul that is wholeheartedly sincere, will you have the best of wealth that a person could ever have. Well just an opinion. Stay positive everyone have a great weekend.


Thank you for your amazing words and interpretations of my poetry @brapollo29. I love the amazing words you have chosen and they are quite precise. I am humbled by your words and I truly appreciated reading them all. You are a true human of love and that you truly live with love in your heart always. Thank you for your amazing support and may all your days be blessed with love as well. Have a blessed day.


You deserve more than Sir. Indeed you are a great authors, for you give make thoughts magical, that would change it's meaning to colors.

All we need es love !!! Right ?. Thank you


Absolutely @hilvarion. All we have is love to build the foundation of life. I couldn't agree more. Thank you for your words of encouragement for others. Have a blessed day.

*Is a balm that heals,
*Gives wings for flight
*Touches a broken heart and causes renewal
*Is fresh water for the best bath of life.

Thanks for sharing @adsactly


Very nice writing and, short poem @kingspiration. Keep up the great work of spreading love into the world. Have a blessed day.


Thanks. I appreciate your comment.

Beautiful story, love and understanding!

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great one. keep writing, keep going. love for you

Sweet! Very very touching. am so moved by the words of love dripping from this post.


Nice write up

nice post thank you :)

La vida es hermosa...

That's an amazing post, full of inspiration thanks so much and 👍 @adsactly

That's an amazing post, full of inspiration thanks so much and 👍 @adsactly

by having love in our life, we can be strong. No matter how difficult the condition was. Thanks @adsactly, your poetry about love is very touching.

Quisiera tener una excelente reputación en steemit para darte todo mi porcentaje en este pots, realmente inspirador, me gustó tanto que estuve llorando desde que lo comencé a leer, y todavía tengo lagrimas. Es hermoso percibir la sinceridad en cada palabra. Lo felicito amigo, Un gran abrazo para usted .

You just spoke to my heart i think i need more love