AdSactly Poetry - "Believe in Yourself... The Struggles of Life”

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"Believe in yourself... Life's Struggles"

Today we are going to talk about life and struggles. In life, there will always be times when life seems to through us a curveball or several curveballs and sliders all at once. At these moments we wish that we were somewhere else instead of where we are at that time. I do understand but it really isn’t that bad (In most cases).

Having hard times at work, rough edges with a friendship or having indecisive thoughts in a relationship happen to all of us at one time or another. It is what it is. But we have the power inside us all to fix most of the problems we have in life. We were born with this power and have had it all along. We just may not have realized it tell now.

So I wrote some poetry to help you reflect on these times and I hope they help you through your struggles. This first poem leads us through a single life from birth into adulthood. How at time, we seem to loos hope or faith in ourselves because old friendships seem to fade away or your unhappy with work or whatever it may be, this poem takes you on this journey.

It reflects on day to day living where we always seem to be fighting to get to the weekend to find peace inside our self. Then it takes us back into a world that just seems meaningless or pointless and how the expenses of necessities in life always seem more than we can handle. It helps you to realize that even though you may be struggling, there are many others who have less than you do and always seem to get by and are happy with what they do have.

This is the way it should be. Maybe we might be living above our means. We need to rethink our costs in life verses our earnings. We need to rethink our friendships and look deep to see if they were true friends or just hangout friends. I hope you enjoy this first poem entitled “Success will come soon”.

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“Success will Come”

A new life is born into a grand world of hope,
To begin a great journey of their choice.

But as they grow older life starts to kick in,
Bringing silence to their once hopeful voice.

The strength of relations with whom they do keep,
Seem to fade like a gentle wind.

The fun you once had has grown up and changed,
And a world of expectations now begins.

Responsibility and dedication to a 40 hour week,
Leaves you thinking of all the free-time once had.

Fighting through to the weekend to find a little peace,
And for a moment all is happy not sad.

Then back to the grind as they say in this dark world,
Back to the madness of a hard days work.

Doing things we don’t like or sometimes seem to hate,
Seeming dull and a task with no worth.

Earning money that never seems to be quite enough,
Which brings frustration into your thoughts.

All the bills that need paying and the necessities in life,
That always seem to come at great costs.

Hey, let’s stop this right here and let me tell you my friend,
You should be happy that you have this at all.

Because so many in the world have much less than you do,
And they get along every day quite well.

Refocus your thoughts and get rid of that attitude,
That you carry so heavy on your back.

Begin a new way of thinking that can bring you great peace,
Never worry about the things you don’t have.

Be grateful for what you do have and know it’s a blessing,
And be proud that you have what you need.

Then build your motivation and dig deep into determination,
Spread your wings and begin to fly free.

We all want for more but we should always be happy,
With what we have earned in life.

And at the end of each day reflect on the good not the bad,
And change your negative into positive for all time.

For we have the power inside to fill our life with happiness,
But we have to always remain strong and true.

And know somewhere in this world that someone is cheering,
That success will soon come to you.

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I hope you enjoyed the first poem and that it helped you to realize that you may not be doing as bad as you think you are.

This next poem is about the struggle in a relationship. It reflects on bad times that seem to continue each night day after day. It shows thought patterns that are bad and how a person will begin to think that they are the problem and try to change themselves (even it it makes them unhappy) in order to try to fix or make the relationship better.

This is always bad and a very bad idea. Whomever your with seem to like you just fine when they first met you. They stayed with you because everything seem great to them and they could actually see you in their future. Now, all of a sudden, your not what they seen and they want you to change to their liking. Mannerisms, clothing, attitude or even the way you look isn’t what they enjoy anymore and they make it known to you very bluntly. This is rude and without question unacceptable in any relationship.

They should love you for who you are not who they want you to conform to. Change should come because you enjoy it not because it is forced upon you. In this situation it is time for you to decide and make a change. It is time for you to go. Don’t question it because fate, life, the universe has already decided for you and you just need to have faith, trust and live for yourself because you really deserve better.

This next poem is entitled “Eyes of Completeness”. I hope you enjoy it.

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“Eyes of Completeness”

I hate you I hate you are the words that ring loud,
Each night as you return home.

But instead of leaving each night you return,
To a place that seems dead and cold.

You think about going back to where you are from,
Back to a place that brought you much joy.

But night after night you end up in the same place again,
Wondering what life would be like if you’d just go.

Endless thoughts of sadness dwell deep in your thoughts,
As you wonder why it’s so hard to leave.

You think to yourself this must be your fault somehow,
And once again you stay unhappily.

You think “I’ll change my ways and try to enjoy what they do,
Yeah that’s it, things can only get better”.

And then you realize you are now unhappy with yourself,
And again you are depressed and much sadder.

You think they treat you this way because they love you so much,
And that you are the one with imperfections.

But the truth really is that they really don’t love you at all,
If they did you would be a complete perfection.

Your a miracle of life and once you have realized this inside,
You’ll have the power and strength to move on.

It’s time for that change, now go out and get the good life
And let the bad on finally be gone.

Have faith in yourself and be proud of who you are always,
Let your true peace and love shine bright.

Look away from the darkness of a life that has gone bad,
And look ahead to new beginnings of love and light.

Stand strong and grow stronger with every new step you take,
Keep moving far away from the darkness.

Let your journey into happiness, peace and love begin right now,
And see through your new eyes of completeness

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Always be strong and believe in yourself. If you want to change anything, only change things that make you more happy than you were before. We all deserve to be happy always.

This next poem is about something that everyone in life has encountered and has struggled with at one time in their life. Asking for help. We have all made mistakes. This is inevitable. It happens and we need to get over ourselves and over it to continue on our happy, positive day we were having before it happened.

9 times out of 10, we know someone who can fix this problem and they are very close around us to ask them for help, but, we tend not to because we feel it might make us look stupid or we are to proud to admit that we made the mistake in the first place.

You really need to stop this way of thinking period. Being proud of who you are is good. Having pride in this way is bad. Pride can hurt you if you don’t use it in it’s correct form. Besides, it is always good to reach out to others and ask them for help. It may help them to feel happy that someone else needs their help. And in-turn, this will give them a sense of pride and success knowing that they were actually needed for something and they were able to help someone. And this is all “Positive”

I hope you enjoyed these poems and lessons in life. I hope that I always motivate and inspire you to do the same and always have a better day. Peace and Godspeed everyone. May all your days be blessed. Love, Jeronimo Rubio. This last poem is entitled “You’ll be Happy”.

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"You'll Be Happy"

What have I done now.?
What have I gotten myself into?
Could it be any worse than now?

My choices all wrong.
My decisions are all bad.
I have to fix this problem somehow.

But what can I possibly do?
I really don’t have a clue.
Asking for help would make me look stupid.

But I can’t seem to fix it.
It’s a lost cause now at best.
And everything I do further ruins it.

While I know that John,
Can fix it real quick.
I’m embarrassed to ask for his help.

So I sit her contemplating,
What my next move should be.
But I can’t seem to decide for myself.

Hello there my friend.
Can I make a suggestion?
You thinking about it all wrong.

You know how to fix it,
But it requires one thing.
A little humility can again make you strong.

You have all the answers,
that you need to make good.
Everything that has happened till now.

You require some help,
And you know who to ask.
So get to it, stop being so damn proud.

You’ve made a mistake.
That’s human you see.
It happens to someone every day.

But we must remain calm.
Let go of our pride.
And let someone else help us this day.

Your not stupid at all.
We all have had failures.
Our choices we make after will decide.

How the rest of our day goes.
And so on from there.
Negative thoughts will only destroy you inside.

Just get up and do it.
There’s really nothing to it.
We all need help in someway.

Divided we all fall.
Together we are strong.
Let positivism always fill your day.

Always remain humble.
Be kind and polite.
You’ll be happy you did in the end.

Let others come in.
Help is just around the corner.
And Make that connection once again.

Poems, text and signed photographs are authored by

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Very motivational poetry. It encourages me. I really believe in me.


Thank you so much @zakia. I really appreciate the kind words. I am happy that you enjoyed the poetry. Have a blessed day.

thank you boss.Very motivational poetry. I really believe in me.


I am happy to hear that @tariqul95. You should always believe in yourself. It is how we go from just getting by to a great successful human being. Have a blessed day.

Hello @adsactly,
your poetry is such an amazing and inspirational. I really like your poetry has really a deep meaning. Yeas that's true struggle is a part of human life, We should keep trying that is your poetry says. Thank you so much for sharing with us ;)

But Sir I am losing my hope I am creating my blog after a lot of researches with good content, however, I am failed to reach the good audience and expreinced steemians who can help me to find out my mistakes so that I can improve myself.

feel free to have a look on my blogs and let me know your feedback it will be very helpful for me.
Thank you and Keep in Touch ==> @amar15


Hi @amari15 first you need to understand the system either steemit or not and give it what it what it what it takes. Here at steemit just like many others. You need promotion to get notice. That is the fact. In steemit, preferably you do that by purchasing upvote. And doing that by you have lot to gain than to loose because your money is coming back to you maybe plus more. Just study the system first and apply your discovery


Yes, you are right. I will try to do that. Nice to meet you and thank you for your valuable suggestion. I read your blogs are very good and inspirational that's why I can't control myself to upvote and follow you.
keep in Touch ==>@amar15
Thank you ;)


See my friend, You just joined here in June,2018. There are lot of success coming your way but you have to hang on there. This feeling of give up, don't let it decide you future on steemit. Just keep writing. You are a wonderful writer.



Thanks a lot Man. message me on tellegram @AmarGupta1511


We all have times of struggle @amar15. It is how we decide to deal with each struggle that will get us through to the next level or next day. Always stay strong in your beliefs and you will do fine. Have a blessed day.


Thank you Sir from the bottom of my heart :-)


@adsactly In my opinion where there is no struggles, there is no life too. struggles & life Meets that is call success.if you want successful what ever want you(only positive thing)Thank you for telling your experience.


And you would be correct @dhanu1998. It is the struggle that makes us stronger each time we experience them. It is our decisions that will help us through them as well. Have a blessed day.


yes @jeronimorubio i agree,struggle is a symbol of success.who works hard and gets success,that is called happy.

how are you??
your poetry is really very awesome . i love your poetry . your poetry tell me the basic rules .. awesome post


I am happy that the poetry inspired some motivation with you @ali7119889. I hope that you will always believe in yourself and keep moving forward in life. Have a blessed day.


Yes @jeronimorubio i am trying to moving forward.. but your poetry make me strong and get motivate

Absolutely right... The life is struggle.. It's full of hard work... By the way awesome poetry... As we are struggling on steemit... :)


We all have times of struggle @itwithsm. It is our course of action and our thought pattern that will help us to decide right and have a positive outcome. Have a blessed day.

Being thankful of what you have, enjoying your moment and manifesting good things to yourself, will bring you peace of mine and a successful life. Just believe in yourself!


Thank you for your inspiring words of encouragement @aasanka. This is absolutely correct. We need to always be happy with what we have in life and we always need to reflect on the good moments as well every day. Have a blessed day.

Sturgle is just state of mind, the one who has billions will struggle to make it a trillion, every human on earth has to struggle for something some for love, money status, achievements so on so forth. its all in the game called life


Correct @artcreator. Struggling in life is a state of mind and we all have to think of what our course of action will be that will determine what outcome we will have. Have a blessed day.

"Believe in yourself" - Everyone has heard this phrase, especially in his youth. In her appeal, and the Council, and exhortation, and just a sign of support. Most often it passed by, as well as the majority of phrases-instructions. But if these words were uttered by a person not only loved, but also valued seriously, they could really add determination and strength. Sometimes it's just an attempt to cope with shyness. Well there, to jump for the first time from a parachute, to cross a threshold of an examination office or to submit on any competition. But there are other. A person sets a task that no one has solved before, and at first it seems impossible. At the time of solving the problem, a person should feel special, maybe even brilliant. Otherwise, the task is not to cope. A faint-hearted thought can only hinder the cause.


Your words are always powerful, well thought out and inspirational @aydogdy. I truly love reading your post each time. They inspire me to continue doing what I do every time. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

For me, "You'll Be Happy" most interested @adsactly because I'm in happiness


And always be happy with who you are and what you have @lamkote. This is how you will succeed in the end every time. Have a blessed day.

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Belive in yourself and fight for your existence success will come to you not immediately but eventually


And you would be correct @dpalash124. But success is more than mere money. Success is a way of living. I mind, body and spirit. The successful person (Male or Female) is one who has succeeded in all aspects of life, especially peace, happiness, and love. Have a blessed day.

Now i believe in myself even more than evwr. I can do it and i will. One needs to be optimistic and positive and accompanied with faith, success is just a few steps away. Great post and poetry i must say.


And you should always @hermannsol. You are a miracle of life after all. Believing in our self will keep moving forward and best of all, inspire others to do the same. Have a blessed day.

Me gusta esta iniciativa, porque siempre la poesía y la reflexión sistematizada (lo que hoy se entiende por filosofía) están indisolublemente juntas. Tanto para ser poeta como para ser filósofo hay que usar mucho la imaginación.


Thank you for your wonderful words @evecenla. I truly appreciate them a lot. I am humbled by your comment. Always inspire others to do the same and we will make this world a much better place for our children. Have a blessed day.