ADSactly Art - Alain Delon and Romy Schneider: a film without a happy ending

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Romy and Alain

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider: a film without a happy ending

Hello, dear readers. Today I would like to continue with our weekly post that talks about real, not fictitious, loves that could not materialize or that had an unhappy ending. I wanted to continue with one of the places where most truncated and unhappy loves occur: the work area. In this case we'll talk about two great actors who fell in love after having worked together. I know there are many examples, but this time we will only comment on the famous actors: Alain Delon and Romy Schneider.

When Romy Schneider and Alain Delon met, she was a recognized star and he was just beginning his career as an actor. The story goes that at the beginning of the shooting of Amorios, getting off the plane at Paris Orly Airport, he was introduced to his co-star: a handsome and virile young man named Alain Delon. The handsome handsome man had come to pick up his filming partner with a bouquet of roses and without knowing a word of English or German. Romy didn't know French either. So you can imagine what that first meeting was like. Some pages say it was love at first sight, others say they hated each other, because she thought he was cocky and he said she was boring. Anyway, if that's the case, these quarrels were short-lived, because in the middle of the shooting of the film, they started their love relationship.


As expected, the romance between Alain and Romy attracts journalists and critics. Together they form the perfect couple: beauty, youth and fame. But there are things that worry Romy. On the one hand, his mother is against the relationship, believing that Delon is a womanizer who doesn't want commitment; also, Delon's very position of not wanting to marry despite the time they had been together; and on the other hand, Alain's behaviour was ambiguous for Romy. The press begins to speculate about Alain's intimate relationship with Luccino Visconti, a well-known Italian film director with a dubious sexual orientation. All this is difficult for a girl in her early twenties to bear, so she begins to drink a lot of alcohol and use drugs.


Despite all this, Romy continues to bet on the relationship between her and Delon. But in 1963, after five years of relationship, Alain Delon, just as he began the relationship, ends it: he leaves her a bouquet of flowers and a letter informing her that the relationship has ended. Obviously this puts Romy in a depressed state, but the fact that she has to comply with some work contracts keeps her afloat and awake. Despite the separation, Romy and Alain remain friends; even after their separation, they manage to make films that were box-office success and well received by critics.

The two separate actors made their lives. He married Nathalie Barthélemy, and had a son, but then divorced. He would also marry twice more. She, for her part, met director and actor Harry Meyen with whom she had a son, David Christopher. But in 1975 she divorced and in December of the same year she married her private secretary, Daniel Biasini, with whom she had a daughter, Sarah.


On July 5, 1981, Romy Schneider would receive a fatal blow: her son David would die when he fell on the tip of a fence in the mansion of the parents of Biasini, her ex-husband. The young man was only 14 years old. From that moment on, Romy went into a depressive state, aggravated by the use of drugs and alcohol. A year after this event, they would find the lifeless body of Romi Schneider, who supposedly died of a cardiac arrest, although some speculate that it may have been suicide.

After his death, Alain Delon has said that Romy was the great love of his life, that he regrets not having married her and that Romy felt very lonely and that he knew he would die with a broken heart. Delon also confessed to his country's press that "Romy represents twenty-four years of my life and the happiest moments of my existence.


After reading this story, we can only say that although Alain and Romy are still one of the iconic couples of cinema and that their love transcended time, there are words that can only be said in life, that are only told to people when they are alive, because after death, people do not listen.

I hope you found this story interesting. Remember that you can vote for @adsactly as a witness and join our server in discord. Until the next smile. ;)


Written by: @nancybriti

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What a pleasure, I'm so glad I found your blog. I love the film and especially the films from the 70-90s. European films. That's why the love story of Delon and Romy was known to me, but I didn't know all of this.
I look forward to the next post about the movie ... maybe I will do a few about my favorite movies.
I voted for you long ago and I'm happy about it, thank you!


I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for commenting, @bluemoon


With pleasure! I really enjoyed it.

Very true. After this tragic stories there is always some platitude that is supposed to mean something, only it is too late for everybody.

This made me remember a movies I recently watched, adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel by the same title, On Chesil Beach. Like Atonement, another traumatic story, this one is really heart breaking. The best example of we-have-to-think-it-twice-before-we-make-certian-decisions.

Show business is the perfect ecosystem for people to fail miserably and regret eternally.


That's right, my dear @hlezama! It is the perfect breeding ground for any unimaginable story. I believe that inside and outside the screen there are stories that not even the most creative librettists would imagine. Thank you for your comment, always so pertinent. Greetings

Love stories between film actors are often very dramatic and somewhat spectacular; perhaps the medium will influence it. As you say, since cinema is an already overwhelming field of work, the intimate personal relationships generated in it tend to be a little conflictive or overwhelming. There are many examples, and perhaps the one you present to us is a representative one.
I must confess that I have not been a continuous spectator of Romy Schneider; I remember her in films such as "Bocaccio" and "Las cosas de la vida", but not with much precision. I did follow Alain Delon as much as I could; there was more access through the cine ade autor and he managed to star in films of more artistic interest; I remember him in "A pleno sol", "El gatopardo", "El otro señor Klein", "Un amor de Swan"...
Thanks for your post, @nancybriti, always very interesting.


Romy was one of those stars that began to fade as a result of what she lived. Alain Delon, even said in an interview, that she only published what everyone already knew: that she had died a long time ago. It's a pity that couples who have had everything end up this way. But the show must go on! Thank you for always commenting, @josemalavem.

Great post

Through this post we can learn a lot from the story of two human children who want happiness but are not achieved. Even though they love each other but cannot be united for various reasons only at the end of life must it be separated by death. then what remains is regret why not unite in the holy bond.
this is learning for all of us, both young and old people to see things clearly. Do things that really need to be done and don't be afraid to take risks. if we can hold fast to commitments, surely everything will go well. if indeed there are obstacles or obstacles to face it and find the best solution.

Thank you @nancybriti
Thank you @adsactly
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia


Yes, it is certainly good to take the risk, but in this case we are talking about two artists in the midst of their career ascent and who perhaps did not want to assume the marriage because it would cut off their professional career. Love is complex and strange. Thank you for commenting, @rokhani.

Dear @nancybriti, at the beginning of your post you clarify that you talk about real loves, and it's not that I doubt it, because, as a cinema lover, and given the fame of both protagonists, I knew something about that story (although your post establishes a well-informed and entertaining narrative line). However, I have read it as a fiction story (merit of the tension of the writing of your text); moreover, as an experimental story, because, although I had news of that relationship, I didn't remember the end of it, and as soon as I realized that you were following a chronological order, I went to the end of the text, and went reading backwards. It was very interesting, and quite coherent.
I loved reading you.
A hug!

Good evening I had time without reading such a good article. I was away from steemit but that is why every time I can I go back there is always good material, my respects and my vote.


I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for commenting, @malpica1.

My most sincere applause. They have left me more in love and thoughtful. I adore the old movies that had contents of love that are stuck in the mind.


Thank you for your comment, @jdbs

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It is strong when we know stories like this, A love can make you happy or completely destroyed.
We all have a secret love that we will never ovulate, but it is sad to see that that person was destroyed.


It's very sad. Thanks for your comment, @anasuleidy