Adruino vs Pi

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One of the common doubts / confusions people who wants to use a small computer is Adruino or RasberryPi. The answer, while both the projects are excellent projects both are slightly different.

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Adruino is a very good tool for anyone to learn programming hard ware. Say, if you want to control a small motor like the toy car, Adruino is what you are looking at. It can do serious work and control a BIG motor too!

Now, Rasberry Pi can do the same thing - and lot more. Its essentially a full fledged computer in your hand as opposed to Adruino which is a special purpose, programming centric board. Adruino also comes with its own nifty programming language, IDE etc.

So Adruino is a special purpose micro processor board where as Pi is a small, general purpose computer. Adruino also has special ports and support for specific hardware.

On a Pi, you can install say, Scratch and learn programming - and lets say, Adruino is like scratch taken physical form.

keep learning ...


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