ADE SPECIAL ||| The BEST EVER electronic Artist in the World ||| STEVE RACHMAD aka STERAC

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ADE - Amsterdam Dance Event

Today the Madness Starts!

Not for me though, I join the madness as of tomorrow starting with an album release of the Baron of Techno, mr Dave Clarke. This will be my warming up for the days to come.

Friday I'll be able to hear two of my most favourite artists at one party, Ricardo Villalobos (check this post here for some music) and Steve Rachmad aka Sterac. Sterac is Steve's alter ego for his techno techno work and coming Friday he will break loose at Hyte party at Warehouse Amsterdam.

Under his own name, he will also play for Ibiza's best party concept ever "Circo Loco", this time one of Dutch famous party promoters "Loveland". This will be on Saturday. In between he will also spin some records at Verknipt weekender with Marco Bailey's Materia. A busy schedule!

Steve Rachmad's entire program for ADE

  • ADE MusicTalks: Couch Sessions: Steve Rachmad (event link here)
  • HYTE ADE pres. FRRC (event link here)
  • Circoloco x Loveland ADE (event link here)
  • Verknipt ADE Special (event link here)

The set I share with you today is a little older recording, from 2013, and one of my favourite recordings available on Soundcloud.

  • Artist: Steve Rachmad
  • Set: AD (Bookings) 10th Birthday
  • Year: 2013

See You @ ADE !!! NJOY the SET below!

Steve Rachmad - AD (Bookings) 10th Birthday (2013)

more Music

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sources [1]


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