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ADE - Amsterdam Dance Event (website here) - is in the last stages of preparation. This Wednesday hell breaks loose in Amsterdam. ADE - the biggest electronic music event in the whole wide world and the rest of the universe - will have its 22nd birthday this year. ADE will feature more than 450 events. ADE will be visited by more than 2.000 artists. And more then 300.000 professionals and clubbers will attend this 5-day event. It'll be absolute madness in my little home town!

Today I feature one of the best electronic dance music producers and artists ever: Ricardo Villalobos! He is one of the few absolute natural artist! I never heard something not so good from this guy, from tracks, to DJ sets. He is simply one of the most amazing artist ever!

He doesn't produce that much due to his busy work and family schedule, but when he produces he creates this very lengthy raw recording that can extend to over 60 minutes and more. To put something on Vinyl, he needs to make some cut. Since he uses Modular system, it is extremely difficult to change something to the composition, since the system is more or less live instead of programming the beats and the others sounds under buttons allowing to re-arrange the composition. In the past years, I've heard some raw recordings and those I've heard where good to go for release! It is just unbelievable what this guy can do!

The track I share with you today is 45 minutes long and was at some point in time available on Soundcloud, but was pulled down. Luckily the same track is still available on YouTube. As far as I know, this track was never released, and I could not find it on Discogs - THE resource for electronic music discographies (link below).

At ADE, Ricardo will play at the infamous HYTE party in the Warehouse (event info here), and I'll be there for sure! May I see you there as well?

  • Artist: Ricardo Villalobos
  • Track: Bionic Sad
  • Year: 2016

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Ricardo Villalobos - Bionic Sad (2016)

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Great post!

Hesure has made som good tracks. Never heard him live though.

Nice thorough piece! I appreciate the upcoming gigs link ( although none near me soon). I got to shake his hand and hear him play once in 2011 or 12 :)

Jump on the plane and come to ADE? :)

I wish! My former roommate and other friends are there now :)

Which them fun! And plan your trip for next year, already! :)