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Ladies and genltemen, here we are again!

Another clumsy Monday started, full of tasks and a HUGE to do list, that reminds me that I still haven't retired!

I am not writting you this post to nag or anything! I just want to share with you how happy I am for all the new songs that hit my eardrums last week, with all of you giving your effort and your imagination to win the ADDICTED2MUSIC CONTEST!


For all of you that still don't know the contest, I had an idea a coulpe of weeks ago, while searching for new music. If everyone posted his new favorite song of the week, we could all find some suggested tracks and make it easier to find a new favorite to add to our playlist! I named the contest #addedtoplaylist and this will be the 3rd week that the contest is on!

The RULES are simple:

1)Comment this post by starting with the hashtag #addedtoplaylist
2)The title of the song must be followed by a link that we can listen to online (DSound, Youtube,SoundCloud etc.)
3)Pick any gender you like. Tecno, deep house, hiphop, rnb, pop, rock, chill. Every gender is acceptable.
4)End of challenge will be on Monday 19/3/18 at 15:00 (UTC +2)
5)Each user can have up to 2 entries that will be considered in challenge

We have 3 Prizes

download (2).jpg
1st Prize gets 3SBD
2nd Prize gets 2SBD
3rd Prize gets 1SBD

And the last weeks winners are:

3rd Place @oguzcanyy
with https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=193&v=rNP4MTInA7U
A nice, relaxing song, great guitar that can travel your mind and soul! Nice entry bro!

2nd Place @alpha-lazer with

Not only an awesome tune but also a trippy music video! A great entry I really enjoyed!

1st Place @kotelinio with

A great song I knew but haven't heard it for ages! A great loop you can "lend" to rap your rhymes on, great vibes, I love it!

You can check last weeks winning songs here https://steemit.com/addedtoplaylist/@mcandceo/addedtoplaylist-2-win-sbd-with-you-favorite-music-track-of-the-week

My favorite track of this week is from Jack Johnson - If I had eyes

Check it out, post yours favorite , exchange musical knowledge and win some SBD for doing so!

If you like this contest, vote on this post, resteem it and create at least one entry!!

If you feel like discovering my music you can trace me at:
Dsound - https://dsound.audio/#!/@mcandceo
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/ProklisiTV
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/user-432424642

Happy Monday and Steem on!!



Please take this post to contest too :)

#addedtoplaylist Fytch - In These Shadows (feat. Carmen Forbes)

#addedtoplaylist Thanks for choosing my song to be in 1st place <3. I love this contest :D! My first entry this week is: Modest Mouse - Dramamine, very chilling and relaxing song imo. :)

#addedtoplaylist Second entry: Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart. My favourite band of all time. It's pretty old song but i love it! :)

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ı've posted another song for the challenge but I hope I'm reading the 4th rule wrong :)

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