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Dear Steemians,

a new week begins with the brightest expectations! It's the middle of March, which means that here in Greece, the sun has started to make his presence observable more and more!

The first week of #addedtoplaylist went great,as we had ALMOST 30 ENTRIES!!

A lot of new music hit my eardrums, with several tracks entering my playlist and really enjoying it!

So, let's announce the WINNERS!!!!

**3rd Place - @dreamstream - A relaxing track that fitted perfectly in my previous week, that was full of pressure and anxiety. I listened to it several times, thanks for your entry bro!

**2nd Place - @zoltrix - A song with a very strong meaning, against racism, showing both sides how they feel for one another. I gave the song the attention needed, and really loved it. It will be a little tiring for someone who hasn't been listening to non-commercial rap music, but really guys, GIVE IT A TRY!

**1st Place - @arsenacus - I really like this guy's music style but as soon as I hit the play button it was like DAAAAMN!!
I have been repeating this song all week long, I dedicated the song to my bae for Woman's day, I have been listening to it in the car, while working and at least 2-3 times a day since I discovered it! Soul music with black vocals, love and peace and good vibes! Thanks for this entry bro!

So let's begin another addedtoplaylist contest! For those who don't know let me give you the instructions!

New music is being produced every day. But in this ocean of new music, full of promoted garbage to listen to, it's getting harder and harder to find a new diamond to decorate your eardrums! Lot's of music styles exist for different audiences. No matter the music style though, all the (good) songs are produced in order to express feelings, moments and are made with love and inspiration.

This is a contest for all the music lovers out there. All the music lovers who are consuming music, searching for their new favorite song to relate to. Give us your favorite song for this week, maybe it is our favorite too!

*Comment this post by starting with the hashtag #addedtoplaylist
**The title of the song must be followed by a link that we can listen to online (DSound, Youtube,SoundCloud etc.)
***You can pick any gender you like. I admit that listening to metal is a little beyond my judge , but any gender will be acceptable.
****End of challenge will be on Monday 19/3/18 at 10:00 (UTC +2)
*****Each user can have up to 2 entries that will be considered in challenge


Unfortunately the pool of the contest was less than 5SBD so I had to drop the prizes a bit.
I really believe in this contest though, so I believe I will higher the prizes in the close future and add even more winners!

How to support challenge:
Vote on this post
Resteem this post
Create at least one entry

My #addedtoplaylist song for this week is UNDERS - SYRIA

If you feel like discovering my music you can trace me at:
Dsound -!/@mcandceo
Youtube -
Soundcloud -

More winning positions will be created with a bigger pool, so if you like the contest SUPPORT THIS CHALLENGE!!

Happy Monday and Steem on!!


#addedtoplaylist I COULD NOT ASK FOR MORE

It reminds me of 90's Bon Jovi!
Nice, goodmorning and thanks for your entry!

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#addedtoplaylist Aloe Blacc - Love is the Answer

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#addedtoplaylist My second entry ~ Pixies - Where is my Mind
It has some chill vibes and when i first heard that song i remember that i had goosebumps.

Damn I love this one! Haven't heard it for ages!
Thanks for the reminder!

nice post

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#addedtoplaylist RY X - Bad Love (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)

#addedtoplaylist My first entry ~ Lil Skies - Red Roses.
I think that Lil Skies is going to take 2018, he makes really good music. Landon has pretty nice voice too. You can check Lil Skies - Nowadays too, it's really cool.

Nice flow indeed. I am a little tired with all this money bitches lifestyle though, new era mc's get me tired I admit! Not a bad song though, thanks for your entry!

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