This Group of Changemakers is Creating a World Summit for Solutions to our Global Systemic Issues

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It's no surprise there is a strong sense of unease in the world today. It's even difficult for most people to agree on many things being true...things that seemed self-evident in times past. The social, environmental, and political climates have begun dysfunctional, damaged, and not in a state that benefits humanity as a whole. Our outdated political establishments perpetually divide us over artificial scarcity and boundaries which result in war, inequality, and destruction of our planet. We did not consciously choose these things.

With the world seemingly ablaze, there is opportunity, as times of crisis usually are. The opportunity to create a new system that bypasses the old broken paradigm is really big right now and if there was ever a time to mobilize around a new and better way forward, now is that time.

It is time for a global summit of anyone and everyone that has an informed idea about a solutions-based approach to all the areas of society and the world that are plagued by problems today.

Enter: The World Summit

The World Summit is gathering changemakers from all over the globe in order to unite groups and people, both virtually and physically, to bypass individual agendas as well as the current social, political, and economic systems that divide us. The WS is looking to unify and align and is doing this in the acknowledgement that it does not need permission to discover our oneness as a great global tribe.

The World Summit is working towards a total of 12 sectors to be represented at the main summit event in June 2019. They want to bring in and implement feedback loops inter-connecting the 12 sectors, which are the following:

Food, Environment, Wildlife, Water
Media, Communication
Learning, Education
Relations, Peacebuilding, Community
Spirituality, Personal development, Religion
Justice, Sovereignty, Governance
Ancient Wisdom
Resource sharing, Economics, Trade
Music, Arts, Culture
Housing, Infrastructure, Transport
Science, Technology, Energy
Health, Wellness, Family.

The Political System is an Outdated Relic

We know how divided we currently are as a species, and how divided we have been for a long time. The one thing that is preventing us from making the change for the better–towards a unified humanity–is our outdated socio-political system that seems to want only to divide us.

Now it is time to rise above our anger towards our politicians and and so-called leaders. Rather than fighting against a dying system, let us unite and create new ways of organizing humanity that make the old systems obsolete.

"We have to be different than we’ve ever been in the history of this thing we call civilization to simply not extinct ourselves because the way we have always been has been a smaller scale of the same thing that now at this global scale is extinctionary. It means that the solutions we are looking for do not look like previous best practices because those practices are about how to win at win/lose games, where now, winning at win-lose games is an omni lose-lose generator."

-Daniel Schmachtenberger

It is time to put our differences aside and recognize that we have common problems to solve…as well as common goals.

This is not a new group attempting to impose answers themselves but rather, they want to gather the right people together who will ask and answer the right questions. The critical mass of people who want a complete shift in paradigm has already been achieved worldwide, but are separated into isolated groups. A beautiful unified world is possible if we all join together.

The World Summit is organizing a global physical event where individuals, groups, and organizations from all over the world will come together, not just to share ideas but to take part in workshops, panel discussions, and real-time Q & A via streaming about concrete solutions and a workable plan. In the lead up to the physical event, the WS is developing the World Summit Free Café Network and Synergy Hub Network so local activists can work together in unity with the global event. These will create simultaneous mini-Summits around the world.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.“

–Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

You are invited to share your knowledge, to use your skills and resources, and to add your energy to the global amplification of th World Summit’s intention to facilitate the co-creation of the best possible future for humanity. This is an opportunity to be part of something that will be bigger than all of us, something greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Right now, there are openings for 100 delegates looking to have a more integral role in the formation of the main event next summer. You can take a look at the links of the positions and role descriptions on the Playa Del Carmen Synergy Hub website and the Unified Patreon Platform.

If you’re part of an organization, by working with the World Summit and other groups you will be helping out your group too.

The WS is promoting Gift-Based Income (GBI) and Open Source and would like to activate everyone by using each others’ databases and global networks. You can use your own social media reach to spread the links and the word.

Now is the time for everyone to collectively Unite and shift out of the dischordant and dysfunctional global system into a new conscious paradigm where everyone gets a fair chance to thrive.

The Shift is Now


Well done... Looking forward to connecting with some change makers in Portugal

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