👣Actifit Report👣 3.6.19 💖➿💖

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Hello BeautyFulls!


Greetings of Love to All

Happy Wednesday, Happy New Moon & Happy Mercury Rx! I hope your day has gone/is going as smoothly as possible..

I've experienced some technical difficulties, the testing of my patience in a few different areas of my life as well as some challenges to my priorities. I've pretty much had a full spectrum day (and week) so far. Not complaining...just taking note is all really. I feel as though I've done pretty well in handling all which has arisen as of late. All I can do is the best I can with what I've got and if it's not good enough for anyone else...such is life. I will surely keep moving forward either way.

March is a difficult month for my family...not as much for me these days (in some ways), but definitely for my Parents it is...which in turn does kind of make it harder on me still, as anyone who knows me knows that my Parents are my world and I do (and will do) anything & everything I can to help them. They are my number 1 priority and always will be. Everything will take a back seat when they need me and I will not compromise on that nor will I apologize for it.

Enough about that tho, I'm sure you're not interested in reading about my family dynamics in my actifit report card right lol so let me go ahead and tell you what I did today. I got some decent walking in, one such walk brought me to the local grocery store as my Mom wanted a chocolate treat (I also got some other needed supplies since I was there). So tonight I will be baking some brownies (shortly after I post this, actually). Aside from that I took care of my usual business around the house & as a caregiver. No crazy count today for me, just a humble slightly less than 20k hehe and ohhhhh yeah, I also did some cartwheels, too. Hadn't done them in a hot minute so that was really fun. Planning to do more of them tomorrow for #actifit again. If you want to see the sillyness for yourself, you can check out my tweet here.


Thank You For Reading My Actifit Report. Your Time, Attention & Support Are Greatly Appreciated. Your Comments & Feedback Are Always Welcome & Highly Valued, Too.


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If you followed the link to this post from Twitter or Facebook and are interested in joining #Steem & getting started with #Actifit but need help or have questions, feel free to send me a direct message on either platform and I will assist as best I can.


See You Again Soon ~ Much Reiki Love

A Little About Me: I am an Actifit Moderator, Dedicated Actifitter, Full Time Caregiver, Friend of The Forest & Passionate Reiki Practitioner. I am also a proud member of the Power House Creatives Community as well as a Ulogger.

It is my hope that each of you keep your love lit & make the most of this ever unfolding Now Moment.

Thank you for passing through...

As All-Ways, Thank You for Being YOU!!!







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Good work and great update. Solid step count on the day, keep up the good work


Thank you 💖

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Family is always important and it is good when they're with you you love them as much as you can cause some day they go and you've only got memories of them to live by and it's great those memories are great happy ones. I lost my Dad while still in the university, he died in a plain crash, I lost my mum 4 years ago, now my wife, kid, brother, sisters and children mean the world to me. So I appreciate every time we share. Enough of me already. Great count. Be uplifted, it'll get better.

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You are 💯 I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and Mum 😞🙏🙏🙏 sending all my love your way. So important to appreciate each and every moment. Reiki Hugs 💫

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@thereikiforest, why March is a difficult month for your family?
Stay active and be positive!


Yup...doing my best to keep my Spirit up and keep moving 💪🙌👍💯😉

March is hard as its the anniversary month of my Sister's passing. I am at peace with it but my parents havent quite gotten their yet. 🙏

Thank you for asking and your encouragement BeautyFull Bro 💖 Much appreciated👍💯

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Hope things get better and those brownies sound nice :-)

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Thank You 🙏 I really appreciate the sentiment. I'm looking forward to the brownies 😋👍💖

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Great stepping, I trust all will be well with your parents and entire house hold. Keep moving on😎. Cartwheels sound like lots of fun, haven't done them in a while either 💪
Wishing you a fun and active Thursday ahead👍😁 Enjoy your activities 🎉

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Thank you Eric 👍 I agree...just needed to vent I suppose ☺ Am gonna do cartwheels instead of pushups for the 77 days I think lol

Much love Bro! Wishing you a great Thursday ahead BeautyFull 💖🙏💖

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Super count! It is great you love your parents. Some brownies would be great!


Thank you 💖 Right On 🙏
..and the brownies were on point 😋

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🤸‍♀️ cartwheels danggggg lol. I wish i could remember my last one 😏

"They are my number 1 priority and always will be. Everything will take a back seat when they need me and I will not compromise on that nor will I apologize for it."

I resonate. ❤🙌



Love you so much Bro!!!

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😊, Love You too Sis



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You are an amazing person, I am very happy and proud to know you!


Thank you BeautyFull🙏 Likewise☺

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