My Actifit Report Card: July 11 2019

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A walk around Wall Street and Battery Park area this morning

Good evening everyone, I am sharing a few shots taken today with my iPhone for my Actifit post, Last night when I went to bed with my knee taped up and a plan for a quite walking day today, but the best laid plans of mice and men, it was a nice morning and I felt the need for a walk to think some things through and decided to catch the subway up to Wall Street and take a stroll around.

Stopping in Wall Street I had to get a shot of the big Charging Bull Statue, the good thing about going there in the early morning is you can see it without it being surrounded by Tourists, at the end of my stroll this morning about an hour later I passed by the Bull again and the crowds were already building up there


Iphone XS
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From there I walked to Battery Park, I didnt try to get a close in shot of the Statue of Liberty of my phone as it would not do it justice, but i did get this shot of some of the detail on the fence and if you look closely you can see a Staten Island Ferry and the Statue of Liberty in the background.

I did consider briefly jumping on the ferry to go past the Statue and get some shots, a ride i have never taken, but I thought by the time I went across and back i would e seriously late for work so decided to leave that for another day.

I did take someshots of both with my Sony Camera for future posts


Iphone XS
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Pier A is a cool building beside where you can catch he tour boats going out to thee Statue of Liberty


Iphone XS
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Now this pair of Statues always brings out the little boy in me and a chuckle


Iphone XS
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Now get your mind out of the gutter, this is a safe for work post, I chuckle because these are in my opinion one oof the funniest pair of eyes in statue format I have seen

What were you thinking?


Iphone XS
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Moving right along I walked across this bridge over one of the busy roads on my walk around loop this morning


Iphone XS
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NOw to be fair since there was such animosity between the creator of the Charging Bull over the Fearless Girl Statue being placed by it , the fearless girl was moved to facing the NY Stock Exchange building and i had to get a shot of it for this post also


Iphone XS
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and this is the Stock Exchange building


Iphone XS
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And people often comment how do I get shots in NYC so often with no or few people in shot, the answer is when I want shots of a place that gets busy during the day I head there early morning, this next shot is in don’t of the stock exchange near the end of my walk a little after 8Am and as you can see plenty are people are out and about but this time


Iphone XS
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And by then I had to get moving back to the office so I went into the Futon Street Station to catch the Subway, as you can see this station connects with many of the subway lines.


Iphone XS
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And since I surprised myself at a little after 9 this morning I noticed I was just under the 110K before 10 Am to use the #Automaticwin tag I went for a quick stroll around the office and here is a screenshot showing that as at 9:22 I had done over 10k Steps


And so much for me listening to myself and taking it easy today, with this mornings walk, and my normal walking during the day I went well over my normal 10K goal, well over the 6 or 7K ( \OK 3 times over it LOL)goal I said to stick within today, but that all said it was a good day and my knee is not complaining too much,

And thats all folks!

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.705672 lat -73.013368 long Wall Street NYC d3scr

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So beautiful places and interesting places! Great post!

It is a nice area to take a stroll around ;)

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Thanks for the resteem appreciated !tip :)

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As always I appreciate how well you tell stories through your words and photos. You make some of the best actifit posts I have seen.

Thanks that is kind of you to say :)


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Thanks it wont be often I achieve the Automaticwin, but i will try to remember to meet the requirements on the days i do :)

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Thanks Kindly truly appreciated :)

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Nice pictures. And the eyes statues are amusing.

I did text the Eye photo to a few friends, only one person thought they were eyes LOL

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Hi @tattoodjay, you walk a lot, keep fit and good health.

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I do love walking ;) and its all part of trying to keep healthy :)

Good way to keep healthy. Keep it up!!

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I will do my best I am trying to keep over 7K a day on Drs advise, but have been well over that for the last 10 days so I have been on a roll, tomorrow is a rainy day and my knee is aching o I may have a quiet day :)

7k. Good record! Same as you, I like to walk a lot too. My knee recently is aching. After see doctor and take glucosamine pills, it getting well.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks I slipped on something spilled on the train yesterday so thats my current issue, I do have weak knees as I fractured both knee caps when I was 18, so at the time they give me issues and I am kind of used to it :)

Oh I see. Do take care health and knee as well. Have a nice day!!😊

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When I was young I wasn't sensible, but now I do :)

I freaking love the automatic win. I think it makes you feel good all day. Good thing the statue of eyes is labeled or I would'nt have believed you. Lol

Yeah first time I have got it and doubt I often will, I normally average around 4 to 5 K before starting work
and my knee is telling me to take it easier tomorrow at least, but tomorrow is a rainy day so taking it easy won't be a problem :)

Great job on the #automaticwin.. great shots as usual !tip

Thanks Kindly Mate and thanks for the tip :)

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What a wonderful surprise! The Charging Bull! You are right about going by early in the morning, lol. Anyway, so cool to see him! Of course, all the other shots are fantastic!

Thanks and I think you inspired this visit there if I remember rightly, and I took plenty of shots with my camera as well for future posts ;)

Oh really, I am glad to hear that. Always a pleasure 😊

I was sitting on the train into the city this morning and thinking I should take it easy today but the sun was shining and I remember our exchange on your NYC post and the idea to visit this area for a short walk came to me, and became a long walk LOL

Awwwww, that's so nice to know 😊

:) thanks for the motivation :)

I am honored 😊

That's one way to 'take it easy' hope you are feeling ok! Awesome step count!! Maybe tomorrow i'll get an automatic win too! That sounds fun to me haha. Great shots today man! Awesome Steeming!

Yeah my idea of taking it easy is a little off the wall LOL, today I am actually taking it easier shall I say, I thought it was going to be raining so slept in till 6Am and it wasn't raining so went for an hours walk around the neighborhood, but at a nice leisurely pace ;)

You're making me think of a song 'ain't nothing going to break my stride. I've got to keep movin'....'🎶🎵🎶🎵🎵🎶 if it floats your boat and keeps you feeling happy, giver!! Make those steps count 👣

Now I have that song in my head but thats fine I love it, today I am being more sensible and taking it easy, well so far lets see who the day goes

Haha, i am just finished at your actifit post for today and i like your idea of taking it easy 😂 17,000+ steps later! Hopefully you'll sleep like a baby tonight. 👣🎶👣🎵😉

LOL I did get carried away yesterday and slept like a baby, why do we say that Babies wake a lot LOL, OK I slept like a log and did take it easier today :)

Oh, I love that bull statue on wall Street! I remember it every time my stock charts go up, haha. Nice walk,@tattoodjay, but isn't that too much for a sore knee? I wish You a speedy recovery and a nice weekend!

I love it as well its really a big part of the Wall Street area and so well known :)

Yeah it may have been a little much but taking it a lot easier today :)

wow this are really beautiful photographs of around Wall Street and Battery Park area. we are see NYPD by your eyes. thank you my dear friend. 21k is really good numbers. thanks for share with us.

It is such a cool area and so nice top stroll around especially early in the day when it is quiet

You always manage to see everything in NY ins new light. I didn’t know about the Fearless Girl!

Thanks and there was quite an uproar on both sides when the fearless girls was placed in the dead of night in front of the Bull

here is where it was originally

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That girl statue is kind of cool. It would be hillarious to get a mannequin and skewer it on that bull's horns in the wee hours of the morning...

LMAO that would be so cool, but with all the security cameras in that area you could never do it unseen

I was in NY until July 9th I spent the beginning of the month. It is extremely large a lot to see!!! I like your photos!!!

Ohh yes there is so much to see working there is a bonus I can explore different areas from time to time ;)

Howdy sir JJ! Dang, I think actifit is too easy for you, you don't even have to try! lol. Great photos though, love all of them.
Also, congratulations on the League this week, an sbi share is heading your way in a few minutes.

Thanks for the SBI share and this last week or two getting my daily step goal has been easy for me but that’s not always the case lol 😂

You are very welcome jj! Well, it seems like in the bitter cold winters up there it would be hard but you still seem to walk alot in the winter. Were you doing actifit in the winter?

I stil try and ge my steps in during winter, but it is so easy to go over my goals inthe warmer months for sure, and i have Ben on actifit for 70 days so not through winter lets see how i do next winter

Are you still going to be working at your present position next winter? I bet there's only a few days that you wouldn't want to be out walking as far as dangerous to your health. But I guess that depends on how bad the winter is there.

Yes I will be working this coming Winter, and I think I got my step goal in most of last winter even though I was not doing actifit then, the city is real good and clearing the sidewalks so they are not icy and dangerous, the time I am less likely to get it is if the Air Quality in Summer gets bad and then I limit my time outdoors and hence my steps decline

Oh I never thought about that, the air quality issue. How often does that get bad enough to be concerned?

Not to often fortunately but at this time it climbs up yesterday by the time I was leaving the city it was getting bad but for most of the day it was only moderate that’s part of why I moved out to CT the air quality there is generally always good

I've seen the Pier A building on some of the Casey Neistat videos.

And as I remember that part of the city is great.


Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah he often is in that area and yes it is a lovely part of the city :)