"Millions of Steps" glitch found in Actifit iPhone App on Day 1 (Worked on Day 2!)

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Howdy all!


I thought I'd make a short post officially re-introducing myself because yesterday, the Actifit app was finally released for iPhone after gaining the approval of the Apple store and I couldn't be more excited to start logging my activity! The @actifit initiative was my main reason for making this account and I've been waiting patiently for a couple months to be able to dive in.

Unfortunately, I had something very strange happen when going for my morning run. The app was working fine up to 3000 steps or so, but next time I looked it had glitched all the way up to nearly 2 MILLION!
I also noticed that I am apparently not the only one experiencing this problem, as shown below on the daily leaderboard!
It's a bummer, because I want to post the results and start earning Actifit Tokens, but I don't know of a way to reduce the number or clear it to start again. I reached out to @actifit on their post about the iPhone release, so I will update this post with the team's response once I receive one.

Granted, I could probably uninstall the app and reinstall it, but that's a rather inelegant solution. That being said, if there's no better way to rectify things, I'd do it. However, as of now I don't know what caused it, so there's no guarantee that it wouldn't happen again.

For reference, I have an iPhone 5S that is quite old, so it could be caused by some deficiency in the censor due to age. I'm planning on upgrading to a 6S in the next couple weeks and maybe that would fix this issue.

Anyway, I'm still just as thrilled about the project and I'm sure a solution will be found, but I just wanted to document what happened and give everyone a quick update! Have a fantastic day everyone! Stay tuned for the team's response.

Edit: I learned from @mcfarhat that they are aware of the issue and currently testing out different fixes for an update which will be rolled out soon!

2nd Edit: On the next day, my balance had reset to zero and the app worked fine for the second day! Haven't seen this glitch again so far.

Here are some links to delegate SP to @actifit

if you want to support the project!

10 SP25 SP50 SP100 SP
150 SP 200 SP250 SP


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By the way, what tag should I be using to report glitches? I know some people use Utopian-io but I don't know anything about that. I combed through the popular tags and I didn't see anything like #bug-report or #glitch-report being used. Any advice appreciated to get more eyes on this post!

Log it in discord. That's where it will get seen quickest I would think

Ok, sounds good! I can't believe there isn't a popular tag for reporting issues with dapps, though.

True, I suspect it would become unwieldy though :0)

Oh, the cacophonous nature of humans! xD
Fighting ourselves each step of the way 😂

Well done with nearly 2 Million steps! I am just kidding. The @actifit team is certainly working hard to find the bug and will fix it. Anyway, I wish you great success with the app. I am part of it since 40 days and it is great fun!

Hahah thank you kindly! Happy to be on board now and I'm sure this issue will be fixed in a timely fashion! :D

Maybe the glitch started counting the rotational movement of the earth 😂

ahahaha! 😂😂😂 that is amazing 😂😂😂 あははは!

hahaha, so funny.

Go to their discord, They need your feedback so they can fix it. I will say that they are very fast about working out the bugs since the very beginning!

Nice step count!😜😆

Hehehe yeah I didn't submit the report because I didn't wanna scam xD
Even though I've probably walked way over 2 million steps in my lifetime, if you look at it that way :-D

I'm sure the bugs will get fixed quite quickly, they already released a new version today!

They say time flies when we are having fun. Maybe, just maybe, you ran so fast you actually ran 2 million steps. The opposite of you, I ran 24 miles but in reality I only ran to my mail box.

do do do do do do do do do do do do...
[Twilight Zone music plays]

im thankful i did not have this issue. I had issue with andriod.
Very happy iIOS is here. waited for it too.
I am using Iphone 7. So far i only use it yesterday. and it matches steps with applr watch activity record.

Cool! I'm going to upgrade from a iPhone 5S to a 6S soon, so maybe the app will not have this same issue with a newer phone. Glad it's working for you!

if the price to upgrade to a iphon3 8 is not much of a difference- I recommend you go for the latest model possible.

iPhone 8 is almost twice as much as a 6S. I'm still thinking about which one is worth it to get. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and get the more expensive one!

Thank you for your post. The sooner these issues are picked up the sooner they can be fixed. Keen to start using the app myself.

I utilize Human App for my day by day walk calendar and I am Pretty awed with its outcomes and investigation. It causes me walk and accomplish my set objectives.

Thanks for posting....mine is stuck at zero....

it must be a bug in the application

Yeah. They released a new version today. I haven't had the problem again since day one, so I don't know what happened then!

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