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RE: "Millions of Steps" glitch found in Actifit iPhone App on Day 1 (Worked on Day 2!)

in #actifit6 years ago

By the way, what tag should I be using to report glitches? I know some people use Utopian-io but I don't know anything about that. I combed through the popular tags and I didn't see anything like #bug-report or #glitch-report being used. Any advice appreciated to get more eyes on this post!


Log it in discord. That's where it will get seen quickest I would think

Ok, sounds good! I can't believe there isn't a popular tag for reporting issues with dapps, though.

True, I suspect it would become unwieldy though :0)

Oh, the cacophonous nature of humans! xD
Fighting ourselves each step of the way 😂

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