Do you use actifit, what's your impressions on the app? Is it accurate, is it easy to share your results on Steem, what can you do with its tokens and do you get any upvotes from it?

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I will be answering you questions respectably.

Yes i did use once but it was on bug-testing purpose and i will be answering from that experience. The app is quite good and the accuracy is decent compared to other fitness tracker app/gadgets. But one thing i faced is, it detects activity when the phone is shacked(it should). As this app is rewarding for activity sharing on steem blockchain i think this can be gamed by the issue i told.

Actifit is giving actifit tokens and upvotes for sharing activity. And it's the very easy way to share result on steem blockchain. Tokens are not yet live as smt is not here yet. It will be live when smt come on main net. Yes, it gives upvote though i didn't get as there is a threshold for getting upvote. I only scored 1000 which is minimum for posting. For a upvote from actifit you need to do atleast 5000 fitness activity. You can give a try...

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Hi @sourovafrin and thanks for using @actifit! (I hope you will use it more in the future!)

I only scored 1000 which is minimum for posting. I didn't get vote but saw many getting vote from it. So, you can give a try.

I would like to comment on your question, that there is a minimum of 1000 activity to post to the blockchain, but there is a minimum 5000 activity to get rewarded

How are actifit token rewards spread for actifit post authors?

Count Actifit Reward
5,000 to 5,999 20 tokens
6,000 to 6,999 35 tokens
7,000 to 7,999 50 tokens
8,000 to 8,999 65 tokens
9,000 to 9,999 80 tokens
10,000 and above 100 tokens

Hope to see you post about actifit again : )


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Ahh, i see. I didn't know.
I will be adding it asap.


What are the tokens used for ?


Hi @eurekatraps and thanks for your question

The plans are to have Actifit tokens available for purchasing fitness related equipment, tools, gadgets, sports wear,... and enable transactions between providers and actifiters.
Add to that, we plan on creating gym partnerships for the use of Actifit tokens for paying gym memberships and similar concepts.
And most importantly, once SMTs are launched (early 2019), Actifit tokens will have their own valuation against STEEM as well as FIAT currencies, and hence can be cashed out for actual FIAT currency.

Actifit is the only fitness app that was released since day 1 and its users are growing in a very fast pace. Feel free to follow @actifit or join us on discord if you have more questions or visit any of the below links for more info!

Katerina - @Actifit Moderator | Chat with us on discord Visit our website | FAQs | Android app tutorial | Video Tutorial

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