My Actifit Report Card: January 18 2019

in #actifit2 years ago

Tonight was a really solid workout, smashed out a few exercises at 100 reps which really leaves the muscles burning by the end.

I also did a few different exercises to mix things up and keep my body guessing. That’s supposedly a good way to build muscle.

Chest and back

20 reps * 5 sets iso lateral lat pull down 15 kgs

20 reps * 5 sets seated chest press 33 kgs

8 reps * 5 sets seated fly 68 kgs 75 kgs 82 kgs 75 kgs 68 kgs

12 reps * 5 sets low cable fly 10 kgs

12 reps * 5 sets cable fly 15 kgs

12 reps* 5 sets cable chest lifts 7.5 kgs a side

20 reps * 5 sets lat pulldown 33 kgs

20 reps * 5 sets seated row 33 kgs

8 reps * 5 sets incline chest press close grip 40 kgs 60 kgs 80 kgs 60 kgs 40 kgs

12 reps * 5 sets iso lateral lats 15 kgs 25 kgs 35 kgs 25 kgs 15 kgs

12 reps * 5 sets standing lat pulldown 19kgs

12 * 5 close grip pulldown 40 kgs 47 kgs 57 kgs. 47 kgs 40 kgs

Hmm I feel like I’m forgetting an exercise, something I just can’t put my finger on.

Daily Activity,House Chores,Walking,Weight Lifting
185 cm
122 kg
Body Fat


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