First 5k Race of 2019! {Vote for @steemitbloggers}

in actifit •  5 months ago  (edited)

Last night I set my clothes out before setting my alarm and hopping into bed!

I like getting to the starting line prepared without having to rush through my morning ablutions.

A Tartan Trot would just be a trot without the tartan.

But of course I held up my side of the bargain with a hearty pace despite the wet conditions.

So much so that I brought home a slice of the winners pie, first in my age group to be specific.

Of course any victory is much sweeter with comrades. Which is why once again I am putting my vote out for my online brothers and sisters in arms--the @steemitbloggers. I know you have seen the ever-generous @theycallmedan is dishing out another very sweet prize of a huge delegation. We came so close for the last one, but are rallying for a second chance. If you don't have another dog in the fight I implore you to consider this wonderful group I now call family. This is definitely one vote that would not be wasted!

And of course, happy running my friends! It may not be quite springtime here yet, but I'm diving right into the new racing season! 🥇🏃‍♀️😄


Daily Activity, Running

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Five k themed fun run for pie!
I'm so envious. When I returned to fitness after a very sedentary period I trained for a 5 km mud run. I remember when I completed the distance for the first time prior to the run, such a good feeling. It was such a great day, I bought all the merch. It was the start of many and lead to marathons.
I can't run anymore, I wish so much that I could. I find the actifit posts really hard actually, running was everything. This post was fun though, I lived it vicariously through you.... And pies, my other great love.
I have done 2 tours around Australia. 2004 a pregnant pie homage from Perth to Sydney, sampling pies in every town that we stopped in (west to east coast) .
2016 Perth to gold coast, also west to east coast, a week of seven marathons.
Both fabulous, but very different experiences, different people almost.
I'm unable to run anymore, I am still in transition with how that feels, it was a huge part of me, but I suppose life is always changing.
Thanks for sharing your cool day.
Congrats on the win too.

Wow, sounds like you enjoyed quite the running career! While you must have many great memories, I can only imagine how it must feel to have to lay aside that aspect of life. Some runs are better than others, but I try to appreciate each one as a gift. Would you believe I had no idea about the pie aspect of this race until I got there? One of my fellow trainers works with a man who helped sponsor this race, so I just signed up on a whim because he gave us some of the free entries. I know one of my other co-workers will be disappointed that he didn't come run as he is a HUGE pie fan!

Thank you for stopping in and sharing the day with me! And congrats on your win in @quillfire's poetry contest!

Way to go @plantstoplanks ! And you came out a winner too!
Looks like @steemitbloggers is winning too!

Thanks @porters! I did my best for that day, so that's all I can hope to do!
And @steemitbloggers is hanging in there, but it is far from over yet so the push continues!

Awesome! That sounds like so much fun. And you did great! First in your age group too. Plus getting in that plug for the poll. Great post.

Not everyone loves to race, but I always enjoy the challenge and the camaraderie! They always support great local charities, too. I'm always happy to put a plug out for our fantastic group, as well! :)

nice one. did my vote.


You’re such a gangster!

Haha, well I do my best. 😉 There was a hill at the finish, which is just rude but I managed not to slow down too much nor throw up at the end (as apparently at least 2 other people did). The one this coming Saturday is a fast course, so I'm hoping for under 23 on that one. Still working toward my ultimate under 22 goal, but need a little bit more work to get there!

Hahahaha 😝 that is frikken rude, way to call it. Ewww, about the vomit finishers… that must be slightly embarrassing. Way to hold your guts too- your just two for two. Did you say under 23? Goodness gracious, you’re such a gangster. Definitely an inspiration @plantstoplanks.

I haven’t had a run yet since touching down in Costa Rica. Now that we are at the beach, I’ll have to get out there bright and early before the sun starts scorching. Thanks for the reminder.

@dksart always says if you don't throw up at the end you didn't run hard enough. He also doesn't run, so I don't think I trust his judgement, haha! I was sucking wind pretty good after I crossed the finish line, but I didn't want to waste a perfectly good breakfast to the pavement.

I was wondering if you had taken back up your running routine yet! Nothing like heading out to the beach for a bit of exercise as the sun is just coming up. 🌅

Dksart sounds like he’s messing with ya. Dandays would do the same thing… not running yet but just declared to Dandays that in a couple days that beach and my dining shoes have a date. I imagine I’ll be back at it by next week. Last month I went to the gym everyday wity Dandays and did something I used to loathe doing; lifting weights. I must say it wasn’t that bad. I actually enjoyed it but I can’t wait until I get my running legs back. Thanks for asking @plantstoplanks.

He is a bit of a smart alec, but it was his sense of humor that first hooked me so I can't complain. 😉 I love running, but I also love lifting. That's probably why I haven't done anything longer than a half marathon yet--I know I would have to scale back on the gym time to get in more running! For stress relief, nothing beats fresh air to clear your mind, though. I am sure it will feel fantastic to get your legs moving fast underneath you again!

I still haven’t done it. Soon, I’ll get my run on. We’ve been peddling a lot, to and from the beach. we even peddled on the beach yesterday, which was a good workout. Maybe I’ll hit the gym with Dandays next week but I really do prefer to get sweat on outside of the gym. P.s. sense of humor is everything :)

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Thank you my fit friends! :)

Howdy there plantstoplanks! So you are a distance runner! right? or else you run enough that you just happen to be in incredible condition so you jumped in for fun! lol.
I'm lost though, what is a tartan?
And what are those guys in kilts doing?
What does on there, you run and then eat pie?

Haha, that's a lot of questions, but I suppose that's fair since I was a bit short on my explanations. ;)

  1. Yes, I am a runner. I generally do races anywhere from the 5k to half marathon distance. I try to stay in good enough shape year round so that I can always jump in on a 5k without any trouble, though I do like to work hard to hit new goals as far as my finishing time.

  2. The tartans and kilts go hand in hand. This particular race is put on by a local Presbyterian church, which has ties to Scotland. They celebrate that heritage all weekend with the race and other events. Not required, but many people wear kilts to the race and then they had the guys playing bagpipes before and after.

  3. They were giving out pies for the top finishers in each age group, so essentially many people did in fact run for pie. ;)

howdy today plantstoplanks! sorry for all the questions but that's what I do. lol.
I still don't undestand what a tartan is but I sure appreciate you taking the time to answer all
my questions! Actifit is a natural for you then!

Haha, I don't mind at all! I just don't normally get so many at once, so perhaps I am a bit rusty. ;) I'll let good ol' Wiki fill you in on what tartan is, but basically it is the pattern on the kilts. Each family has a different pattern from what I recall, so if you are up to speed on different tartan patterns you'd know which family a person belongs to by what they are wearing.

howdy again plantstoplanks! oh, that makes perfect sense, I had no idea so thank you!