My Actifit Report Card: May 9 2019

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I woke up this morning feeling pretty excited about riding on my new ebike some more. I planned on doing about thirty miles round trip and playing a nine basket disc golf course.

As I was getting ready to head out I thought I had better put in a patching kit and tire remover just in case. I had been riding a couple longer rides earlier without them because the tires were sold as being extra durable flat resistant tires with a built in liner and solid casing.

I set out riding on the lowest pedal assist mode because I wanted to see how much the battery would be used and what kind of range I could expect. It used around 88 watts and I was moving along at around 15 average speed.

I came to a split in the road where half the traffic was turning right and the main highway kept going straight. A big semi came roaring past me with the right turn signal going. There really wasn't any way it would get safely past me and make the turn.

He was about half past me when we both could see this was not going to work out and I could hear his brakes applying. I thought about my options. I could do the Tesla autopilot move and slam into the side of the semi. I could try to make an emergency right turn and avoid the front of the truck. I could queue the "MIssion Impossible" music and haul the bike over and bounce along the pavement sliding under the truck bed with sparks flying, to pop back up afterward like nothing had happened.

As luck would have it the truck stopped before turning and I rode past on the right of it like nothing had happened. (The mission impossible thing seemed like the most fun if he had continued turning, LOL)

I finally got down to the disc golf course and there were some "half baked" teens hanging around there that seemed to take a particular interest in my new bike. I decided to just use the toilet and head back home. They seemed like nice kids but I was tired from the traffic and riding. I thought about inviting them to play disc golf but they didn't seem likely to want to do that.

On the way back the ebike was handling a bit differently and I was starting to wonder about the tire. I just passed a nice older graveyard that was at the top of a hill and thought about stopping but there was traffic coming.

I rode on a little way and sure enough the tire was going flat. I pulled over just before a busy highway so it was really a good place to take my time and repair it. I looked at the tire really carefully and there was a small metal object in it. You can see it in this picture if you look hard enough:

I pulled the object out and it was a little staple. Not something that would typically go through a tire liner. Usually a nail would go around a liner and hit the tube on the sidewall.

It was easy to fix without removing the wheel and lucky for me the glue in the patch kit was still good. I had not checked it really and it was from last season but the glue held and the pump worked.

If you have ever pushed a bike for ten miles you know how hard that can be. I wasn't looking forward to pushing that bike back with as much as it weighed.

Lesson learned: Always carry a patch kit and as soon as I can get to a bike shop I'm going to put some sealer in the tires.

I thought briefly about keeping the staple as a memento. I could mount it on a small plaque and gold plate it. Add a title: "My first flat on a Radcity." It seemed a bit much so I just left the staple by the roadside.

On the way back pedal assist setting one didn't want to give me more than about 49 watts or so. There didn't seem to any rhyme or reason to it. I kept slowing down and speeding up my pedaling but it did not change. The wind was against me and I was tiring out going uphill averaging around ten miles and hour.

I got within a few miles of home and there was plenty of battery left so I just opened it up and rode on pedal assist four and five. (Five being the highest). It really felt good after the long ride to just easily ride fast like you were being pulled along by the peloton at the Tour De France.

Getting close to home I just motored down the street without pedaling at near twenty miles per hour and eased up the hill into my driveway.

All in all it was another very fun ride.

Here's a view of a stream at the disc golf course that I visited yesterday:

Here's another view of the old abandoned building that I found the disc at yesterday:

I'm kind of fond of old abandoned buildings especially when the natural surroundings seem to be starting to blend back in with them. There were some apple trees blooming near the building and it was really a pleasant area.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.

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Good actifit count.
I really wished it could be sold here the ebike. Maybe I am gonna ask around about it and to have the taste of the experience of ebike

There are kits that you can purchase on the Internet that will allow you to convert a regular bike too. I thought about doing that as an option.

Oh. Thank you for that

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great work with acifit with an awesome count of over 17k steps. keep up the good work. Thanks for using actifit.

rulersig2.jpg@Actifit Moderator
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I looked and I looked. Where was that staple? They need to come up with tires that don't puncture. You know like those plates that wouldn't break. I remember in the end, the plates didn't break. They shattered. Did you ever have a set of those?

The stream looks lovely and you will have to go back later to those trees when the fruit is ripe.

Sounds like a great day. Lots going on:)

The staple was in the bottom left corner of the second tire block in from the right side. (The row of blocks just above the middle row of the tire) It was stuck in well and took some time to pry out. Those plates that don't break are pretty nice. I think we have only lost one or two over the years. (Don't put them on the hot stove and then poor cold water over them) ;)

Sure was a good thing you decided to grab that kit and pump! I wonder if that green slime stuff would have sealed that?

I'm almost certain the slime would have sealed that. It might have leaked a bit of air but if you turn the tire down to where the leak is, the slime will squirt out a bit and plug it pretty fast. It always pays to carry a pump at least even if you slime your tires.

Beautiful shots and it was lucky you took the tire repair kit with you

Glad the truck stopped but I to liked the sound of the mission impossible option

Yes, I should have been a movie stuntman, lol. Thank you!

You mean you dont have a stuntment riding along with you for moments like this, well you stepped up with the repair kit for the next ride do not forget the stuntman

It's good that everything ended well. It was a fun walk

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Very impressive count. New things always excites us but with time another new thing i'll take our mind away.

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That is great article. fantastic photography . so art angle.
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a wonderful day

a very great article @lightsplasher,awesome photography