Actifit SMT Second Update: New app version, token view, delegations and more

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We're back with our second key update in regards to Actifit, the SMT that rewards fitness activity on the Steem blockchain !

So a bit less than 2 weeks back, we announced Actifit.
We were overwhelmed with the community's positive response to the project, and the growing usage over the last couple of weeks.

Today we bring you another major update for our progress on the project, as we definitely look for more usage and increased support and delegations from the community to help sustain the growth of the project!

In This Update:

  • Version 0.2 beta released
  • Token Rewards Interface (minor release)
  • Actifiters Activity
  • Delegation Status
  • Automated Upvotes
  • Total Delegator & Moderator Rewards

Version 0.2 beta released

Alright so first things first, yes we released earlier today an updated version of our Android app. WOOHOOOO!
This is already available on google playstore here
Just a word of caution, before updating your app today, if you had piled up a step count earlier today, please make sure to post them before installing the new version as otherwise they will be lost.

We listened to your wonderful feedback! Added lots of functionality, fixed many annoying bugs, and we tried to innovate with some new cool features. We are making sure we are able to grow the vision of actifit bit by bit so that it reaches its full potential. This will not happen overnight, yet sleepless coding nights are a sure-way to get there :) ..
iOS people: yes we are working on having a version for you in the coming weeks :)

Growing to a Full-fledged Fitness Tracker

We foresee Actifit Fitness Tracker as a complete fitness tracking platform that rewards all fitness activity, and not just walking or running. And while we kicked it off with a step counter, yet our updates aim to build upon this to be able to track any type of fitness activity, which is one of the reasons we are moving away a bit from using the term "step" and focusing more on a "move/activity/action" terminology.
And while we had a tough time making sure the sensors and algorithms work perfectly, we believe we have reached a stage that allows most if not all devices to work properly!
Our sensing algorithms are a bit aggressive on sensitivity, so they might track additional work, but they can now be used for tracking walking, jogging, running, jumping, rope skipping, dancing, basketball, weight lifting,... and so we added an "activity type" field for you to track what this activity involved.


We are also happy to increase the competitive edge of the app, as we have seen many competing to get the highest step count, whereby we added the functionality of "Daily Leaderboard", this allows viewing on a daily basis, for all current unvoted posts, who is the leading scorer :)

For a complete listing of the new functionality, check out the readme file on official github here.

Token Rewards Interface (partial release)

We have been working diligently on providing you with the proper interface to view your current token count. We are pleased that we have (almost) finalized the full functionality for tracking the token count.

In fact, all actifit users who created posts and were rewarded for them, as well as post upvoters have been already filled into our DB, while delegators, moderators, and resteemers are still to be added to the database.
We are also ensuring data accuracy at the moment so as no one has any missing token rewards.
and are available for view via the below temporary links:

Actifiters Activity

So we've been having growing activity via app downloads, actifit posts, token rewards, and discord interaction !

  • As per google playstore stats, active downloads till 2 days back (google play limitation) are at 160.
  • The daily submissions started with at 4, and last 2 days we started receiving 30-40 contributions with proof of activity. We have rewarded so far 215 actifit contributions with upvotes and Actifit tokens.
  • Our discord server has been growing as well, we have around 100 members, and 6 great and helpful moderators :)

Delegation Status

A big thank you goes first to all of our amazing delegators and supporters!
Our delegators have been helping us expand our SP, and hence being able to cope with the increasing demand to upvote more posts.
At the moment, our SP stands at 5,263SP (a recent increased delegation of 400SP earlier today came through from @buckydurdle .. thank you for that!) .. and we do need much more than this, every delegation counts !

We just sent our earlier today our first batch of Steem rewards to our first week delegators as well.

Delegators earn daily Actifit tokens with a 1:1 match to their delegated SP, as well as a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts.

To delegate, you can use any of the following links below
10SP, 20SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP, 10000SP, 50000SP, 100000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

Automated Upvotes

Yes you got the idea, we code a lot lol
So we've managed to kick off our automated voting script finally, thanks for the help from @cryptouru who had responded to our relevant task request and has been working on both upvotes and token count.
Now the automated script would automatically find the proper posts, calculate their rewards in both ACTIFIT tokens and upvotes, and send them away!

Total Delegator & Moderator Rewards

Below is a listing of total Delegator rewards so far:

DelegatorAmountDaily ACTIFIT Token RewardAccumulated ACTIFIT Tokens
@mcfarhat500 SP--
@phelimint250 SP2502000
@tbnfl4sun50 SP50450
@jznsamuel100 SP1001000
@alfamano30 SP30330
@abh12345250 SP2502750
@rabihfarhat100 SP1001100
@funworlding30 SP3030
@arunava100 SP100100
@faraicelebr850 SP50100
@flemingfarm10 SP1020
@fedesox1,000 SP1,0002000
@favcau250 SP250500
@assasin50 SP50150
@dr-frankenstein100 SP100600
@ecoinstant50 SP50150
@nataboo100 SP100300
@kennyskitchen250 SP250750
@simplymike100 SP100300
@flauwy250 SP2501000
@niallon11100 SP100400
@stevelivingston100 SP100400
@preparedwombat100 SP100400
@travelling-two100 SP100400
@seareader1150 SP150600
@taskmaster4450500 SP5003750
@buckydurddle200 SP2001000
@gattino100 SP100600

And also total accumulated moderator rewards:

ModeratorAccumulated ACTIFIT Tokens

This was a bit too lengthy, so if you've made it this far, thank you ! :)

Haven't downloaded Actifit yet? download it from the playstore now, and start your journey to fitness and rewards!

@actifit team
Download Actifit
Join us on Discord
Like on Facebook
Follow @Actifit_fitness on Twitter
Check on Instagram


Joining now!

Awesome idea! What will the tokens be used for?

Awesome idea
For a project! What will the
Tokens be used for?

                 - runicar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you !
Our plans are to have Actifit tokens available for purchasing fitness related equipment, tools, gadgets, sports wear,... and enable transactions between providers and actifiters. Add to that, we plan on creating gym partnerships for the use of Actifit tokens for paying gym memberships and similar concepts.
And most importantly, once SMTs are launched, Actifit tokens will have their own valuation against STEEM as well as FIAT currencies, and hence can be cashed out for actual FIAT currency.

Do you have a general timeline for when SMTs are launched, the tokens are available for purchasing, etc.?


Please explain me I am not understanding..

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

I’m about to switch phones. My iPhone is as good as dead, so I’ll have to replace it. No more Apple for me, though. Once I get my Android-based phone, it’ll probably be the first app to install :0)

nice back vote

will this work on ipod touch 6th gen?

So, Its preparation make some bitter steps :-)

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

A huge amount of new features!
The app is going to be mature and with a good number of activity.
Thumbs up!

nice to become your friend. We are walking in the same road, ad we should help each other.

Thanks @ciuoto for the continuous support ! :)

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

Looks fun! And it's an app without needing any permissions! Perfect!

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

Looks fun! And it's an
App without needing any
Permissions! Perfect!

                 - gregan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I would install it but I am a lazy slut who works from home. Actifit posts would be a form of self-shaming.

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

If I delegate 100 SP today and continually add to my delegation, how is that treated by your system? How will you determine how many tokens I'll get?

hey @tangerinetravels
Once you delegate 100 SP, you will start piling on a daily basis 100 Actifit tokens. As you increase the delegation, the number of daily actifit tokens will also increase. So for example you delegated 100SP today, 5 days from now you you decided to increase the delegation to 300SP, at that time you would have accumulated 100*5=500 Actifit tokens, and increased your daily actifit tokens going forward to 300 per day.

In addition to that, you will be eligible for weekly steem payouts distributed to our delegators delegators, whereby a share of 5% beneficiary award received from actifit posts created via our app, will be sent out on a prorata basis to our delegators.

@actifit I already install this app in my mobile. Its really awesome. Only 1.4MB apps . Love this app.

Glad to hear :)

This seems a awesome project ! downloading the app now ! & Delegating some SP as well..

Question : If I ll deligate SP then where I will able to find my Acti Token rewards?

Thank you for the delegation.
As mentioned in the post, links to view user tokens are described in the format, delegator data will be updated on a weekly basis so your link will not show any data atm.

Correct, like I said, delegation data gets updated on a weekly basis, so your data should show by end of week :)

This is what you would expect it to show now, of course it will look much neater soon :)

Oh My bad ! got it man

What's the total supply? How much tokens I will receive for a 3,000 SP delegation?

Hey @jwolf,

Delegators to @actifit receive 2 types of rewards:

  • Actifit tokens which are equal, on a daily basis to the amount of SP delegation. So in your case, delegating 3,000 SP will yield you 21,000 Actifit tokens on a weekly basis (3k x 7).
  • 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts, meaning when a user creates a post via our app, 5% of the reward of the post will actually be sent back to delegators and split among them according to how much they delegated (prorata).
    In terms of total supply, our initial thoughts are to having 1 billion total supply, we are still finalizing the discussions in regards to this but the tendency is to proceed with the aforementioned amount.

Thanks a lot for your fast answer. I love the initiative even if the app need more coding. This is my first day trying the app out and I'm sweaty.

I would love to delegate but I am waiting to hear first the final decision about the total supply [myself I prefer it to be max 500 M.] and other major updates about the next steps.

Thanks again!

Every time i hear of more ppl benefiting health-wise from our app (in addition to the financial part), that just makes me happier and proud on a personal level, I think we're changing the world on so many levels with Actifit :)

500M I believe won't work for our purposes, we've seen other sports industry crypto approaches and so far our tendency is still towards 1B. We just need to finalize our full spectrum math and we can then confirm.

For the delegation, sure whenever you are ready, we will have more updates constantly :)

Thank you!

As Actifit is a health / sport app I would love to see the rewards from steps increasing in tokens. I know that receiving Steem Power in delegations is important for both (the owners and the users) but it's a big difference between rewards.

It already does @jwolf, this is how it goes:

CountActifit Reward
5,000 to 5,99920 tokens
6,000 to 6,99935 tokens
7,000 to 7,99950 tokens
8,000 to 8,99965 tokens
9,000 to 9,99980 tokens
10,000 and above100 tokens

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

Keep it up @actifit! Thanks a lot for the mention :)

Very cool. My wife may like this. She runs daily on the treadmill or outside.

I run on the elliptical because I'm getting old and I need something easy on the knees. Will the tracker count elliptical workouts?

Great to hear, and yes it would definitely track elliptical workouts :)

Great. I will be waiting for the iphone app. Did 5k today so it should be interesting to see how I do.

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

What about ios and window

I think wast of time because reality is different from this

Nice comment

@actfit Wao! amazing app hope it will be better option and by the way thank you so much

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

Yes!! Thank you I would’ve waited all day for you if i needed to

Download the app and try it!

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

I have used the first actifit daily Fitness this is good for me thanks for sharing this information.

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

Totally awsime app. This the second application based on STEEM Blockchain I have installed. Getting rewarded for being fit, what else we need. I installed this app this morning and walked 3000 steps till now. Great Idea

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

Very excited for the iPhone app to be released (:

I'm downloading it right now.

Nice! Hope you earn some bucks for yourself!

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

Great information... Congrats

Health s wealth! Thanks for the information.

Ceo of Google search enginee

If you interested, link

wow .. your post is very good .. keep giving post that always in admire steemit friends.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

is a ios app in progress?

great keep it up.

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Can this be added to the Amazon Underground app store?
It built on Android so it should be easish to import

Sorry its not work and not clean how its works.

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Hello actifit, you have a great idea of incentivizing fitness for us fitness enthusiasts. I guess I am the first user from India, thus I needed to know if it is functional here as well (I believe since it is based on blockchain, it is functional everywhere).
And what does it actually track since I cannot change the type of activity I'm doing.
Also, are you planning to integrate it with fitness bands in the future as well?

yes it does, it tracks your movement, and we do have plans to do that :)
Your activity choice will be while submitting to steemit

Alright thank you for the reply sir. A great bunch of updates to the app and I'm ready for more, keep up the good work :)

Any idea when the iOS app release will be?

Good idea. Thanks for the information

sir your post is really important for us.....
this is very important for us.....always stay with us by creating good post....many many thanks sir

Great project. Unfortunately I have an iphone... I'll wait till he's on ios to try.

Great Idea and a totally new Concept.
What is the total supply of these tokens and how we can buy these tokens?
and what's its price sir?

Not yet available on iOs! :(

It will soon be available!

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I heve updated, thank you! image

Hope you enjoy yourself!

Okay thAnk you

Posted using Partiko Android

bro many applications are available in the market for fitness, I have never used any application which is available in my iphone , have you ever used any application in the life for fitness ??????????????

Downloading now
Nice info

its a amazing idea.

I'll try this app for sure!

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This is Great... DUDE...

Please add bodyweight or calisthenics :)

Your doing great job guys keep it up👍🏽

good your post

Nice post
Please follow and upvote

nice to become your friend. We are walking in the same road, ad we should help each other.

love reading your article following me back to be getting more update from you @livingstone9

What kind of earnings can you expect relative to one hour of exercise?

Posted using Partiko Android

I want to use this application. Where is the download link of this app?

You can go to google play to download it!

give me the link

So what will someone be able to do with those Actifit Tokens? I am not sure if I get the idea of this... one will not be able to buy health or something like that? What is the concept? I am sure there is one, I just do not get it yet...

Wish you success

Thanks! Hope you download and try the app!

yes i will do that

Good info! App is very nice ;) I give upvote this post ^^

Remember to download it and give it a try!

Very excited about it. I am going to download it. Followed you for future updates.

I just delegated 20 SP! Wow that was super easy with your link! Excited to earn some of those rewards. I think you guys will do great with this project!

Waiting for actifit app for iOS!!

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Cant wait to see more content from you!

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