my first animated movie, How Bad is that?

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working on 3D is damn awesome, we know how hard is to being 3D artist but the result of all your hardwork can steam off your sweat and brought happiness. the pleasure to able do something you never did before is unimaginated, hope you can feel it so like i did.

here is my work in last week using Cinema 4D and Marvelous Designer.


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this post is so amazing, I'm so inspired to keep working hard on steem.

thanks poetry, enjoy your steemit.

this video is my @OriginalWorks , thanks.

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Wow im impressed! this is progress for you! ive always been interested with 3D and digital art but no chance for me yet. upvote resteem and follow! awesome!

thanks jacinta, hv a nice steemit day.

youre welcome :D

@online12hour keren jaya, saya mah belum bisa beginian XD keep the good work

thanks @aranda , semangat.

Its so exciting to be on the ground floor. I think most people don't realize how lucky we are to be a part of this as a community. Things of this magnitude are usually only available to the elite. If the power of the community could be harnessed the growth could be exponential.

Thanks for sharing ,

Upvoted !

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thanks @ogunlaja, you got it