Teluk Samawi: a port in the maritime silk route (ancient coin of Teluk Samawi)

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In the last post: A diamond on Maritime Silk Road in the Malacca Strait, we mentioned that Teluk Samawi, or today is called Lhokseumawe, was a famous port in the Malacca Straits at the time of the kingdom of Sumatra (the 13th century until the 16th century). After that time, the port was in decline and losing influence in the world maritime trade.

After a few centuries later, the sultans of Aceh has restored the situation there, and at the beginning of the 19th century, during the Sultan of Aceh, Jauhar Al-Alam Shah, Teluk Samawi became the capital of his government for a while before he returned to his palace in Banda Aceh. At the time he was in Teluk Samawi, he was issued a currency (a coin) made of lead, or caxas. On that coin written the name of Sultan, place and year of release.

Figure 1: (face)
Inscription: Jauhar Al-Alam Shah

Figure 2: (rear)
Inscription: Teluk Samawi 1229

1229 AH was 1814 AD

Now, this coin stored in the Museum of the Ancient City of Sumatra, in North Aceh Regency

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